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The Resident Evil Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by angelX, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm not expecting Jill and Ada to return, sadly. They probably do something clunky in the opening scene to explain what happens without having to show these missing characters (like they did with Chris and Claire in Retribution). It must have the least star power yet, but I don't mind because the previous one was bloated with those evil clones etc.
  2. I can imagine when they invited Michelle Rodriguez back for the last one, they imagined it would be the last one. They probably regret killing her off in the first one.
  3. RE and Extinction are the only tolerable ones imo. The rest are much worse that I remember (though I thought Retribution was terrible even when I had the rose tinted glasses on). Haven't seen the last one yet but they really should've chucked that out 2 years ago so somebody better could have a crack at it.
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  4. Extinction comes closest to being an actual movie, but I have a soft spot for Afterlife and its weirdly stylised slowmotion nonsense.
  5. The Final Chapter is a damn mess. A choppily edited one at that. Characters died without speaking, then got lingering close ups as if you're supposed to feel emotion. Still, it moves along at a fast pace, and there is a resolution of sorts so it's not a total bust.

    It's a shame Wenty Miller didn't come back.
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  6. By the way, the last film has exploded in China, grossing more than most Marvel films or Star Wars VII. Now it will probably end its run as the highest grossing entry in the series.
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  7. $93 million is an INCREDIBLE haul. This isn't going to be the last one, is it.
  8. It'll probably be rebooted in a couple of years, but I think it's the end of Alice's chapter.
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  10. I didn't enjoy the latest installment at all, which was really sad as I have loved the others, despite their flaws.
    I'm not sure there is a need for any more of these movies right now, even as a reboot.
  11. I'd prefer a film based on Silent Hill 2 to be honest.
  12. I'd love that. That game's story was amazing. If they got the casting and script right it'd be brilliant but the Silent Hill franchise seems to be dead.
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  13. The Resident Evil movies are guilty pleasure, but it's frustrating some of the better characters didn't appear in some movies, like:

    - Clair in Resident Evil: Retribution.
    - Chris in Resident Evil: Retribution and The Final Chapter.
    - Leon and Ada in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
    And especially: Jill in Resident Evil: Afterlife (not just a cameo) and The Final Chapter.

    I think there's potential in a reboot, if they focus on the scary first.
  14. If they could adapt each game (1, 2, Nemesis, Zerø, Code Veronica and 4) into a faithful film adaptation. That would just make my dreams come true!
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  15. He


    But the games' story is a damn mess. But I'd like for them to use it as starting point for something a bit less popcorn action, and more like the first one.
  16. Yeah 1, 2 and Code: Veronica should be pretty easy to adapt into a horror tale, but starting with 4 the story approaches a black hole of nonsense.
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  17. I love these movies for what they were, over the top nonsense, like much of the Resident Evil game series. I never rabidly tore them apart like others did. I know the films have shortcomings but it was just always good fun to me. Nothing serious.

    With that being said I am glad the series is getting a reboot. I imagine they'll definitely steer it back to pure horror instead of action.

    The Final Chapter bluray is still sitting on my tv stand unwrapped, I can't wait to watch it again once I'm off this seven day stretch at work.
  18. He


    I haven't watched since the third film but this thread is a nice reminder, I will catch up with the rest when I'm feeling like mindless action (always).
  19. Okay I finally watched The Final Chapter.

    It was more entertaining than Retribution but all those revelations were a little bit silly happening so late in the game. Loved all the bioweapon action.
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  20. What annoyed me about this film was they changed the reason for the creation of the virus. It wasn't needed.

    They could have made the original reason work.
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