The Royal Family

I have despised Jeremy Clarkson for decades so have never read anything he's written - I mean, he's a Tory snob who writes in The S*n - the hypocrisy alone.

But, I saw an excerpt and was floored and how anyone would get away with publishing that.

Literally, what has this woman done that makes people hate her? Nobody will answer, they just speak in vague couplets of "oh she's nasty!" "she's manipulating him!" Bitch, where?


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The bile she receives is inexcusable but I don’t like this way of speaking about them as if they are this aggrieved party who are doing the Lord’s work by speaking out against the Royal family. They’ve been pretty vague about details to stoke speculation, and they’re monetising private conversations because they’ve got no viable source of income: he’s not being paid by the U.K. taxpayer and she can’t work as an actress again. They wanted out of the media circus, but they’re continuing to feed it. I think that’s where a portion of the dislike of her stems from, but I’d wager the majority of it is just a mix of racism, misogyny, xenophobia and classism. It’s still just mega wealthy people fighting with other mega wealthy people about hurt feelings, I don’t like the oxygen they all take up in public discourse.
They wanted out of the media circus, but they’re continuing to feed it.

I think they deserve a right of response and this documentary was it. Now it’s done the public work they have coming up is now very different.

They wanted out of the toxic media circus that exists predominantly in the UK. And which is rarely seen in any other country. I think they’re fine being in the public eye though.


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It is but I’m here for their shows and podcasts. I want to empower them to bring down this rotten house of cards

But I don’t think there’s any intention to bring it down, they’re just hurt. If they wanted to bring anything down that Netflix series would name names.
They don’t want to bring down the institution, they (I think more pointedly he) want an apology, but they’ll never get one. He wants an apology for what happened to his mother, for being made to march behind her coffin, and for his wife being subjugated to the same harassment. But the family and the media will never give that to him, because it would require the kind of self-reflection and admission of responsibility they’ve historically never done, so it’s easier to target Meghan, who was an independent American actor, as a manipulative woman who pulled him away from his family. The fact that she’s black, divorced, and her parents are divorced as well only lent itself to the seediest, most disgusting racist and sexist attacks. Honestly, Meghan probably was one of, or the true first, people to show him there was a way out of this system he felt trapped in, but it doesn’t serve his father, brother, their couriers, or the legions of commentators to acknowledge he had spent his life looking for an escape hatch.
Maybe Harry has saved the real juicy details for the book? Either way, the recent attacks on him and Meghan especially only serve to prove them right and show just how awful the Royal family are and royalists are even worse.
I enjoyed the docuseries for the most part. Harry has always (to me anyway) come off as the most "normal" royal and someone more relatable and generally likable than his family. He really is his mother's son and has that same aura about him.
Prince William really comes out of this looking absolutely terrible, right?
And the Queen not so great either.

Didn't understand why Meghan cut her niece out of her life from marriage to post-Lilibet's birth.
They annoy me more at Christmas because you see all these headlines like “Adorable Child-Prince Whoever steals the show at Royal church ceremony” etc.

Serious economic gloom, and certain outlets expect us to stop shivering in our under heated homes for a moment to go “aww” for a preschooler who has more than any of us could ever dream of.
I’m enjoying Haz & Meghz’s Netflix narration gig - Live To Lead. It has depth but isn’t too taxing when I’m winding down my sleepy little head.
"Ripping my necklace" really sent me for some reason. How very Martha Wayne of him.

I honestly believe it though, being royals aside, they are brothers. Brothers fight. I lose count of the times I have gotten into fights with my brother. He's burst my lip. smacked my head into a brick wall among other things. I've kicked him in the head, bitten him etc. It's not right but it happens.

Ms Harry would rather reveal a scuffle with his Brother, than say, call out his Peado-Uncle.

He's not not one of then guys, no matter how hard they try to make you think they are