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The Resident Evil Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by angelX, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Yeah the number of times they retcon their own continuity makes clear how little they care about building a proper series.

    That said, I prefer The Final Chapter's explanation.
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  2. It was a shame they never cared about the continuity, but at the same time you actually forgot about it fairly quickly.

    It was like each movie ended on one note, perfectly setting up the plot for the sequel... and then the next movie picked up on a totally different thread (Apocalypse being the exception).
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  4. Is this first time a franchise has been rebooted so soon after its original run? This has to be some sort of record?
  5. I just watched/rewatched all the films last week and this was one of the most significant takeaways. I was surprised when I learned that all 6 films had the same writer/producer.

    If they are rebooting this they need to start fresh with completely different people involved, and not latch on to the convoluted mess of the previous films.
  6. I'd love to see them try and stay a bit more closer to the games but I'm not sure if it'd work so well with the reboot being so soon after these films. It'd be good to see something more scary rather than action based. A different take on it is basically what I want.
  7. Rewatching The Final Chapter it was a shame they didn't bring back a lot of the previous characters but it was always clear that the franchise didn't care for it too much. However all the new characters didn't have enough screen time for anyone to care if they died. I feel like they should've brought back K-Mart to kill her off as I doubt they could've killed off the video game characters.
  8. Is it an actual reboot or another animated movie?
  9. An actual reboot.
  10. They should stay more inline with the claustrophobic environments of the first game and that feeling of being trapped. I mean you can't go too wrong with a zombie infested booby trapped mansion, right!
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  11. I'm surprised they are picking up with a reboot so soon. Granted, the last movie was pretty dire but I would say I enjoyed most of the other ones. That said, I don't really feel the need to see another film in this series for a few more years at least.
  12. The brand does massive business in some territories like Asia, while the more traditionals like NA and Europe have grown tired of the Alice series, so a reboot seems like the perfect solution.
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