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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Just seen the advert and quite like the sound of it but I can't stream on Amazon unless I purchase the album, might give a couple weeks as they normally add not long after release.
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  2. Britney's "In The Zone" and "Oops" vinyl are in the works via Urban Outfitters/Legacy, per my friend at Legacy.
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  4. This isn't on iTunes Greece. Is my only hope Amazon downloads / buying a CD when I'm in London next week?
  5. I bought the 2CD today. For some reason, it's being kept off streaming platforms? And loads of the tracks are "album only" on iTunes, which seems very 2008.
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  6. It's basically those 'acoustic version in the style of' backing tracks but with the actual real vocals on top. It works so well in most of the tracks!
  7. Yes, I actually love this. Don't Let Go (Love) is stunning... I remember years ago searching online to see if there were any acoustic versions by both En Vogue and Jade (SWV also - volume 2?!) but was shocked there weren't any. I dreamed of acoustic EPs by both or discovering a few b-sides on some CD2 of a weaker single towards the end of the album campaign - this is like a dream come true as a result.
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  8. The kii is both released pointless remix album(s) (En Vogue) or a live album (Jade). They definitely missed a trick.
  9. With vocals like that, yes.
  10. So I received Mariah Carey's Butterfly picture disc and I am struggling to find the digital download that is advertised on the "this is certified" sticker. Did the voucher fall out or is there some hidden procedure to access it?
  11. If the code is missing, there is a help page.
  12. Thank you, I emailed them, but I assumed somehow there is another method, as I cannot see picture of this online with anything that is not included in my set.
  13. Discogs users also report no download code. Hopefully e-mailing Sony directly resolves it.
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  14. The stripped Ministry album is #3 on UK iTunes.
  15. Is that good? I no longer know! But I think their compilations are good sellers anyway...
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  16. It looks like MOS are releasing a new Electronic 80s compilation, although I’m pretty sure every track has already appeared on a previous Electronic 80s album.
  17. I love that OMD do this. The EP they did at the end of the last album campaign was really great too.

    This is very exciting indeed. Hopefully a re-release of Six will happen to coincide with the 20th anniversary.
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  18. Can't believe all the crap they are posting on SDE about the Queen reissue.
    Did they all decide to gang up on the vinyl in the box? They should be thankful, the material included in this reissue is fantastic and this is how to make a special comprehensive reissue. Stop moaning and pay for the music. Streaming ain't a format. Until someone can take it away from you, and they do it all the time, you don't own it and it's not a purchase. It's radio on demand.
    Face it, it's also exorbitant vinyl sales that keep label able to release unreleased music like this, certainly not the streaming charges, so why don't pay their share?
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  19. The sooner everyone realises this, the better.
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  20. They always moan about vinyl being included in SDE box sets, Tango In the Night got slaughtered for including the vinyl within the box set. I personally want the vinyl so I'm glad when it's included in these releases.
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