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The ReVe Rate (RESULTS: #27)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eccentricsimply, Mar 21, 2020.


What is your favorite Red Velvet album?

  1. Ice Cream Cake

    0 vote(s)
  2. The Red

    6 vote(s)
  3. The Velvet

    0 vote(s)
  4. Russian Roulette

    0 vote(s)
  5. Rookie

    7 vote(s)
  6. The Red Summer

    6 vote(s)
  7. The Perfect Velvet/The Perfect Red Velvet

    12 vote(s)
  8. Summer Magic

    2 vote(s)
  9. RBB

    3 vote(s)
  10. The Reve Festival (Day 1 and/or Day 2 and/or Finale)

    3 vote(s)
  1. Summer Magic loses it's first song...

    SCORE: 7.57

    REVELUVS: 10 (@Shockbox @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life) 9.75 (@eccentricsimply) 9.5 (@camden_italian @Cotton Park @Rem) 9.25 (@Remorque) 9 (@BeingNormal @eatyourself)
    ANTIS: 6 (@Dangerous Maknae @Hurricane Drunk @Salami) 5 (@Vixen) 1 dddddd (@Serg.)
    MY SCORE: 7

    This is... cute? I think I was a little generous with this one, it's easily my least fave off the mini album. I like the tropical and reggae influences, and the girls really sing the hell out of that chorus, so there's that. For some reason I didn't even realise that they are singing about being with someone during Christmas even though it's on a Summer album???

    mokimbird: "Nothing too complicated - this is simple, summery goodness (MVP is Yeri for how well her airy, playful voice acquaints itself here). That being said, why does this song remind me so much of Mario Party? Why do I feel like I should be mashing A as Toad squawks a bunch of directions I already read the first time I played the game?"
    Petit nain des Îles: "Another Super Mario Sunshine bop I just wish I was more in the mood for right now."
    Shockbox: "A tropical summery song with references to Christmas? Festive queens."
    Serg.: "God no... Sorry but this is probably my least favourite song they've ever done and I don't know why, I hate it's Christmassy feel even though it's supposed to be a summer comeback."
    RUNAWAY: "this song is a total 10 and I love EVERY SECOND of it."
    evilsin: "The breezy island sound was always to my liking, so this is very relaxing to me."
    Salami: "Bit too Christmassy for my liking."
    ryjm: "Only Red Velvet could release a summer EP with a song about Christmas. I get that the lyrics talk about how every day is Christmas with their special someone but the festive elements featured in this are so incongruent with the theme of the mini and summer soundscape of the tracks that this just isn’t as enjoyable as it could be."
    SloMover: "This is another one that took some time to grow on me. A Christmas song for a Summer release is some kind of bonkers move that you would only expect in Kpop."

    Another casualty for The Red...

    59. (=)
    SCORE: 7.58

    10 (@RUNAWAY Teresa @savilizabeths) 9.5 (@eatyourself @Ugly Beauty) 9.25 (@Slice of Life) 9 (@Cotton Park @M24)
    ANTIS: 6 (@Salami @junkos) 4 (@Shockbox @askew) 3 (@Rem)
    MY SCORE: 7

    Again, arguably my least favourite song off its respective album, but it's still good. I don't have much to say about this one to be honest oop. It deserved to go when it did.

    mokimbird: "The most impressive thing about this song, with all its production bells and whistles, is that it actually lives up to its namesake. It gets that giggly let's-talk-shit-with-my-besties-in-the-dark vibe down pat."
    Petit nain des Îles: "I keep imagining hearing this in a romantic drama, during a montage of two characters going to the funfair and falling in love with each others. I’m... not projecting."
    RUNAWAY: "this song is magical. I love everything about it. Never gets old."
    evilsin: "Campfire song but make it fashion."
    Salami: "Great verses, but I really don’t like the chorus."
    ryjm: "The descending vocal lines, the harmonies, the rap. *chef’s kiss*"
    SloMover: "Not one of my favourites but adds a little bit of variety to the album without sacrificing that sound they were going for. Notable mention to Irene spitting mad bars. We stan!"
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  2. Anything from The Perfect Velvet and The Red leaving at any point this early is a disgusting injustice tbh. You're all wrong.

    I'm happy about With You leaving though.
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  3. I can’t even believe ‘With You’ not only made this far, but all the songs it also beat too?!?! Like so many of those were so much superior.
  4. I had no idea it was actually about Christmas, I thought it just sounded like it. Suddenly I have a bit more respect for the song.
  5. Time To Love being out already is a crime, wow. With You isn't a favourite but their commentary about it on Red Radio made me lightly stan it, the chorus especially is adorable.
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  6. I’m sorry for not doing any eliminations these past few days, after working the last I thing I feel like doing is trying to sit through the tedious process of formatting posts and making sure I haven’t missed anyone’s scores. I promise I’ll post some tomorrow though!
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  7. And we're back! I made a mistake last time, Campfire was actually tied for 59th with the upcoming song...

    Poor, misunderstood Russian Roulette takes another loss...

