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The Royal Family

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slimane, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. You're joking, right? Isn't that the 'documentary' where they spout loads of insane conspiracy theories, including the possibilty that she was killed by arms dealers because she was trying to rid the world of land mines?
  2. The way she had more clout and popularity with the GP - alongside her relationship at the time - were more of a threat to the stability of the house of Windsor. But who am I to speculate what happened?

    We know how transparent, benevolent, genuinely lovely and above board ‘the firm’ is.
  3. There's no telling how Diana would be received 25 years on. The British Public love to tear down people

    Look at the journey Harry's been on from vilified Nazi costume wearing party boy to national hero working with disabled veterans to hated ungrateful son who killed the queen because he left the family
  4. The good sis ATE.
  5. Meh, rich people gonna rich.
  6. Yeah the same 'documentary' that was funded by Mohamed Al-Fayed.
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  8. Harry and Megs are now owning their narrative. A popjustice!
  9. Anyone watch this?
  10. I watched it, found them both likeable and I’m no royalist.

    Am glad it highlighted the disgusting kind of hateful, racist rhetoric the Tories have been encouraging.
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  11. LTG


    People are going absolutely mad over Meghan finding it weird she was supposed to curtesy to her boyfriend’s nan. Grow up, royalists. That’s not a normal thing, she was no better than anyone else just by virtue of being born to the correct couple.
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  12. I’m gonna try watch this tonight, but I’ve seen a few negative takes on TikTok. Quite a few people talking about Megan and Harry contradicting their wish for privacy… I thought they just wanted the ability to make their own money?

    There’s also some rubbish about them disrespecting the royal family? I mean, are we supposed to feel sorry for the RF after how they’ve behaved with Megan or just in general?

    Abolish the monarchy.
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  13. Mistake no.1
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  14. I wasn’t rating it as a reputable source. It’s just the first place I heard anyone talk about it. I’ve not even considered taking any of the takes seriously based on how Megan has already been treated.
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  15. Overall I thought the first 3 episodes were quite boring. I did find the parts where M spoke a bit about her family interesting. Strange the text that she supposedly got from her dad. I wonder if someone had his phone?

    I’m guessing the next 3 episodes will be a bit more interesting?
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  16. It was pretty well paced, too. I didn’t get bored binging the first three.
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  17. Have they ever actually said 'we want privacy'?
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  18. So much vile stuff about them on Twitter. Once again proving that the daft general populace of Toxic Island believe the nonsense they get spoon-fed by right wing media.

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  19. I’ve only seen the clip of her saying stuff about the courtesy, but the reactions and pearl clutching to that one clip are so stupid, its really just people’s misogyny and racism latching on at any chance.

    Like… of course if you’re driving up to some big fancy manor and your husband is just casually like ‘oh btw you need to courtesy, do you know what that is?’ You’re going to feel weird, you’re going to be flustered. Nothing about the situation she was in was natural at any point, I’d react the same.
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