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The S.L.P. (Serge from Kasabian)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sinner, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. I thought I'd make a thread for the solo project by Serge Pizzorno, the guitarist, vocalist and lead songwriter in Kasabian.

    There are two songs out, Favourites feating Little Simz (sonically similar to his band's work I think):

    and electronic Nobody Else (very nice, I like it much better than Favourites):

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  2. Nobody Else is pretty great. I love Kasabian but I remember thinking after the last album that they needed a bit of a creative refresh so I’m glad that looks like it’s happening with this.
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  3. I share your sentiment re the last album - it was so patchy. Having said that Are You Looking For Some Action is a career highlight in my book. I also loved how the video referenced things from the band's history
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  4. The video for Nobody Else is out:

    There's a bit of dad dancing here and there on Serge's part but overall I really liked the concept they went with.
    The song itself is definitely one of the top tracks of the summer for me. The melody is stunning and the piano hook is instantly catchy.

    Can't wait for the whole album, it's out on August 30th.
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  5. Sounds good to me:

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  7. It's overall solid, but I think I need a few more listens to fully form my judgement. Seems like the strongest tracks were released prior to the premiere of the record. Anyway, I'm happy to get to hear his solo effort, he has this melancholy in his voice that Tom lacks, I love it when male singers have that quality.
    And it's a treat (banger!) to listen to the interviews with him, he comes across as a lovely, laid-back guy. This one was a great listen:
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