    59. (=)
    SCORE: 7.58

    REVELUVS: 10 (@Sanctuary @savilizabeths @RUNAWAY how many 10s has the poor sis lost now? Poor ha.) 9.5 (@Rem) 9 (@Serg. @askew @Petit nain des lles @Crisp X)
    ANTIS: 6 (@camden_italian) 4.5 (@ysev) 1 (@Dangerous Maknae)
    MY SCORE: 7

    This is okay, I think it's more of a 6 now nn. I don't have much to say about this one, probably my least fave on the mini (not sure if my scores actually reflect that now).

    mokimbird: "This might be one of my favorite B-sides on the Russian Roulette EP, just because its focus is razor-sharp. There's no pressure to shoehorn quirky Red sounds into what's essentially a Velvet jam! This is a confident lady! She is rocking this new summer outfit and she knows exactly where she wants to go."
    Crisp X: "This could have been a single. I love the 90’s R&B vibes, like it even reminds me of Mariah Carey’s single mixes, both instrumentally and vocally."
    Ugly Beauty: "chill 90s vibes + video game sounds = success."
    Salami: "This seems so generic and so un-Red Velvet, or at least the Red Velvet I like."
    ryjm: "An incredibly apt title. A slick 90s sounding song, it’s sunshine personified."
    SloMover: "It’s not the groups most interesting, or even memorable, songs but I’m just such a stan for these bouncy and breezy pop songs. I just find them so charming and comforting."

    Too soon, way too soon for this The Red track...

    SCORE: 7.64

    10 (@Crisp X @Rem @Ugly Beauty @savilizabeths) 9 (@eccentricsimply @nikkysan @M24 @Oleander @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life)
    ANTIS: 6 (@evilsin) 5.75 (@HouLuis) 5 (@mokimbird) 4.75 (@Vixen) 4 (@Salami)
    MY SCORE: 9

    Here we have Red Velvet's take on a New Jack Swing-style song (the instrumentation is very 1 of 1 by SHINee, no?), and the results are lovely! There's something so warm and comforting about this song and I'm not surprised it resonated with a lot you, the feeling of sisterhood is a reason why we love girl groups so much. Should've gone waaaaayyyyyy further. :(

    mokimbird: "I really don't know how to explain my visceral reaction to this song, but the whole thing just reminds me of that .gif with the two girls gossiping and giggling and I really just can't. Also: never allow any member of Red Velvet (or any K-pop artist) near the phrase "how we do" ever again."
    Crisp X: "The intro alone (especially the snare roll and those talking bits) always made me think we’re about to enter a Sonic Adventure game, and the song totally lives up to it."
    evilsin: "This is kinda Jpop-y, no? The "hoohoo-hoohoo" ending made me give this a point more."
    Salami: "This is the stinker of the album. This is throwback in a bad way. It’s like rubbish 90s American R&B."
    ryjm: "A cute, campy synth-pop bop. The extended middle 8 is glorious – this is a comment that could essentially be applied to every single Red Velvet song, so apologies in advance."
    SloMover: "Really cute the chorus melody is really lovely. I love how certain lines in the verses end in a talk-sing kind of manner."
  8. And just like that, another 10 is lost.

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  9. Sunny Afternoon is sublime, I’m surprised I didn’t give it a higher score!
  10. Ladies' Room was one of my lowest scores in the rate, so I'm glad it's gone! I think this is a lost SNSD track from 2008. I mean, it even sounds like it's from 2008 and the production was barely updated dddd.

    'Sunny Afternoon' I am kind of...indifferent to its elimination at #59. I gave it a 7, so I do kind of like it but I feel like this is a sound that they've developed and perfected through the years, and so this is kind of "a first draft" that you don't really need anymore.
  11. I see the tastelessness continues here...

    Sunny Afternoon is a cute song and Lady's Room is throwback R&B goodness, both sound 90s but in different ways and they're very good.
  12. WHAT EVEN IS THIS RATE? How many scores of 9-10 do I have to lose this early? Who did I hurt????

  13. The Red Summer, Summer Magic and Day 1 all staying almost untouched.

    They truly are the new queens of summer, aren't they?
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  14. Wait is Day 1 the last album with no casualties?

    I love being right xx
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  15. M24


    I hadn't checked the rate in a long time... and now I wish I hadn't. Trash like #CookieJar and Umpah Umpah outlasting two of the best songs in "The Red"?

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  16. [​IMG]

    I'll be back this weekend to continue results. Thank you so much @nikkysan <3​
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  17. [​IMG]
    Imagine thinking #CookieJar is trash.

    ....and I actually enjoy Umpah Umpah occasionally, I'm not sorry.
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  18. Why is Mosquito still in this. Get her OUT.
  19. I can't really comment in this rate, because people keep venting their trash opinions.
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  20. I didn’t have a chance to vote in the rate and in general I’ve been out of The Discourse for most of the decade I’ve enjoyed kpop, so following along in this thread is a RIDE. No stakes but I’ve never been more invested.

    Umpah Umpah slaps though ahhhh! 8 from me!
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