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The Ryan Tedder Rate: FINALE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Beginner, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Didn't Hilz and Haylie co-write 'Gypsy Woman'??
  2. The Top 20:

    All The Right Moves - OneRepublic
    Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
    Apologize - OneRepublic feat. Timbaland
    Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
    Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
    Counting Stars - OneRepublic
    Ghost - Ella Henderson
    Glassheart - Leona Lewis
    Halo - Beyonce
    Happy - Leona Lewis
    I Want You To Know - Zedd feat. Selena Gomez
    If I Lose Myself - OneRepublic
    Obsession - Sky Ferraira
    Rumour Has It - Adele
    Secrets - OneRepublic
    Stop and Stare - OneRepublic
    Take A Bow - Leona Lewis
    Turning Tables - Adele
    Why Try - Ariana Grande
    XO - Beyonce

    Now the real tears start getting shed.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nooooooooooo poor Baby Don't Lie!

    Happy with that top 20 though, relieved OneRepublic haven't had a total cull yet.

    Glassheart would be my next pick to go
  4. Pretty good top 20
  5. Lost 2 10-s when Take A Bow and Halo are still in this. Tragic.

    @Beginner. My name is put twice in the comments for Baby Don't Lie. I would rather not be associated with the first one!
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  6. What a great top 20. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez kind of stands out as worse though.
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  7. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Good In Goodbye really should have made the top 20.
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  8. Not this song, no.

    Watch it.


    Couldn't y'all have let Hilary sneak into the Top 20? No, of course not! *Sniffle*
  9. Those two Adele songs need to get the fuck out of here. Even Beyonce can slay as long as they leave.
  10. My ideal top 10.
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  11. Leona Lequeen slaying this rate.
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  12. Baby Don't Lie is nice, but I'm surprised it made it this far though.

    The top 20 is mostly great, but there's a couple that definitely need to leave asap.
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  13. [​IMG]

    #20: If I Lose Myself - OneRepublic

    Average Score: 7.4292
    High: 10 x 3 (@cortex, @NuhdeensPassport, @ohdenny)
    Low: 4 x 2 (@ohnostalgia, @Laurence)

    This song was the lead single for the band's latest album, Native. It peaked at #74 on the Hot 100.

    Here's a fun fact I bet you didn't know about the song: it's about dying in a plane crash! Ryan Tedder says:
    Translates well as a party song though.

    My score: 6
    Not my favorite single from them, but it's still enjoyable. I think I've said this about all my low scores so far, but I really did underscore this one. They've all grown on me! As far as pop-goes-EDM goes, this song is pretty fantastic.

    @Subwaykid tells us, "I completely forgot about this song and had an "oh fuck YES" reaction when it came on. Though the BURNS remix is the best version, teebs." @Laura Vanderbooben reveals, "Probably my fave from them, bar Apologize." @2014 says, "prefer the Alesso remix actually, but it’s nice!" I prefer the breakdown here, it's very them.

    @constantino gets all misogynist: "If he gave this to a female vocalist, I may have enjoyed this a bit more. It’s an ok song but I am very fussy with male vocals and Ryan’s really don’t do it for me. The EDM arrangement is so predictable. An underwhelming drop after the repetition of a badly written refrain? Groundbreaking." @ohnostalgia sends a death threat: "Please do." @Posh Spears patronizes, "Has the potential to not be boring." @Sprockrooster reminisces, "Everytime I hear this, I remember the really hot summer this was massive. I instantly crave for a hot summer!"

  14. ...


    #18: Happy - Leona Lewis

    Average Score: 7.4375
    High: 11 x 2 (@KamikazeHeart, @MollieSwift21) 10 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    Low: 2 (@Robsolete

    This was the lead single for Leona's second album, Echo. It peaked at #50 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the UK charts.

    Ryan said of the song:
    Then after it peaked at #50....

    If you hadn't noticed by now, Ryan likes to see his songs be successful.

    @Popjustice had quite an amazing write-up about the track:
    My score: 9.5
    Beautiful, heartbreaking, grand. So what if hurts me? kicks me right where it counts. Inspiring song that has actually inspired me. If you want to know what I think about Echo, check out this post from my old, abandoned account, kiiiiiiiiiiii (I had too much time in high school, like a mini imperialsteriod)

    @constantino calls it, "Not her best, not his best either. Her vocals are stunning, but the production doesn’t quite soar as much as I’d like it to." @Subwaykid cries out in pleasure, "Don't stop giving me these life-affirming, cheesy, drum-driven A N T H E M S, King Teddy." @ohnostalgia states, "Misleading title." @Posh Spears exclaims, "Ooh! This one isn’t so mediocre!"

    @2014 says, "really goes too far on the saccharine/melodramatic scale, but you can’t deny her voice." @Sprockrooster observes, "An amazing track, but for some reason easily forgettable. But when it comes back in your life, you are 'Happy'." @Laurence says simply, "A classic."

    Guess what everyone? I've been dying to close with an 11, but neither of these losers included commentary! So I get to include it for them.

    C'mon people. Give me something to work with.
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  15. Again, the two spot jump is because of a tie.
  16. Happy is so good, though!
  17. Loving you wrote commentary for the 11s and I also loved the backstory from Happy.
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  18. I love how you have a backstory from Tedder himself about almost every track!
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  19. 'Happy' is great and the SO WHAT IF IT HURTS ME bit is a highlight. I still prefer 'Bleeding Love', though.
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  20. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Happy leaving is appalling. Rates have not been going my way lately.

    The music video is gorgeous too.
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