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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

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  2. I eat my words, then! Apologies to Paul.
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  4. I love Kirsty, but I think I can live without this set, nice as it looks. I got all the deluxe reissues, the Croydon 3CD set, the Croydon DVD, another budget compilation with a beautiful dark blue sleeve.....there comes a time when it's impossible to justify buying the same material over and over. Besides, I spent ages compiling my own Kirsty 4-disc anthology, "Queen Of The High Teas", which I'd hoped would be the final word on trying to piece together her output.
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  6. There is nothing new or exclusive to the set, but the old pressings are out of print, so it's being made available again... some people wont have anything by her and it's a nice intro, and arguably her strongest material. I Do like the choice of front image - it's a beautiful sleeve (Innocence) and this repurposing isn't bad. There are three things remastered here that all previous reissues have skipped;
    Walking Down Madison [Club Mix], Walking Down Madison [Urban Mix] and My Affair [Single Edit]. They're on the original CD singles, but they should be remastered and louder (in a good way) here.

    P.S. My own Kirsty 'digital box set' is called "Philosophising Some", a lyric from Walking Down Madison.
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  7. I'd have to agree, it looks a nicely presented collection. I'm glad I don't need to find the money to buy it though!

    Neat title.
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  8. Yeah..along with the Barbra Streisand remix album "Mentl".

    The comments have definitely had a more amusing tone lately, between all the rockish snobbery natch.
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  9. Excellent mastering with tip-top packaging and artwork. No complaints, here (although my copy also took the slow boat from Aussieland).
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  10. Post between the UK and Oz used to be great but has really, really slowed down in the last few months.
    I order from Amazon UK quite a lot and used to received packages in around 1-2 weeks max.
    Now its at least a month or more, and some mail seems to vanish completely.
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  11. Kirsty pack shot;

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  12. Oooh cheers, I can now cross check with the Cherry Pop reissues and work out what I need.

    Meanwhile, I spotted the 3CD Fall collection "A Sides 1978-2016" (the one in a clamshell box) in Sainsburys for £13. That's 3.99 less than HMV, but the biggest surprise was seeing The Fall's music in a supermarket.
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  13. Is this Immaculate Collection re-issue for any particular reason?

  14. That’s a pleasant surprise! I’m torn between the 3CD and full 7CD, i have all of the Beggars era material so I need to weigh up what, of interest, I don’t have on the big box.
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  15. It specifically states Another Weekend is the US 45 version, so I'm wondering how many of their other 8 UK Top 40 hits on CD7 might be new to this box set in their correct 45 versions?

    Can't Wait Another Minute puzzles me, overseas pressings of the 45 all have 4.11 on the label, but my UK pressing runs 4.28.

    Also don't know of any differences with the LP and 45 versions of Somewhere Somebody?

    If I Say Yes is another one where I was under the impression the 7" edit come remix was only on the US 45?

    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself on Five Star can enlighten me!
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  16. Well, they're putting out the a-ha Headlines & Deadlines on vinyl at the same time, so maybe it's some kind of Warners "greatest hits on vinyl" range.
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  17. Yes I've been unsure which format to go for, since I have the 458489 A-sides, 458489 B-sides fatbox, the 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong double set and a handful of studio albums as well (mostly from 1988-1992).
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  18. There are quite few errors on the 'Can't Wait...' singles with track timings. The US 12'' list the 7'' Remix Version as 5:18 but is about 4:00.
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