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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. But... it's in French??
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  2. I can't remember many more enjoyable rates than this one, so thank you @Hudweiser !
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  3. I surely didn't see that one coming. Probably the most unexpected winner of a PJ rate ever for me. I would have bet my fortune on The Look, It Must Have Been Love or Joyride winning this. "Things will never be the same" is a song I completely forgot about until this rate, so it's not a track that jumps to my mind when it comes to Roxette. However, it really is an amazing song, and I love an underdog winning.
  4. While I don't agree with the winner, the rate has been fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work @Hudweiser
  5. Mouth drops at the result like...


    Thank you @Hudweiser for the super fun rate (the first one I've participated in). Unfortunately I learned about the rate at the last minute and didn't get the opportunity to comment on each track, but I've loved reading everyone's thoughts and opinions on my favourite musical act ever, Roxette!

    Whilst I was hoping that 'It Must Have Been Love' would take it out (a truly perfect pop song), I was happy that 'Things Will Never Be The Same' took out the win - an epic song that is on top of the list of many songs that should've been singles (OMG why wasn't 'Good Karma' a single??!?!).
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  6. Thanks for organising the rate, first one I've ever taken part in, really enjoyed being involved and reading the comments.
    Surprised but happy with the winner
  7. Ray


    I have withdrawals.

    Can we do a full discography rate starting tomorrow?
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  8. Oh God, no. This was traumatic enough.

    I also largely checked out of their albums after Room Service.
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  9. I'd happily rate everything up to Room Service.
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  10. Wow, I almost gave it the winner an 11 but decided against it last minute, really surprised and super happy.

    Thank you for a great rate!
  11. Thank yew.

    I actually checked out after Have a Nice Day, but even then I'd be invested enough in going through their later material, but I'm afraid @Ray would come for my taste again, so lemme quickly jump ship.
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  12. Ray


    Their later material is... a tad patchy...
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  13. Sorry for reviving this, but Spotify Wrapped just told me that Roxette is my most played artist of the year. Thanks to this rate, @Hudweiser!
  14. I guess it wasn't such a shock after all she's been through, but still. Damn.
  15. I have been thinking about Marie recently and sadly expecting this news.

    A bit emotional though.

    She was very special to me.
  16. Ray


    I am absolutely heartbroken. I've been a fan for 31 years. I guess I knew it would happen one day, but I didn't want to...realise. I don't know. I don't have any words. I just listened to 'Watercolours In The Rain' once and I can't stop crying. I had no idea this would hurt so bad. She's been in my life since I was ELEVEN. I don't think there was ever a month in my life when I didn't listen to Roxette. I don't know. I tell myself that at least she is not suffering anymore.
  17. This.
  18. I am so sad. This rate brought me closer to the band so thank you again.

    I did expect this but I‘m still heartbroken. At least she is not suffering anymore.
  19. RIP Marie Fredriksson:

    "And it all begins where it ends
    And she's all mine, my magic friend"

    Thank you for the wonderful "Joyride" of great songs throughout the 90's!
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