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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Oh yeah we didn't hear about the box anymore did we. I would still buy the box with cds.
    Luckily mine haven't suffered in the years.
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  2. Received the two Data reissues yesterday, for Opera Electronica and 2-Time, from the deeply obscure Angel Air Records. I was worried about the remastering, but it was done by Georg Kajanus himself and is actually quite good. As usual, my period vinyl sounds better, but it's nice to have the bonus tracks.
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  3. The limited Blu-ray of "At close range" is on sale for $15, which has Madonna-collaborator Patrick Leonard's unreleased score as an isolated track ("Live to tell" being the main theme).
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  4. If there is going to be a full PSBs Catalogue box set, it would make sense that all the discs are in card sleeves to save space?
    I would buy that in a ... h-heart-hearbeat
  5. I have it, I posted about it when it was released. Been following Twilight Time since then. Great price! The score is fabulous.
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  6. If only we knew!

    I get that they are holding off on announcing a complete boxset to drive sales of the individual reissues but I am holding fire until they reveal a complete box. With obscure Mongolian only B-side to get everyone to buy it again.
  7. I have all the Futher Listenings CDs but of course I will buy the box set as well. Hopefully they will include something extra if/when it comes out.
  8. Has a box set ever been mentioned by the band, label, or anyone official at all, or is it complete speculation from a fan site/SDE/here? I can’t remember where the rumour originated.
  9. I sometimes use sticker remover (which I keep handy). I find rinsing the CD (or a speciality plastic box case in warm water & soaping them up with Dove Soap (then rinsing them again) & leaving them on a flat bath towel to dry overnight, removes any potentially active chemicals from the sticker remover without resorting to the actual flammability of lighter fluid (CDs are already flammable).

    I will then iron CD booklets/ inlays on an ironing board with stretch cotton underneath with a medium iron that is kept in a shoebox marked “never add water to this iron!”.

    I will then try to get access to an industrial disc buffing machine from wherever.
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  10. Yes, PSB confirmed in an interview when they announced the 2nd round of FL's. They said they would when everything had been released, a boxset containing them all would follow. We have not heard that isn't happening, so I would assume it will.
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  11. Which interview was this? I only remember the BBC one (because of him from SDE throwing a fit), and it's not in there.
  12. Actually, this will always bug me:

    Your first six albums are also being remastered again - how much difference will there be?

    Well, it's a controversial thing in some ways because I think records should just get louder. If you bought the collection in 2001, I would suggest you don't buy them again because I think it's a bit ridiculous really. It's exactly the same tracks and the same packaging and the same booklet, it's just that they've been mastered again.


    That whole 'records should just get louder' doesn't... make sense? I strongly suspect there's a transcription error here. As it is, what follows contradicts his statement - "Records should just get louder, but don't buy the remasters"? Nonsense. I think he said something like: 'I think records are only getting louder'.
  13. The interview they gave in their book 'Annually' released in limited edition from their website with the 'Undertow' CD Single. I am sure I posted the clipping I took of it in this thread.
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  14. I think someone else mentioned but the Dollar digital reissues are great, both really good choons and 6 quid each on juno for 320mp3
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  15. It's from that BBC interview. He goes on to say, "I asked our mastering engineer, 'Do you think you can make them sound better than they did in 2001?' And he said, "Yes we can, definitely." And part of me is even slightly skeptical about that. You're not getting any extra tracks or anything. Stick to your old ones, that's my advice."

    It does betray an odd disinterest in remastering as an art. Although, honestly, sometimes "remastering" just means that engineer X is going to mess with the record because they are getting paid to make it sound different ("better", ideally, but we all know this is not what always happens).
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  16. Oh nice...7.99 was too much for me at Amazon. I can't justify that for a computer file.
  17. Not a reissue as such, but a physical product and a heritage act! Mini album of b-sides and 'eighties style' extended mixes from the recent OMD album. £6.99 for a nice little round up of extras (wish everyone did this at the end of campaign!). Out December 15th.



    1) Isotype (Single Mix)
    2) Skin
    3) The Punishment of Luxury (Single Mix)
    4) The Punishment of Luxury (12" Extended Mix)
    5) Lampe Licht
    6) The Punishment of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Remix)
    7) What Have We Done (Single Mix)
    8) What Have We Done (12" Extended Mix)
    9) HAHAHA
    10) What Have We Done (Chicky & Coco Remix)
  18. Paul Draper, ex-Mansun frontman, has acquired the rights to the Mansun back catalogue and will be reissuing it via his own label, Kscope, over the next 18 months. The first release is a 12" vinyl pressing of their debut EP, but the future offerings will include audio and visual on CD and vinyl, remastered, previously unreleased, etc.
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  19. Ooh! I am glad this is happening. Although the notion of a "campaign" is a bit hard to pin down anymore. No physical singles (not really), and the album charted for 2 weeks on the Top 100. But I remember getting a similar round-up CD from their store with the last album, so definitely getting this.
  20. Exclusive 90s tracks alert! Does anyone know anything about the new Ministry Of Sound compilation, Stripped: Acoustic R&B? Not something I'd normally bother with, but quite by chance I noticed some exclusive versions of TLC, En Vogue, Jade, etc. - studio trickery? I have all their stuff from back in the day and they never released acoustic/unplugged versions like this? I wish they had! They sound really good! So "Stripped Version" = newly constructed?

    EDIT; Answered my own question; "The only place to get all these exclusively re-created acoustic R&B Anthems and Chilled Urban Classics" from their Facebook page. I like them, though.
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