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The Ryan Tedder Rate: FINALE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Beginner, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Alright, everyone.

    After weeks of waiting, we're finally going to find out the winner of this rate.

    Thank you all for participating! I couldn't do this without the fans. Even though most of you realized how much you dislike Ryan Tedder throughout this rate.

    Without any further ado...

    The winner of this rate...



    #1: Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

    Average Score: 9.5427
    High: 11 x 3 (@Laurence, @Robsolete, @GhettoPrincess) 10 x 12 (@Subwaykid, @KamikazeHeart, @Markus1981, @1991, @Lost In Japan., @constantino, @2014, @Sprockrooster. @Conan, @ohdenny, @MollieSwift21, @Beginner)
    Low: 7 (@DJHazey)

    It couldn't be any other song at the top, could it? You all thought so: it never left the #1 spot throughout the entirety of the voting.

    This was Leona's debut single. It was a phenomenal success: it hit #1 in the US and UK, as well as 33 other countries. It spent 4 non-consecutive weeks at #1 in the US and is certified 4x Platinum; it spent 7 weeks at #1 in the UK and is certified Platinum there.

    Let's hear Ryan tell the story behind the song:

    So why wasn't this wasted as a Jesse McCartney song?

    Thank god Leona ended up with it. How terrifying a thought that the Nothing Compares 2 U of our generation could've been a flop Jesse McCartney single.

    My score: 10
    This reminds me of what one of my faves, Brandon Flowers said about playing one my fave songs, Read My Mind, live. He said that at any point in the concert, no matter how crazy and wild it is, as soon as he plays the opening chords everyone quiets down and the moment instantly feels almost sacred. That's what I feel every time I hear the opening organ in this song. Those chords resonate somewhere deep inside me and I get so mysteriously emotional.

    This is one of those songs where it's difficult to appreciate how good it is. There are so many perfect parts and they're all going on at once. The "I don't care they say, I'm in love with you" lines have such a gorgeous melody and Leona sells them like literally no other singer on earth could. This song is a classic and we're lucky to have it in our lives.

    @constantino screams, "FUCCCKK! So incredible! Even though I prefer some of her other songs (Better In Time, Run, Forgive Me), this is grade-A pop right here. The video is absolute garbage but I’ll let that slide because she looks SNATCHED. I’m always startled by how graphic the lyrics are, they’re pretty bold in retrospect. Make me nauseous, QUEEN!" @Posh Spears calls it "A gorgeous song and what a breakout hit!" @ohnostalgia says, "This should be really annoying, but I like Leona's voice enough to get over it." @Laura Vanderbooben says, "Jesse McCartney getting checks. I remember being floored at how good this was. It's aged a little but still knocks."

    Lowest scoring @DJHazey says, "This song was everywhere at the time and I can still remember everyone around me singing along when it seemingly came on the radio every 20 minutes. I've never been the biggest fan of it because I find the chorus low-key grating, but I will admit that the prechorus is transcendent. The fact that I didn't fall in love with it like everyone else did is probably why it took me years to get into any of her music." @2014 admits, "such a moment, such a perfect debut single. I’ll always love Leona for this alone teebs." @Sprockrooster tells us, "Probably the song that came closest to snatching my 11. I cannot cope with that epic build-up to the first chorus and that massive outro. Torn apart every time. Over and over again."

    I would close with our 11s, but between the three of them we have one line of commentary (@Laurence: "this should be the winner") so instead we'll close with @1991's very nice comment:

    "The one that started it for Ryan and still holds up fantastically today, unlike a lot of his productions it hasn’t dated at all, it has a real timeless quality about it. I don’t think anyone could’ve done that song justice other than Leona. Amazing vocal performance and nice to see her still nailing it today, that song will keep her semi-relevant and working forever."

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  2. ...and now our runner-up...


    #2: Apologize - OneRepublic

    Average Score: 9.1667
    High: 11 (@cortex) 10 x 10 (@Petty Mayonnaise, @Laurence, @Lost In Japan., @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Sprockrooster, @NuhdeensPassport, @Conan, @ohdenny, @Beginner, @GhettoPrincess)
    Low: 6 (@Subwaykid)

    Call J Lo 'cause ain't it funny the top two songs in this rate are the two most commercially successful? And both debuts, at that. This was the group's debut single, peaking at #2 on the Hot 100. Though it didn't hit #1, it spent 25 weeks in the top 10. It also broke the weekly radio spin record, and held it until Bleeding Love came along.

