The Royal Family

Hoping treatment all goes very smoothly for both Catherine and Charles. It sure has been a very rocky and unpleasant for the Royal Family in the last couple of years.

I wonder what stunt Meghan and Harry will pull next?
This post perfectly sums up the general attitude towards both Kate and Meghan in the British media.

For days, we’ve been lectured on having morals when it comes to discussing and speculating on Kate’s health, as if she’s some form of deity absolved of any criticism and we should be worshipping at her feet. Meghan, on the other hand, is fair game — as she always has been, apparently.

It’s ridiculous, offensive and completely transparent. Meghan is subhuman to you, undeserving of the respect and privacy you think Kate should get. When Meghan was pushed to the brink of suicide, were you there pressuring everyone to stop commenting on every facet of her life, or were you egging it on?
I was wondering why the last few posts looked weird and then I checked the ignored stuff ffff
William was also there too, but of course that doesn't fit your narrative.

Your obsession is weird.

To be fair, Sugababes fans are insane and I'm saying that as one of them!

I have to say that I find the PR switch from 'WHERE IS KATE' to 'YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES' absolutely fascinating. Almost as if the palace and the British media had absolutely no involvement in creating the storm in the first place and it was just us simpletons on the internet attacking a woman. Because y'know asking why a woman who we pay to 'represent us' globally is not doing what the Royals are allegedly supposed to to.

It's almost as if the whole concept of a royal family is an absolute sham.
I know most of the media hate Prince Harry viscerally now, because he's suing a lot of them, but these front page stories linking him to the Diddy case are a reach and a half. All the lawsuit says is that Harry is an example of an international celebrity that Diddy was pictured next to to raise his legitimacy, the two of them appear to have only met one time almost twenty years ago.

Charles and Diana of course, were both good friends with Jimmy Savile. I'm obviously not insinuating that they knew anything about what was going on there, but there are letters and pictures of them together on mutliple occasions. It's bizarre that there are people who lack the critical thinking skills to understand why Harry's affiliation is being given such prominent treatment in the media, but to mention Charles' would be seen as 'disrespectful'.

(Should also highlight I don't want this post to come off like I stan Harry or whatever, abolish the monarchy etc, but I just had a conversation with my Mum about this and it bugged me so here I am.)