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The Sabrina Salerno appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Rooneyboy, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. How amazing was she? The Italian Sam Fox, making beautiful music while looking hot as hell.

    Never mind Boys, Boys, Boys and All of Me (ignoring the brackets), for me it was all about the
    UK Top 95 smash Gringo.
    Co-written by the Lady herself it contains the amazing Lyric 'Gringo, you treat me like a Dingo'

    If you haven't heard it, here it is;

    The Guy at 3:08 is well worth a look. He loves Sabrina.
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  3. Oh I loved Gringo! And I loved Festivalbar in those years! Where else could you find crazy stuff like the above? I'm surprised she didn't chuck her jacket!
    @Rooneyboy your thread title has a typo!
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  4. T'was the red wine. Honest! (I can't edit the title can I?)
  5. Hmmm maybe not after some time but try, the thread is still fresh, although I think it will be locked as a duplicate you'd still want a search to show this, worth a try and correct her name. Smile
    PS: was Gringo only issued on Super Remix?
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  6. Sorted, thanks!
    I have no idea. I'm leaving this thread to die .... Gulp.
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  7. We'll simply move on/back to the existing one.
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