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The Review Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blob, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. So I was thinking...

    Each week a poster (who ever wants to) picks an album. It can be new, old, whatever. Over the week we all listen to the album and then give brief reviews on what we think? Kinda like a book club but with albums instead of books.

    I don't know if this sounds shit or not? But yeah I thought it would be interesting. This way some members can introduce different genres of music into the forum, or music that they love which isn't often talked about. And we might get some intelligent debate?

    Let me know your thoughts... if enough people want to we can start next week?
  2. Re: The Review Thread

    I think it would be a good way to keep up with new music. I'm so behind with music, it's not even funny.

    I can't write a review to save my life but I'd really enjoy the discussion.

    Kudos to you for the idea!
  3. Re: The Review Thread

    Thank you very much! And I think with the review it can just be a couple of sentences of why you like/dislike the album. We could even stretch to doing a few a week if people had the time?
  4. Re: The Review Thread

    Really great idea!
  5. Re: The Review Thread

    I really like this idea. Some of the most interesting discussions on the forum lately have been about albums in the 'Retro' section, especially when it comes to really big artists like Madonna.

    I can't promise to keep up but I'll definitely contribute when I have something to say! And I'm not 'up' with new music either, nothing is inspiring me lately at all.
  6. Re: The Review Thread

    So thrilled am I at this idea, that I have decided to emerge from years and years of lurking to post for the first time ever. Anything remotely resembling a book club and I can't help myself. We could collectively become the new Oprah. Or Richard and Judy.

    I feel like Ally Sheedy when she speaks for the first time in 'The Breakfast Club'. Now I've started posting I may never shut up.

    Hello everyone.

  7. Re: The Review Thread

    Haha, brilliant first post. It was the mention of 'book club' that made me prick up my ears too.
  8. Re: The Review Thread

    Just so long as it's not a Britney, Sugababes or Gaga album.

  9. Re: The Review Thread

    Those have been discussed to death, really. But I would not mind, anyways.
  10. Rmx


    Re: The Review Thread

    Great idea! I have just the perfect unknown but absolutely brilliant more-people-deserve-to-know-it album in mind. Can't wait until it's my turn. I'll try and listen + contribute a review for other albums as well, a week should be sufficient.
  11. Re: The Review Thread

    That's a point. Surely there would be more merit in discussing older albums or new hidden gems. A lot of new mainstream albums already have their own threads with plenty of contributors.
  12. Re: The Review Thread

    shall i start?

    ok, I'm listening on Aggro Santos's album right now and I'm really surprised! It's a fucking amazing summer album! you want this album to be playing non-stop on summer. Seriously love it...

    Highlights: Candy, Just Like You, Anaconda
  13. Re: The Review Thread

    I think it's a great idea! I'm a bit behind with new music, but when there's an older album being discussed count me in!
  14. Re: The Review Thread

    I like this idea. But since many won't have the album, it would be nice if some of the songs are linked from youtube or put on youtube and linked, so we can hear some of the music.
  15. SBK


    Re: The Review Thread

    Disappointing due to overhype. That's my review of all three.
  16. RJF


    Re: The Review Thread

    For some reason, I don't think overhype is a problem that plagues the Sugababes these days.
  17. SBK


    Re: The Review Thread

    It will be by the time they've got an album out.
  18. 3Xs


    Re: The Review Thread

    So what shall be the first album?? I like this idea.
  19. Re: The Review Thread

    It's not a bad idea at all.


    It would have to be about music which isn't already discussed in its own thread in order for this to work. For instance, the Adele album is huge at the moment, but she has her own thread, kind of defeating the purpose of this one. On the flip side, if you picked something like Like a Virgin, that would probably be best discussed in the "Old Pop" section of the forum.

    What might be a good idea is if we just move this thread to the "List & Charts" section of the forum? I

    I like the basic idea a lot though, just to be clear.
  20. Re: The Review Thread

    ^ It's not really like people discuss and post track-by-track reviews all in one go in those threads, though.

    I love this idea and I'd like to take part.
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