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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Warners have contacted me via a personal message on Twitter requesting I delete references to the Sounds Of The 80s album as it "hasn't been announced yet". Erm? It's on Amazon and Kylie's cover was played on the radio this weekend with details of the forthcoming album. They've sent me a message, but I can't reply to that message because they don't follow me... so they can get lost.
  2. Standing In The Light and True Colours definitely need to be back in print. I somehow don't have the former, although I swear I did at some point!
  3. I was disappointed in it. Not a patch on Gwyneth Paltrow's version... I was expecting a New Kylie Classic, and it's more Rhythm Of Love Album Track.

    I'm also annoyed by the CD cover - why does Christina Perri get the prime spot while Kylie is relegated to the corner? Mess.

  4. They sent three messages to me in total, the last one apologised, saying to forget about it. Again, I wasn't able to respond to any of the messages, but I did laugh to myself...

    Just playing the Dream Academy retrospective 2CD... very nice. Pretty little package (2CD jewel case in card slipcase). The Love Parade is such a tune, should've been massive! If I'm going to criticize it, it's the playing time. ie. CD1 is barely 50 minutes. I think they've held back with this a bit, probably suggesting full album remasters are on the way. Edsel do seem to test the waters with a compilation first (Belinda Carlisle springs to mind, but there are other examples).

    Also got the Swing Out Sister compilation - more great packaging. Digipak, well designed booklet with nice illustrations... it's pretty gorgeous. I didn't realise it was on Salvo/Union Square... again, more album remasters on the cards? That would be nice!
  5. Hilarious. Warner trying to intimidate Anfunny and then retracting.

    I love SOS but I have so many comps of theirs but this one looks nice. I hope they reissue Kaleidoscope World.

  6. There is another minor flaw on this. The version of Missing You on the main album is actually the single mix. It's several seconds shorter. The album version is on CD2 listed as the single mix! Other than this, the album is great. I've played this, Silk Electric and Eaten Alive so far. The latter sounds especially good.
  7. The Kylie collector's editions are down to 72.99 on Amazon. Do we think they'll match the Cherry Red price of 59.99 before they are released?
  8. They already fell to £52.99 around August 28th (when I decided to pre-order!)... I'm expecting the release date to get pushed back, too.
  9. £60 a pop for the Kylie collector's editions is just too damn much. I know they will sell fine despite most opting for the Kylie deluxes (oddly, just notched down to £23 on Amazon). Those will need to be around £16 before I order; considering what can be offered for £38 with the TFF box!
  10. [​IMG]

    So annoying considering I ordered them 10 days ago! Should I just cancel at this point?
  11. Why are they taking so long to dispatch? Maybe they recalled them to replace the faulty discs?
  12. That is what I was thinking, but at least tell us so I'm not checking my email daily thinking "why haven't they dispatched"? Aggravating, though I guess it will be worth it if they do correct the disc.
  13. That is ridiculous. At least send you the ABBA CD since it is in stock.
  14. Replacement discs only were delivered to Demon Music last Friday. They are apparently sorting through all the e-mails they asked those interested parties to send (I sent them an email myself), and will be sending replacement discs soon. I expect once this has been done they will then correct the ones on Amazon, hence the delay.
  15. I got my replacement discs last week.
  16. How do we get the replacement disc?
  17. I really like this, especially when it all goes off at the end! I hope we can buy it separately on iTunes and not the dreaded "album only"! I love that we have got so much music from Kylie lately, it's making for a brilliant Kiss Me Twice playlist.
  18. In the Belinda thread I posted the details... there's a specific email address, I can't remember it but head there. Or her Facebook page, which is where I got it from originally.
  19. Thanks - will check them out...
  20. I agree there is something with the vocals (Layering? Echoes?) it just sounds manufactured and disappointing. I think Kylie would have done a much more beautiful version with natural vocals.
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