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The Resident Evil Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by angelX, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm pressed at no Jill or Ada in this movie and that poster is serving Hunger Games right down to the font but maybe the trailer will give me hope.
  2. It looks exactly like Hunger Games....

    Edit: Kiiiiiii at @that boy is a monster and I noticing at the same moment.
  3. I was just about to say it looked exactly like a Hunger Games knock-off. Not needed at all. I hope the movie isn't a huge disappointment after all this waiting.
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  4. I'm excited for the movie but also annoyed with the lack of Jill, especially since she was brainwashed for basically all of Retribution so she had about one scene where she was an actual character. At least Claire is around this time.

    I'm actually a little sad this is the last one, even though they peaked with the first movie. I still think they're a blast to watch, though.
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  5. I may love tomorrow's trailer, but at this point it feels like they are closing the series one film after the commercial expiration date. Even the videogames, which had transitioned into the same mindless action during the series' run are moving on to a more trendy horror vibe.

    I hope that after closing the franchise they will get on producing a tv show more faithful to the games.
  6. With this being the last film to close out the series, I wanted pretty much every living character to return. Alas...
  7. These are my favourite guilty pleasure. Finally a new one!
  8. Ugh. I'm excited and dreading this at the same time. I've loved the first one ever since it came out in the cinema and think it still holds up as a good film on its own. The others, however...

    Regardless, it'll be nice to see this come to a conclusion and then not so nice because of the missing main/supporting characters.
  9. I loved those last two messes because of all the ridiculous slow motion action scenes, and now this one is going to be all gritty? Shame. I'm not here for a Resident Evil movie that's trying to be good. I want slow-mo schlock!

    Also - we finally had a movie series that was consistent with the titles; Apocalypse, Extinction, Afterlife, Retribution... and now "The Final Chapter?"
    That's just rude to my dvd collection.

    I wonder if we'll ever get an official reason for them not getting the few surviving main characters back. Sienna Guillory and Spencer Locke can't be that expensive...
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  10. The Asian version of the trailer is available already and it doesn't "try to be good" at all. It's the same action-heavy style than the other sequels. Even the visual style is very similar to Afterlife.

    The plot, from what I've seen, will focus on
    A roadtrip back to Raccoon City and the lab of the first film.
  11. I just watched it, and it really looks like the same kind of trash. Yay!
    (Although Milla Jovovich did say on Instagram or Twitter or something that there would be no more slow motion, which is a shame because those ridiculous slow-mo scenes in Afterlife are such a highlight)
  12. Looks good fun to me. Same as the others. Looking forward to it!
  13. One of my guilty pleasures as well.

    I think Afterlife is the best one. The slow-motions are a bit much, but very stylish. It has definitely the best soundtrack, fight scenes and, at moments, great atmosphere. That opening scene in Tokyo is also quite memorable. I hope 'The Final Chapter' is more like Afterlife than Retribution.
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  14. While I do think the first one perfectly nailed the balance between horror and action, at least the series found a niche and they've stuck with it. They know what the audience wants and they're giving it to the audience, nothing more or less. The trailer indicates this will be nothing out of the ordinary - and sometimes that's perfectly okay.
  15. Is it definite that they won't return? I'm sure that many of the 'returning cameos' in previous films were kept secret, weren't they?
  16. I don't think they were.
    I'm also hoping this is the case though. Claire might have been hard to hide, so they're showing her off in the trailers, but maybe they've left a few Jill/K-Mart cameos secret as a surprise? (I can't imagine Wentworth Miller was jumping at the chance to return, but who knows...)

    Although it wouldn't shock me if they really weren't in the movie at all. Wouldn't be the first time this series didn't deliver on a promise...
  17. It's a shame they haven't been able to get K-Mart and Jill back. I hope there's at least a mention of what happened to them so it doesn't feel like we have no closure.
  18. The video games have done this with basically half of the main characters. It's so frustrating.
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  19. According to Wikipedia (I know, I know) almost all of the cast is back.
  20. Well, it says they were invited back...
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