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The Ryan Tedder Rate: FINALE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Beginner, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. My votes are in finally! Overall, I find Ryan Tedder's mediocrity and lack charisma in both performing and songwriting to be offensive. That aside, I had fun and I'm excited to be a part of this!
  2. Oh my gosh, you guys are lucky that I'm so easygoing! Although I am lucky that you all are voting so thanks.
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  3. I know, I know. It's just I had about two dozen songs to get through tonight for this and it was a bit overwhelming!
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  4. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ mine are coming very soon.
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  5. Perched for some 3.xx averages in the early going.
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I originally thought I liked the dude when I promised to vote. Silly me.
  7. Did everyone get their votes in that wanted to?

    I'm going on a hiking trip (literally chasing waterfalls) so I'll do the first result later today.
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  8. Never mind the waterfall is closed because someone died up there, so the first result is coming #soon.

    (And by soon I mean in a few hours)
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  9. I was about to like this, but then realized that... no.
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  10. That is actually a bit scary. I hope you arenot too shocked...
  11. I'm fine, but this reminder of my mortality did make me remember I need to send my scores to @RainOnFire.
  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I liked it because I'm happy you're alive @Beginner!
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  13. Alright everyone. The time has come to reveal the biggest loser of our rate. 24 of you have voted and decided that the following was the worst the rate had to offer out of 69 songs...

    When the light started out, they don't know what they heard...

    It ain't easy walkin' in stilettos


    #69: The Missing - Cassius feat. Ryan Tedder, Jaw

    Average score: 3.8333

    High: 8.5 (@2014)
    Low: 0 (@Markus1981)

    Ladies and gentleman, your first song out. Not a ton to say about this song. It came out right when I was putting the song list together. It was released by French house duo Cassius. I wish I could say more but there's just not much to say!

    My score: 7
    I think this is a jam and definitely not the worst thing here. The first minute is kinda jarring so I assume most people didn't make it to the head banging "we could go missing-missing-missing" chorus or sax outro. Oh well, your loss.

    @Posh Spears and @ohnostalgia are certified Hemingways with their commentary: "Nope." and "Please do." respectively.

    @constantino asks "Are you kidding me? This sounds like a demo. The vocals aren’t awful but this all feels very half-baked to these ears." @2014 says "one of the more interesting tracks here, disco bop."

    @Sprockrooster reveals that it's not just Blank Space he listens to 45 seconds of then rates: "What did I listen to (partly)? No idea if it has amazing outro, because it is totally horrible in the first minute."
  14. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Let me hold a small celebration every elimination Colbie avoids.

    I don't remember this one but I gave it a 3.
  15. I guess you could say, for Cassius...

    ...the love ran out.
  16. Wow, I was not expecting that to be the first one out. I figured it would be one of the OneRepublic solo songs.
  17. I don't remember ha
  18. Two more songs will leave tonight...


    #68: I Am Woman - Jordin Sparks

    Average Score: 4.375

    High: 7.5 (@ohdenny)
    Low: 0 x 3 (@Petty Mayonnaise, @ohnostalgia, @MollieSwift21)

    Lead single for some scrapped album, I Am Woman is the next song gone from the rate. Jordin sort-of explains the dumb title, saying “‘I Am Woman’ is exactly what it means. I just turned 21, I’m breaking out and the world is my canvas! The song is for me and all the young women who are discovering who they are and are proud of it!”

    Becky Bain of Idolator wrote "This somewhat experimental, hand-clapping, high energy woman-power track is the most bangin' thing we've heard from Jordin, well, maybe ever. It makes us want to strap on our stilettos and wobble-strut all over the dancefloor!." I've never found a term that describes my dancing as well as wobble-strut so thanks, Becky.

    My score: 4.5
    Yeah, this a total racket. And not in a good way. A pretty crappy, transparent attempt at the next Single Ladies.

    @constantino agrees with me, saying "Umm…this is no Battlefield now is it? This is a cheap and rather tacky attempt to recreate a sound that was popular in 2006…in 2011… This is not as fun as it thinks it is. At all." @Sprockrooster says "This is atrocious. A bit too screamy with no good reason." @Posh Spears has a great adjective for describing music you don't like: "This reminds me a lot like Demi’s Confident, though a little bit less desperate. Almost a bop but it’s very worrisome." WORRISOME.

    @ohnostalgia replies to the title: "Well so am I and I didn't write one of the most irritating songs in creation to tell you all." @Laura Vanderbooben says "The demo is obviously iconic but the finished product is uhhhhh kinda not great. I like Ryan singing about walking in stilletos more than Jordin." If anyone reading hasn't heard the demo, go listen now!!

    @2014 sums it up: "poor Jordin." I know, she really does deserve a better career.


    #67: Sweeter - Gavin DeGraw

    Average Score: 4.775
    High: 9.1 (@Beginner)
    Low: 2 (@2014, @Robsolete, @DJHazey, @NuhdeensPassport, @GhettoPrincess)

    The "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score" anthem of the rate is the next to fall. Gavin DeGraw said about this song: "That day we wrote the song ‘Sweeter,’ which became the title track to the record. We were really excited about it, we felt it has something very gritty about it, but at the same time very soulful. There’s an element of the Black Keys to it, there’s an element of Sly and the Family Stone to it and it still had that anesthetic hook, which we were stoked about."

    I couldn't find out how Ryan Tedder and Gavin met up, but I assumed they bumped into each other at a hideous trilby store. As far as charting goes, Wikipedia lets us know "The song has charted on the Dutch chart." So that's cool.

    My score: 9.1
    Apparently I'm the biggest fan of this chugging, strutting guitar and track! Although I do have a confession: I've had a soft spot for Gavin ever since I saw him open for Shania Twain. I jumped out of my seat for I Don't Wanna Be (because that is mah jam) and he pointed at me and winked. I melted a little bit. The power of celebrity, I guess.

    You guys were relatively gentle to the third-worst song in the rate. @ohnostalgia simply says "Oy." @2014 lets us know this song is "definitely not my thing." @CorgiCorgiCorgi reminisces "Gavin DeGraw’s songs are better than I remember, but that hat is still terrible." @constantino goes 0-5 real quick: "THIS GUY AGAIN?! What are you trying to do to me here? Do you want to break me, is that what this is??…ok I’ve now listened to the track and it’s not terrible…but it isn’t good either…have a 5, Gav."

  19. Oooh this rate is going to be fun to follow along with.
    (I kind of missed the deadline. Whoops. For the record, I'm rooting for a lot of songs that'll probably miss the top 10: He Said She Said, I Want You To Know, Reach Out, Touch Me and If I Can't Have You.)
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  20. He Said She Said had better go far!
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