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The return of Emiliana Torrini

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AceReject, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Wow, so excited to finally hear new stuff from her and the album is coming out as soon as September.

    There a new track on her Myspace called Me And Armini, which is lovely. Reggae/SKA influenced, which I am not usually a fan of but Emiliana makes it work. The blurb about her album sounds great too.

    Not sure about the new album photography, she is stunning normally but must be going for a dated feel.

    What do we think?
  2. I like the new song but I'd like to see her return to the sound she had on the first album. Or maybe do something á la "Slow". I'd kill to hear the original demo of that song, with Emiliana on the vocals.
  3. Baby Blue is born again?

    I love her...
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Loved "Fisherman's Woman" and LOVE the new song - shame about her new haircut though!
  5. You know what I love most about the Icelandic media? Their EXREME appreciation for fine arts.

    Emiliana is amazing and I'm SO excited for the new album. I can't believe I missed her on tour a couple years back...will be catching her this time around, no doubt.

    The new song is fantastic, it's almost an exact cross of her two previous albums.
  6. I don't know why, but i always thought she was Italian.

    To not make this a completely useless post, i loved the song she did with Theivary Corporation.
  7. Well, that's not entirely wrong, hah. She IS half Italian.
  8. Presumably cos her name sounds it.

    I only have Love In The Time of Science and love it but have never heard owt else by her. Unemployed In Summertime is bliss. I shall have to check this new stuff out ....
  9. Her second album (Merman) is blissful. It opens with a beautiful rendition of "Blame It On The Sun", the Stevie Wonder track.

    'Fisherman's Women' is my favorite album of Emiliana's, without a doubt. I'd definitely advise you take a, listen?
  10. Oh! Well, there ya go then.
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  11. Never really heard of her at all before Sugar Rush introduced me to "Today Has Been Ok" - but I haven't taken the time to listen to much else. Maybe I will this time round should anything take my interest :D
  12. While watching Sugar Rush (God I miss that show) I was able to hear some of her stuff which is amazing by the way.
  13. A commenter on Myspace says it best: her voice nourishes the soul. Not sure about the new song yet, but I'm sure it'll grow on me. Excellent news to start the day with!
  14. That's all I have too and although I love it (especially as I bought it when I was unemployed and 21) i've never bought any more of her stuff. I always got the impression that her other stuff was more acoustic-y. Is that the case? I still can't get my head around her writing 'Slow'.
  15. Ahh I love Emiliana, very excited about a new album.

    Personally I'd like a mixture between Fisherman's Woman and Love in the Time of Science... some acoustic based stuff, but with some nice orchestration and some beats :)
  16. so excited about this. New song is ace
  17. See while I think she has her moments I don't actually think she's that great.

    Her trip hoppy stuff wasn't all that and Fishermans Woman was a bit of a bore. I do enjoy some of her stuff but I dunno I just think she's been a bit lucky to get it on soundtracks thus giving her a bit of exposure over people doing the same kind of shit but better.

    Though nice to have her back.
  18. Is Torrini only Sunnyroads when she's working with Mr Dan or are Sunnyroads someone else?
  19. Why have they only produced 3 songs for one artist? What's the story behind them getting together and do Sunnyroads even exist anymore? Thanks for the link, but it doesn't really answer all my questions.

    I think 'Someday' is the most intriguing song Kylie recorded while with Parlophone. It typified the sound 'Body Language' should have aimed for but never achieved. Slightly, spooky, weird, transatlantic, electro-pop. With the random Green Gartside appearance!

    I mean, how did Kylie or her people ever come to work with Sunnyroads - presumably their CV reads a bit 'left field' for Kylie.
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