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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Yes, I think the back catalogue is no longer in the hands of Universal. They probably had a 5 year deal involving the release and promotion of a new studio album (Words And Music) and reissuing the back catalogue. Looks like the new re-reissues will be on Heavenly via PIAS this time, out in June. I guess they'll be fairly identical, bar a logo or two in the small print, to follow on from the Foxbase Alpha re-reissue. I also bought all the 1CD editions that came shortly after the 2CDs, owing to the fact they had unique layouts and in most cases, a unique photo on the rear too. I did wait until they were all £3 in HMV/Fopp, however. Also, Turnpike House included the USA tracks, accidently left of the 2CD reissue. The 1CD reissue of London Conversations is perhaps one of the most perfect singles collections ever. It's a no-nonsense, all killer, awesome a-sides party! It's also noteworthy for putting Methods Of Modern Love back in the catalogue after that bizarre "only on some of the 2CD sets" debacle. I do wonder how it'll all fit in with the new album... last time, the new album and the reissues all had a matching design theme.

    I hope they do! However, they have completely failed to acknowledge there was ever a problem with it, which is odd. Same with the butchered Casino Classics 4CD set, which was much worse. At least five audio slip-ups on that one, sadly.
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  2. Consider yourself very fortunate, I guess! I am glad that perfect copies exist out there, and it's not been a case of every one of them having the same defect(s). I'm getting nowhere with HMV, although the store manager was helpful last week, so I've ordered a copy from amazon which will arrive tomorrow. Then I just have to get the two HMV copies I've bought sent/taken back. It's rather spoiled the whole thing for me, although the luscious 2CD version now in my possession has softened the blow.
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  3. Just ordered both today.

    Did anyone get them in the end?
  4. The ones that are in the current HMV sale? They look good value at 20 quid, but I'm not really enough of a fan to want them. Just the original albums are enough for me.
  5. Oh I didn't know about these.
    Sound Of Water is the only one I skipped, so I'll have to get that one to complete my set.
  6. Yes, the 2CD packaging is thick and sturdy. Despite being visibly kicked-around in Amazon flimsycrap™, my Tango SDE somehow managed to arrive in pristine condition. Two of the CD cardsleeves were loose inside, but thankfully no tearing in their pocket slots.
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  7. The two deluxe editions of Storm In Heaven and Northern Soul, bought the LPs at the time so never had them on CD. Nice-looking sets.
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  8. They look similar to the Simple Minds style of SDE, which I love. Probably a bit overpriced on release at 30-35 quid, hence the swift markdowns.
  9. Yes, I just got them in the HMV sale about two weeks ago. Very well done, and high quality, as you would expect from a major label really. Glad I waited and saved about £25! Hope you like them.
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  10. Why haven't The Cardigans milked their catalog?
  11. Vinyl incoming later this year, apparently.
  12. Oh, this wasn't Vinyljustice.
  13. Ok not sure anymore where is this best appropriate: I received my first of two-accidentally-ordered Tango boxes. It sounds like nothing is swimming inside. The outer cardboard box from opmital was put inside a proper amazon box with added card ruffles. Have not opened it.
    The second arrived through a local online shop, the optimal box was used directly for shipping (hmmmm) and even though the box itself is free to move a bit inside, the box was undamaged, and so was everything inside.
    I have to say that I would have never given another thought to the "spines" losing a bit of the black cover because of them being card sleeves and bent flat. But seeing as someone pointed it out earlier (Eric?) I noticed that I have it too, very minor though. I think it's pretty inevitable? I can live with that. The rest was perfect. Everything.
    I loooove the super heavy vinyl, the glossy bits on the sleeves. The black inner sleeve. How shiny and glossy the gatefold sleeve is. Truth be told, the simple card sleeves are a bit shit, like, they seem so basic, but then again I assume the alternative would have been to slide them in the big sleeve itself, so I guess, let's look at them being generous in doing this.
  14. Wait since when will there be a PSB box? I am foaming at the mouth, I'm sure it will look fantastic! I will buy it no matter what the content.
  15. Is the box coming out on the first release date?
  16. My replacement Tango In The Night arrived.
    Packaged in a box inside another box.
    The second box made all the difference.
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  17. Yes! Pleased for you.
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  18. I just need to find the deluxe edition now. I hope it won't be as hard as Bella Donna to find a mint one!
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  19. Yes, that fold-out box saved mine, too.
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  20. I thought it was coming after the next set of Further Listenings. God I can't wait for details of all of these sets to be released.
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