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The Royal Family

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slimane, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. That's a brilliant piece of writing. Also, the only article about the Queen's death in which I've seen the Cock Destroyers mentioned.
  2. No, but...

    I see a another man watching me as I watch the film. He’s checking me out. He stands closer to me, against the wall, his arm awkwardly outstretched to reveal his open palm. I reach for his hand. He holds me. He squeezes it, tenderly, a few times. I feel touched by that gesture. So strange, holding hands in porn cinema.

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  3. Actually some of the most tender nookie I've ever had in my life was in Gay Saunas....
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  4. LTG


    When are we revolting girlies?
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  5. Sam


    what is the fucking POINT
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  6. Diana would have made sure we got one.
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  7. You'd think they'd give people a BH just to get the viewing numbers up. Not good for their PR is 6 people watch the coronation...
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  8. And even if people don’t watch, they would be pleased for the extra BH.

  9. He can be guillotined tomorrow rather than today
  10. I actually thought this was really poor form on his part - awful, condescending old man. Lizz Truss as PM is a dumpster fire in a wig, but I'm not exactly sure he has anything better to show for himself to justify *that* attitude.
  11. Fixed.
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  12. Someone got owned.

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  13. Side issue but I'd like to get Owen'd.
  14. oh dear.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Imagine how popular the royals would be if Charlie had worked things out with Diana (and skipped the assassination part) and she was now Queen.

    Let’s be honest, she was more iconic than the rest of them put together.
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  17. ?
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  18. Have you seen the Unlawful Killing documentary by Keith Allen? I believe it’s on YouTube unless the establishment have had it removed again.
  19. It discusses the difference between an Unlawful Killing verdict and an Accidental Death or Manslaughter verdict. Very.... er, interesting.
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