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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. For all you vinyl lovers...

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  2. "Son of Albert" up for pre-order on Amazon and Cherry Red (signed copies sold out).
  3. I’ve got records from 1982 I’ve recently bought from charity shops that don’t make a single snap, crackle or pop.
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  4. That's smashing.
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  5. I just discovered we have a 'new' independent record store in town. I say 'new' but when I went I there, I said 'wow, is this new' to which to guy who runs it said, 'if you call since last March 'new', then yes'. I headed straight for the CDs but they were not sorted very well and I have lost the art of 'browsing'. I spoke again to guy behind the counter and said I rarely come to town shopping anymore and miss record shops. He said we have loads of vinyl, lots of 'hard to find' stuff. I said I only collect CDs now, to which he replied 'you must have just come in to get out of the rain then'. I sarcastically smiled and left.
  6. Are they ricicled ones?
  7. It’s amazing how smug those record shop owners can be. I went to one randomly based in a glamping pod site, I asked the guy if he had any early Now records and he abruptly said “why would I stock those, they are a load of crap!” I just said “well I collect them so there’s obviously an audience for them”. Jeez.
  8. You saw what I did there haha
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  9. Oh yes. They love to sneer at CDs. Especially 80s ones. Aren't they all absolute shit, eh fellas? Yeah, when you miss out on £££s because you're too narrow-minded to realise their value, and the hipster vinyl nonsense comes to an end, you'll have to close down. Pity.
  10. The snobbery of CD's is so exhausting, the amount of people I’ve recently heard dismiss them saying they are finished, worthless and nobody buys them anymore... I feel like saying “According to Discogs my CD collection begs to differ”.
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  11. I totally agree with you. I hate it when people make condescending statements like "Who buys CDs anymore?" or "Everybody just downloads, why do you still buy them?"

    When HMV Canada had their clearance sales last year, they weren't even that good (in terms of sales), yet there were all these vultures with loads of CDs in hand. But I thought CDs were dead?
  12. Oh I hate "Who still buys CDs anymore", someone said it at work the other day, I calmly said "I still buy CD's, and since supermarkets still sell them I imagine a lot of people do". That soon shut him up.
  13. Sometimes in these little indie and collector record shops I have to fight the urge to say to them, "how does it feel to be a walking, talking cliche?".
  14. Don't they know the customer is always right?

    I don't understand the mentality of these people alienating their potential customers.

    My worst experience was in HMV when I bought the Fast Food Rockers album and the sneering shop assistant looked me up and down and spat "are you sure about this?"

    In retrospect they may have been right but that's beside the point!
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  15. They were obviously a humanitarian.
  16. I think they were trying to stage an intervention.

    Thank god for Amazon for Fast Food Rockers-esque purchases these days, I still remember my shame!
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  17. once I went to a store....tried to go in through a door....lady was mopping and said to go around to a different door....I did, when I walked in I said but I wanted to come in through that door, isn't the customer always right?...she replied not here you're
  18. I can certainly empathise. The anti-CD vibe is getting worse each year. I have friends who are BAVJs and constantly post photos of records on their turntable.

    Dismissing Now albums is the sign of an anti-pop person. Those "real music" pricks have been around since the 1970s.

    PS - how many of those condescending staff have beards or moustaches?
  19. People better not come running to me in 10 years time when they want to listen to Glitter and realise it’s not on streaming services and the CD will be long out of print.

    P.S. Yes most of the snobby men I’ve encountered have beards, there’s even a few of them at the HMV’s I’ve visited over the past year.
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  20. Its depressing when artists who began during the heyday of CDs don't even release them anymore.
    Ride's new EP is download and vinyl only which is pretty sad.
    Trent Reznor only released the last couple of NIN releases on CD after hundreds (thousands?) of fans demanded them on social media. (he thought fans would prefer an envelope of black dust instead...)
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