The Sandra 80's/90's Rate: Done, winner crowned!

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Spotlight on.... Arabesque

Even though we're not rating Sandra's songs with Arabesque, some are pretty iconic (if not cheesy.... calling @berserkboi!).

The group started in 1977, without Sandra, and were qwuite successful in Japan. The song Hello Mr. Monkey was a big hit there. This clip is an akward watch... You'd think the women hardly rehearsed and the lead singer did not want to be there...

A new year, a new lead singer:

Sandra joined Arabesque at 17 in 1979, after several line-up changes. She sang lead vocals on many if not all of their songs from that time until she left in 1984. There are several clips online with Sandra miming the vocals of the previous lead singers!

A personal favourite is In For A Penny, In For A Pound. Utterly cheerful, VERY Boney M, and very late 70's/early 80's in its production, styling and performance. And of course those great Sandra vocals!

Oddly, their biggest hit in Germany is not much of a bop, and one I did not enjoy much, Marigot Bay

Arabesque's songs were mostly written by Jean Frankfurter, who went on to a lot more success writing and producing for other artists, including that other German diva:
Spotlight on.... Sandra-esque girls

Sandra's sound in the 80's was not unique - even though her voice of course is quite distinctive. In the 80's there were several female singers in Germany that had a similar sound to Sandra's music, for instance....

C.C. Catch
Dutch-born Caroline Müller's first hit, released under the moniker C.C. Catch, was more Modern Talking than Sandra in sound, which is not strange as most of her music was from the Modern Talking stable. It reached no. 13 on the German singles chart late 1985.

Her biggest hit charted a year later, and reached no. 8 in the German charts.

While C.C. Catch had Dieter, Sandra had Michael; another German singer had the duo of Tony Hendrik & Karin Hartmann behind her. Austrian-born Elisabeth Garbatsch, under moniker Roxanne, only released three solo singles, and one more as part of the duo New Romance.

Lady Lily
Erika Bruhn had some success in the German charts as Lady Lily with songs from children's TV shows in 1984 and 1985 - produced by her husband Christian. Don't let the fact that the songs are from children's TV shows fool you - she has some bops! This one even went to no. 7:

Next spotlight will feature the man behind Sandra's success!
Just giving everything a second listen before submitting my scores and I've discovered some really great album tracks, primarily from her first 3 albums. I will reveal my favourites as we go along. That mid to late 80s Europop production with Sandra's very distinctive vocal really is something special. Hits me right in my musical sweet spot.