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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. The main problem with these Berlin re-issues is that they are being done by a US company who are limited to what they can license. They can only put on what was released in the US apparently and therefore there is way too much stuff missing for most fans. In some ways I'd rather they left it to company which can get a full license for all the material and give these re-issues the treatment they deserve.

    A bit of info from facebook about why there is lots of stuff missing

    'this label is part of Collectors' Choice Music and Vinyl / Alliance Entertainment and only have rights to the Geffen portion of the catalog and to what was released in the USA (No Mercury Records UK material) .. Which is one reason why there is so much missing, Unfortunately since Masquerade, Metro, WIEUY ,LF mixes were not released in the USA, same for the b-sides, they could not be included. '
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  2. The debut Berlin album is the one they should be putting out on CD...

    I got my replacement Heroes CD today - took about 10 days from emailing to receipt. Also, I see there's an early unreleased version of Bowe's Let's Dance released digitally today, to mark what would've been his 71st birthday. Anyone think this is an early teaser for the next box set?
  3. I thought exactly the same thing. Let's Dance hasn't been given any really special reissue treatment as yet (Ryko, RCA CD reissues aside).
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  4. I hope so. Although it's interesting they didn't save it for the actual box set as a selling point. I wonder if there are more demos.

    Although I only have the second box set, I do think they have done a nice job on all three so far (the Heroes debacle, aside). I am assuming it will be Let's Dance, Tonight and Never Let Me Down plus the soundtrack singles, duet with Mick Jagger, etc. I know some look down on Bowie's commercial period but I love it!
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  5. A 1983-1987 boxset would actually be the only one I'd even think about buying. I like the other eras, but not enough to re-buy everything and have all the rarities for £70-100. 1983-1987 is different.
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  6. My understanding was that the boxes are for materially commercially released at the time (notwithstanding alternate mixes/configurations/‘The Gouster’) so they’re not really giving anything away by releasing thay demo now. I may be wrong!
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  7. Just because I was looking and didn't find anymore than the vinyl reissues, has anyone heard anything ever about any form of deluxe/box set etc releases for the 'The Sundays'?

    I'd love a beautifully curated box set, b sides and maybe some Peel session or live tracks...
  8. Oh god, I would love something like that! Nobody even mentions The Sundays, do they. It's like they're forgotten.

    And spare us any more sodding vinyl, please.
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  9. The way I see it is, Demon/ Edsel are an extension of the BBC and Cherry Red are a competing brand to Edsel. It is therefore unrealistic to expect Peel Sessions etc to appear on Cherry Red product.

    If the BBC even agreed to license content to Cherry Red, the cost of licensing would be set at an astronomically very high rate - but they would allow the same content on to a Demon product for next to nothing.

    Also, I’m not bothered unless we are talking exclusive tracks (& in radio session terminology ‘exclusive track’ generally means a cover), in which case a licensee has to pay a random songwriter publishing fees AND separately pay the BBC too.

    Sure it would be nice to have Peel Sessions etc in non bootleg form but I understand the exceptionally difficult (often impossible) mechanics that need to be navigated to make such licenses possible on so many different levels.
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  10. You could probably fit everything they ever did over three discs. First album has only one b-side, the second has two (one of which is only a minute long) and the third has four, a US bonus track, plus a few live/demo versions from the debut album era. They weren’t very prolific. There’s undoubtably unreleased material, some of which they performed live, but they strike me as the type to have the final say on their own catalogue. I reckon they made more money via Tin Tin Out than anything else.
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  11. I can't overstate how much I would buy the shit out of a Sundays box set. I remember about 4 years ago David was interviewed in an in-flight magazine and said new music was being written. Good job I didn't hold my breath...
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  12. Very much like Curve, I think it'd be the anticipation of unreleased stuff as I think/hope I've gotten all their released items and some variable quality digital sessions (the Black Session is both good and awful quality wise).
    But would still be a wondrous thing to have. more so if it could be as nicely done as the recent Lush box set for example.

    Again, much like any mention of Curve reforming (now sadly not) I pray for this to happen... when I think of my 90's faves producing new music, Suede managed it briliantly, Blur likewise with 'Magic Whip'... so I keep hoping...
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  13. I know nothing of The Sundays beyond their stunning Wild Horses cover. (Forever associated with Marky Mark helping Reese out you know where on a rollercoaster)
  14. Important band for me, albums one and two are perfect. A little Smiths-ish (Morrissey himself said they were the new Smiths) and female fronted bands always grab my attention. Delicate and sad and romantic and tragic, a very British indie band. Still get shivers down my spine when Goodbye (their most perfect single) climbs to it's crescendo. Joy from the first album is another huge favourite. They were just exceptional at making really sad songs that end up being euphoric and life-affirming. Plus, they never outstayed their welcome. Always left us wanting more.
  15. I had never heard of them so thanks for the heads up. Having a listen in Spotify now.

    Must go and post in the new pop section before I get dragged for only being in comeback corner, steps and Blondie.
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  16. The Sundays were a little mysterious like the Cocteaus, I love all three albums.
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  17. I discovered The Sundays because of Faye Wong, who did a gorgeous cover of "Here's Where the Story Ends" in Cantonese. I would totally buy a full discog box from them if they put one out.
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  18. There's a 'new pop' section...?
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  19. Can't believe that you don't mention Wild Horses being used in Buffy, what with your pic and all!
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  20. That's where I first heard it, yes! But for some reason the fingering scene is more of a... distraction when I hear it.
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