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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Was really hoping for the (much-bootlegged) full unedited version of Darling Nikki, but this still looks pretty great.
  2. Saw this posted on Facebook, which has a slightly different tracklist, with a June release date :

  3. Take my £££ now.
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  4. Tempted because I've never played a full Prince album but those track lengths may mean I only ever play disc 2.
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  5. CDJapan dispatched my Buckingham/Nicks cd.
  6. Oh God, I want that Prince one!

    Surprised that they're not releasing a super-duper deluxe alongside it too though. Unless they are, of course.
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  7. Apparently the "leaked" tracklists only pertain to the CDs; the DVD track listings have not leaked yet.

    Supposedly there will be two DVDs of concert films.

    I was hoping we would get a CD of live recordings since there are not many official live recordings.

    Though, I wonder if they will actually include the film. It was remastered last year for a Blu-ray release (as part of the Prince 3-Movie Collection).
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  8. If you want live recordings there are many bootlegs from the PR era, some in excellent soundboard quality too.
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  9. Fingers crossed.
  10. Mine too yay!
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  11. Found the leak source (below), with track times. No edits of "17 days," "Erotic city," etc., so the issue is that The Violet Reality didn't name their Disc 2, "B-Sides, Edits & Extended mixes."
  12. Kraftwerk are milking their back catalogue once again, more info in their thread.
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  13. Just discovered the existance of The Cure Picture of You extended. I can't find it in a Cure official release (there's a dub on Mixed Up) but I found it's on So 90s vol.9. But I'm reading very bad reviews about the sound quality of this compilation. Is it available in another compilation ? thanx !
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  14. Wasn't it repressed with a cleaner mix?
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  16. I am looking forward to this. I know Exodus has been reissued before but I don't own it. I want to expand my Bob Marley catalogue beyond Legend and live albums.
  17. Thanx a lot @Anjoel40 ! Now I have to find a way to know if the copy on Amazon is the original or the repressed one !
    Btw, there are quite some bsides from the Disintegration era, but none of them is in the 3cd reissue. Good to know !
  18. Mine too!
    I was worried as they kept changing the shipping date from 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks to 2-4 weeks.
    Can't wait to hold it in my hands now.
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  19. Looking forward to finally being able to buy a Bob Marley tshirt, godknows those are so scarce.
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  20. Do you have 'Join the Dots'? 4CD set that covers the b-sided etc up to the early 2000s. Though it's always nice to have them all in one place with the corresponding album.
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