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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Doris from The Kids From Fame is in it?! Now I want to see it! She was always my favourite....

    Is it a full on musical? Is Donna Summer the main character? Somehow this film has entirely passed me by but it sounds right up my street.
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  2. I have never seen it as well. Will do now though.
  3. Valerie (Doris) and Terri play best friends who try to sneak into a disco. They have great chemistry and totally believable as best friends. It's just a fun, not-too-deep movie.

    It's not a full-on musical. Lots of disco songs. Obviously "Last Dance" is the centrepiece but there are also songs by the Commodores, Thelma Houston and Diana Ross. The soundtrack which @KDX 125 referenced was reissued on CD a few years ago by Culture Factory. Culture Factory gets a lot of bad reviews but I thought they did a good job with this reissue. The sound is very good.
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  4. Mine is the Culture Factory (France) remaster released by Universal Europe in 2013. It's superb in every way. It's seems to be Culture Factory U.S. which is hit-and miss.
  5. The discogs entry for the Culture Factory (France) reissue notes:

    There's also a Mercury/Polygram 2CD reissue from the late 1990s.

    I don't know of any re-issue that includes both versions of the Diana Ross track (Disco/Electro).
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  6. On my copy, there's credits for all tracks across the three replica paper sleeves. The only "issue" is that the replica sleeve for the bonus 12" is empty, since the 15-minute mix of "Je t'aime [moi non plus]" is included on CD2.
  7. Hopefully a blu ray of "Can't Stop The Music" is in the works as well. The soundtrack is getting a Japanese re-release in June.
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  8. Caitlyn Jenner in short shorts walking around with The Village People needs HD.
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  10. I should have specified that I/we were discussing "Saturday Night Fever." The pre-order for the 1CD edition without the Blu-ray is here.
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  11. 5 Star Boxset has been delayed 2 weeks, now coming out 13th July.
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  12. Not surprisingly, David Bowie's Welcome to the Blackout: Live From London is being released on CD in June.
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  13. Cocteau Twins box set! Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years 4CD. Date TBC, but I'd guess July/August. Instant purchase for me, even if I have it all... I simply love them.

  14. Can’t see there being anything on there we don’t have already between 2 albums, 3 eps and the singles ... And none of the cd’s need ‘remastering’ ...
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  15. The two albums were already remastered a while back (2006 - no bonus tracks, in digipaks) but since then, they've been out of print, and the relevant EPs/singles and b-sides were last available on 2005's Lullabies To Violaine 4CD set. It doesn't seem that long ago, but 13 years have passed so here we are.
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  16. I'd buy a complete Cocteau Twins album and EP boxset, all in replica 4AD sleeves, using the original masters and not the 2005 versions.
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  18. Named after my favourite song on Milk & Kisses, instant purchase.
    This is probably a CD extension of the vinyl releases last year.
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