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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Ray


    "You don't understand me" didn't chart for me because...I had no idea it was a single. It would have been top three at least.
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  2. Doh! I forgot Speak To Me [Bassflow Remix] made #1 for me aswell so make that 8 chart toppers.

    Actually I've lost count so I'll just list them:

    It Must Have Been Love (6 weeks) 1990
    Listen To Your Heart / Dangerous (5 weeks) 1990
    Dressed For Success (1 week) 1990
    Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) (1 week) 1991
    The Big L (3 weeks) 1991
    Almost Unreal (1 week) 1993
    It Must Have Been Love (Reissue) (3 weeks) 1993
    The Look '95 (1 week) 1995
    You Don't Understand Me (1 week) 1996
    Milk & Toast & Honey (1 week) 2001
    Speak To Me [Bassflow Remix] (3 weeks) 2011
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  3. "Red like fire was the day I met you."


    Highest: 5 x 10 @simes1970 @yuuurei @WowWowWowWow @ruffdriverz @Eric Generic
    Lowest: 2 x 5 @phoenix123 @Terminus

    I say:
    Originally just the B-side to Spending My Time, the mega-hit that never was, so this went relatively unknown until Bassflow gave it a polish and it was stuck out as a single in 2012 (shortly followed by a 'remake' of The Look).

    I mean, what a song! Such was their musical prowess during that golden 1988-1991 era (expect to see the Top 10 dominated), that tracks like this had to be consigned to a B-side! Perhaps the lyrical themes of love and loss - their trademark theme - rendered it one too many miserable ballads for the Joyride album and so it was given the push. It could've been a great addition to Tourism instead.

    Bassflow have done a great job bringing it into the 21st Century with beefed up percussion - I'd be there for an entire Roxette album of their mixes.

    You say:

    @Eric Generic (10) TOTAL BOP ALERT!

    @simes1970 (10) I am glad this finally saw a proper single release as it's one of my favourite Roxette tracks. Nothing shall beat the original in my opinion (that would have got my 11) But this lyrically and sonically is one of the band's finest moments.

    @berserkboi (9.5) Roxette does Nightwish? I like!!

    @Sprockrooster (9) This song feels so comfortable, like I know it for years despite hearing it first now due to the rate. Great lyricism and fantastic production makes a massive track out of this.

    @DominoDancing (8.5) No idea how this was received upon release, but I think the remix works quite well. Very energetic, and it sounds comparatively modern considering what they were releasing around this time.

    @Ray (8) Whoever Bassflow is, their remixes are GOOD.

    @Rooneyboy (7.5) I like this, would have made a good Bond theme.

    @straw82 (7) Decent enough remix of a good song. It’s hardly essential though and the original just about beats it.

    @Peer_Gynt10 (7) I liked the idea of them revisiting this great B-side, itself a solid 8.5, but I wish they had re-recorded the vocals to fit the new arrangement.

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  4. Damn, my top 2 gone one after the other.
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  5. I still don't understand why this was essential.
  6. Noooooo!!! My second favourite Roxette track, I listened to this on the Spending My Time cassingle on repeat for hours as a young man.

    The Bassflow remix is fabulous and love that they went there as a single release, but the original is essential and the best.

    Meanwhile, what do we think of the cover versions?

  7. Shame to see Sweet Hello, Sad Goodbye depart the rate. One of Roxette's finest moments, but should have been a stand alone single back in 1991. Much better than the Big L and even Church Of Your Heart which I love.
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  8. The original is growing on me in the context of the Joyride era.

    They really need deluxe 2 CD reissues of these albums to collect everything together.

    Jason Donovan did a cover? How random.
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  9. If I may chime in... Bassflow is Peter Boström - co-writer/co-producer of such Eurovision bops as "Euphoria" by Loreen and "Amanecer" by Edurne.
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  10. Ray


    Whoa! He's GOOD.
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  11. Ooh really? I fucking love that song.
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  12. I am not sure if this ever happened before but Peter and Thomas G:son not only wrote the winning song of Eurovision 2012, they also wrote the song that came in last place (Tooji’s “Stay”).

    Anyway I can derail any thread with Eurovision chatter, back to M&P!!
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  13. I really like the Bassflow remakes. They give Roxette's music back some of their spark.
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  14. Ray


    For some reason that makes me very happy.
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  15. Hmmm. Thomas Anders is Thomas Anders. I never liked that affected vibrato of his, and unsurprisingly I also don't like his cover. Laura's cover is better, but still a massive disappointment - her performance seems kinda bored. So Jason Donovan actually wins this contest for me, even though it doesn't compare to the original of course.
  16. Ouch. I knew this was going to start to hurt!
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  17. Well as long as the next three are Sleeping In My Car, Crash! Boom! Bang! and Chances, then I think we have a pretty stellar top 12 and I won't want to lose any of them….
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  18. I'm surprised my 11 lasted as long as it did, I fully expected it to miss the Top 30.
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  19. Agreed on the first two but Chances is great! I'd replace it with Dangerous or Almost Unreal. I don't dislike either of them but I'm running out of low scores here.
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