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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Grumble grumble, despite having apparently been dispatched five days ago, my Diana Ross CDs from FTG still haven't arrived. Pants!

  2. I know some people have received theirs already, but mine were 'dispatched' last Monday, hadn't arrived by Friday, so I emailed FTG. They replied saying that the actual release date was 29/9 and they would all be sent out then! They also said they'd sent the dispatched emails out early. I'd have believed them if I didn't keep coming across people online who'd already got their copies! We'll see what this week brings..

    At least I know the CDs are nothing much to look at!
  3. pdf


    I bought Grace Jones Fame & Muse reissues from them a few years ago. Never arrived. They ignored my emails and facebook messages. Won't ever be using them again.
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  5. Jesus...that is an incredible set....still a bit of a shame to render the previous "deluxe" all but obsolete, but you only get the really rare stuff in the 6-disc edition, so in a way the old 2CD isn't much different to the new redux version.
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  6. It really does look amazing. I have the 2-CD reissue but I really must get this.
  7. £37.99 at the moment, apparently it was only £31 earlier. Even the new price seems cheap for what you get.
  8. Should be interesting... Ian Levine worked closely with Early Stock Aitken Waterman cross overs like Hazel Dean . Also noted on this compilation 'Seventh Avenue' in one of their line ups was actually an earlier project by members of PWL's 'Big Fun'

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  9. Exactly the same thing happened to me (minus the Facebook messages). Absolute cunts, never again.
  10. The Ian Levine sets have been put back again... they originally had a July release date, too! Harmless seem to be having lots of problems hitting release date by quite some months!
  11. I ordered the Belinda reissues yesterday. Am I supposed to email them once I've received it (A Woman and a Man) asking for the corrected disc or will it come with the right disc? I ordered from Amazon (along with Belinda and the ABBA Live Album) and while these two were in stock and ready for shipment, AWAM said it would be available in 9-12 days. Is it because they are replacing the discs as ordered?

    Sorry for the questions!
  12. That TFF set is almost worth it for the radio edit of Way We Are which I haven't seen anywhere else apart from the 7" copies sent to radio stations back in 1983.
  13. The Ian Levine sets actually dispatched today, 48 hours after getting an email telling me they'd not be released until 13/10! Oh well...
  14. Typical! I just cancelled today.

    Loving the vintage Letitia avatar by the way!
  15. To be honest, I'm a tad disappointed with the track selections. Ian did a lot of remixes into the 80s for Divine, Hazell Dean, Bananarama... I guess I'd have liked a few later period tracks to have made the mix, but then Harmless is predominantly a 70s-era label.

    And yes, Sharon Watts circa 1985 right there! She's probably listening to Bananarama or the Gallop chart which she and Michelle Fowler taped off the radio on Sunday night.
  16. I never got the 4CD of the Hurting, and now regret I went to amazon....yesterday it was £ it's £43!!!!!!!!!
  17. She might even be listening to Something Outa Nothing he he.

    I was surprised when the description of the Ian Levine compilation said it goes up to 1990 - I didn't know HiNRG as a genre survived into the 90s! I will pick it up when it's cheap, there was nothing essential on it for me either.
  18. Had a look at some of the tracklistings for the new 100 hits series that is due for release on Monday. Quite poor is some respects as all I think they have done is lifted at least 60% of the tracks from the same company's Crimson Top 40 releases over the last year or so. There are a few first time to compilations but as you can only view the listings on I-Tunes I'm not going to type them up here but if you want to see what's on them I Tunes is the place to go.
  19. I usually buy those special editions of albums because they seem to go quickly. The Level 42 Running in the Family set ran out pretty quickly, too.

    The Big Country at the BBC set seemed to last for about five minutes, now it goes for ridiculous prices. I'll be picking up the Songs set for sure.
  20. Ah, thanks for this info. I added them all to my amazon basket last night, just to jog my memory for next week when they come out. The last batch had very little of interest (maybe one or two tracks I didn't have), so these would appear to be the same.
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