    Again, let's hear Ryan tell the story behind the song:

    My score: 10
    That melody is incredible. I saw an interview where they asked Ryan how he deals with singing Apologize every single night. He responded that honestly, it doesn't bother him at all. He's never gotten tired or bored of it. It has a near zero burn rate and that's why it was so popular on radio. Again, another classic song.

    Let's give a hand to @Laurence for successfully guessing the final 2: "Just love this song. Song of the year 2009. Top 2." Tedderrate Grinch @ohnostalgia admits, "The only OneRepublic song I use." @Posh Spears quips, "After the other songs in this rate that I had to go through, he’s right."

    @DJHazey says, "Yes, even I used to listen to this religiously back in the day and it was on seemingly every burned CD I had back then. Anticipating that I'd get a dose of nostalgia from it, I was already singing the chorus to myself before I had even rated one song." @Laura Vanderbooben exclaims, "waiT I forgot about this emoto-bop. Take me back to the days of when I watched So You Think You Can Dance. Fun fact: this is the last time Timbaland's production sounded fresh!"

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi simply says, "CLASSIC." @constantino screams, "Iconic overplayed late-00’s JAM! In my chart-TV-watching days I listened to this anthem like 2/3 times a day for a good year, and yet I’m still not bored of it. Why are Timbaland’s ‘eh’s still giving me life?" @Sprockrooster reminds us, "This was such a breakout anthem during it's release and it is holding up so well! Genre-transcendent at exactly the perfect time."

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Thanks a lot for this rate @Beginner its been brilliant! Perfect top 2.
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  4. Thanks! Part of me is sad to see this done but the other part of me heard the Freedom chorus when I hit Post Reply. Rates take up so much free time!! It's not like having a newborn baby, but it is like having a kid in middle school who you have to pick up after school every day and feed dinner.
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  5. Well done @Beginner! I don't know why I didn't give Bleeding Love a 10, because I'm quite pleased to see it win!

    It still should've been XO, but that's not your fault xxxxx
  6. Fabulous rate; great hosting a d worthy over.

    I couldnot have asked for more!
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  7. Thanks @Beginner! I loved all the artwork through the rate as well
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  8. Yassss my 11 won. It had to be that, what a song. Apologize is amazing though, a very worthy runner up.

    Thanks for doing a great job @Beginner, this has been a lot of fun and turned me into a low-key Tedder stan.
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  9. Yay for my 11 winning. Apologize is a very worthy runner up too.

    Thanks for doing this rate @Beginner.
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  10. Excellent rate, thank you Beginner. Getting all those background information was really insightful and made me appreciate some songs even more.

    I can't complain with the outcome at all, my 11 is #3 and both #1 and #2 got a 10.

    Finally, I don't mean to brag, but I have known "Apologize" since 2005 when they had a myspace profile under the name Republic. I put it on every "mixtape" (CD) I did that year and was convinced it would be huge. Just didn't expect it taking two years for the world to catch up on it, haha.
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  11. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Excellent rate and a very deserving top 2. Thanks for hosting this @Beginner! It was a blast to follow along with.
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  12. I genuinely like Leona and like I said I've come to peace with the song and it's low-key enjoyable (but no higher than a 7). I can deal with the win considering I lost all my favorites prior.

    Thank you for doing this @Beginner, it's been a blast and I loved your writeups so much because they offered so much info that I didn't know before.
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  13. Love both songs so this is great! Thanks for running this @Beginner, really reaffirmed how fantastic Ryan is.
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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I wear my Tedderrate Grinch badge with pride. Thanks @Beginner.
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  15. Perfect winner.
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  16. You're amazing @Beginner. Thanks for making the strangest rate I've ever participated in so enjoyable!
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  17. Flawless rate @Beginner! Also I share your love for Read My Mind - it was my #1 song in that Popjustice Ultimate Countdown rate!
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  18. Great rate @Beginner! Brilliant write ups, research, facts and overall genuine enthusiasm for all things Ryan Tedder, One Republic & beyond.

    Really pleased to read Bleeding Love was number one throughout. Amazing song and a real modern day classic. Whilst Leona's career trajectory is nothing sort of tragic and a little sad, atleast she'll always have Bleeding Love to her name and about a million phenomenal vocal performances to go with it. Perfect top two.
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  19. .....not really though, right?
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