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The saddest song you've ever heard

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by dinodino, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t see your earlier post. But I’m glad we agree!
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  2. I have a few.

    The live version of “Never Be Mine” by Kate Bush is heartbreaking. Not available on YouTube on streaming though.

    This is another favourite.

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  3. Yes, the context behind this song is truly heartbreaking.
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  4. It reminds me of being young, of Geri leaving and just that wistful feeling of love being eternal.


  5. These are the ones that spring to mind, especially the last one, mainly down to this bit:

    I guess I just feel like
    Good things are gone
    And the weight of my worries
    Is too much to take on

    I relate to it so much.
  6. Not just the saddest, but one of the greatest too.

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  7. There's the fact that these are the last vocals that Billy MacKenzie recorded, and then there's the fact that this is so majestic in its desolation:-
    Apollo 440/Billy MacKenzie: Pain in Any Language
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  8. While not the saddest, I’d like to post this classic:

    The lyrics cut deep.

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  9. I've never paid much attention to lyrics, More about the mood of the song. These 2 came to mind:

  10. Somehow, I’ve always associated Julee Cruise with Chris Isaak, who’s also suitably depressing.

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  11. I can cry CRY to this song.

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  12. Oh also could not forget this one, beautiful and sad.

  13. If it hasn't already been mentioned

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