The Royal Family

No, but...

I see a another man watching me as I watch the film. He’s checking me out. He stands closer to me, against the wall, his arm awkwardly outstretched to reveal his open palm. I reach for his hand. He holds me. He squeezes it, tenderly, a few times. I feel touched by that gesture. So strange, holding hands in porn cinema.


He can be guillotined tomorrow rather than today

I actually thought this was really poor form on his part - awful, condescending old man. Lizz Truss as PM is a dumpster fire in a wig, but I'm not exactly sure he has anything better to show for himself to justify *that* attitude.
Imagine how popular the royals would be if Charlie had worked things out with Diana (and skipped the assassination part) and she was now Queen.

Let’s be honest, she was more iconic than the rest of them put together.
It discusses the difference between an Unlawful Killing verdict and an Accidental Death or Manslaughter verdict. Very.... er, interesting.
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