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The Royal Family

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slimane, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. The media has indoctrinated them well.
  2. LTG


    Seriously unwell nation
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  3. A&E



  4. I don't remember this part of Protect and Survive.
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  5. I'm a Brit watching this unfold from Seattle but 24 hours queuing is ridiculous! Do they not have anything better to do?

    I feel there is a Saturday TV gameshow in this...

    Contestants line up in three different potential queues located around the country. Each queue has a different reward and/or horror at the end, and are of great length.

    Will the contestants endure The Queue? Will the Queue be worth it?

    Presented by Graham Norton.
  6. Finally, a rival to this
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  7. Not sure if this or The Queue (starring Olivia Coleman) is my favorite piece of fictional media spawned by this ridiculousness.
  8. The fuck!?

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  9. Postage should be seven days to reflect The Queue.
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  10. Also, ha

    When are Celtic playing?
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  11. Where abouts should I start The Queue on iPlayer?

    My Mum was saying the first day wasn't that good, and my sister text me saying she only tuned in from hour 38!

    But I am a completist...
  12. Join the queue, get a wristband, leave the queue and go straight to eBay. Sounds like a plan
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  13. Not The Queue bringing about the downfall of Phillip Schofield.
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  14. (Tilly stays iconic)
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  15. Honestly? A plan.
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  18. Fire this entire family into the sun.
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  19. I saw one on eBay earlier going for £24,000 with 21 bids on. Who the fuck has that kind of money that they can spend it on a crumpled piece of paper?!

    Thankfully it now looks like eBay has removed it.

    edit - there’s one still up for £10,000 with 2 bids.
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