The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
I must admit that I liked Leave A Light On a lot more in 2013 than I do in 2022. However we are veering into questionable territory with this elimination since there are still much, much worse songs in the rate.

Lots of b-sides/extras that are due to go out but if it’s an early/late album elimination next I’d say Why Me, Why Now & Do What You Want With Me should be out.
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We saw in the commentary here, that this is basically the Rochuna show. They got 9 and 8 shoutouts over the years with anyone else only ever getting 1.​
These 2 were always my favourites in the group. I preferred Unelle to Rochuna though.
What Am I Gonna Do isn't a bad song per se, the chorus is quite good, but the production in the verses is
off-putting to me. 6.1

I like Leave A Light On and wouldn't skip it, which is more than I can say for some songs on the album.
But I agree it can have a generic feel. The vocals are great. It didn't deserve to drop so much. 7.3.

But the title always makes me think of the superior
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Wordshaker Rank | 10th (10th in 2015)

VIPs | @Shockbox @RUNAWAY @Hazey's Mom (10) @Aester (9.5)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (1) @TwistedInnocence (2)

Rank Change | +4

Score Change | +0.57

Most Solo Time | All the Girls

Hazey Says | Actually Frankie’s verses slay on this. The melody is so classic; anyone not bopping their head lacks some amount of taste. They do have stronger choruses in their catalog though, so it’s never quite reached top-tier territory. (9)

Some voters called it far too basic, but others stood up for how cute it sounds. Also, stating how warm it is, making it a great wintertime/Christmas time bop.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - There's something retro about it, that makes it sounds like an oldie but goodie!

@Sally_Harper (8) - What I love is that it sounds like it could have been on the Grease soundtrack, and Frankie gets two verses and sounds fantastic. I LIVE. EVERY TIME. And Mollie gets probably the most relatable line ever sung in “I’ve been up, I’ve been reading and crying”. That is ME. I’ll tell you what I don’t like about this song, though, and it’s the weird personalization of the heart in the lyrics. It’s sort of creepy, sort of infantilizing, and sort of annoying, all at once.

@Phonetics Girl (8) - Not exactly essential but sweet enough.

@saviodxl (7) - Enjoyable filler.

@Ezz (7) - Quite whimsical but lacking a bit of power in that chorus.

@Scaper (6.5) - I don’t know why they felt they needed another Why Me Why Now moment like that was a highlight of the first album. Also, hearts can’t have seizures.

@louciano (6.25) - It's a very pretty song, sounds like it would be released at Christmastime, but also sounds like any other cutesy song that would be released in 2009.

@daninternational (5) - The cheesy Christmas song?

The theme is definitely that this song is cute and sounds like a Holiday tune, which makes the 10 from my Mom pretty obvious now. I don't even think she realized it sounded that way, but it must have subconsciously felt at home with her because of it. In 2015, this is when Wordshaker got a nice break after 2am was eliminated at #69 before "Not Good Enough" was cast aside at #53, so we'll see if the album gets an extended break this time.

Shoutout Queen


Not that this song ever got a ton of discussion in the first place, but Frankie gets her first crown in quite some time by snagging a few compliments, something @Sally_Harper will be happy to see (our resident Frankie stan)


I thought it was our first tie at #64 but as you can see 2am sits at #65 because I originally had this tabbed as a tie before a couple last second ballots were entered and changed the scores a little bit. #64 is from a later album.

Much like "Problem with Love" being ranked so low, I never agree with this one either...




On Your Radar Rank | 14th (12th in 2015)

VIPs | DJHazey @Ugly Beauty @Sally_Harper (10)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (0) @imaduck (0.14)

Rank Change | -17

Score Change | -0.19

Most Solo Time | All the Girls

Hazey Says | The best parts of the song are Una’s “I chose you long ago, so go-go grab your coat”, all of the crazy catchiness in the chorus highlighted by the “doo-oo-oor” and “floo-oo-oor”, and Frollie's opening verse. (10)

The original track features Gym Class Heroes member Travie McCoy, who brought the song to the band, though they never met each other while recording it.

There is a Travie McCoy-less version of the song that was released as a pre-order exclusive to the 30 Days single, with Vanessa having a verse in place of McCoy.

This was another pretty divisive song because so many people were put off by Travie’s addition, clearly not making use of the version that doesn’t include him. They admitted the song had catchy parts, so maybe hearing a girls-only take would have helped this bloom into a favorite. It got much further than the song’s fan-club could have hoped for, with many of them calling it an underrated anthem and applauding Frankie for her flirty vocals.


@Sally_Harper (10) - This is a song I really like in itself, but when you add in Frankie being the star of the show…it’s got to be a ten, I’m sorry.

@Attis (9) - I thought Xenomania produce this one, huh?

@louciano (9) - Frankie sounds a bit weird here, but the passion in this song is pretty exciting. We all know the feeling of wanting to do a little bit more than watch someone. I think Travie adds to this song and is one of the better rappers of the early 2010s personally.

@saviodxl (7.7) - You think the presence of an American rapper (?) of high calibre at the time should've elevated the song, right? It didn't. It's basic. But good basic at least.

@Shockbox (7) - I remember worrying this was gonna be a single cause of the feature. It's cute but they have so much better on the album.

@Scaper (6.5) - Wasn’t this lined up as a single at one point? *shivers*

@daninternational (6) - Sounds cheap even before the male vocals start.

@Phonetics Girl (5.5) - Solo version all the way but it doesn't scrub it off the wretched post-chorus, so...

@Ezz (5) - This just feels too much by numbers and lacks identity.

To answer a couple questions in the commentary, nope someone referred to as Lucas was the producer and Travie McCoy is indeed an American rapper. Also, this was rumored as a possible a single, probably because of the rapper feature, because for some reason labels think that's what the public wants for a big hit... At least with this elimination, @Phonetics Girl finally catches a break and loses one of her lower scores. Last time we didn't get to On Your Radar until "I Say OK" left at #57, so this is a huge change of the proceedings for the album.

Shoutout Queen


Two in a row for Frankie, with nobody else coming close to her 6 commentary mentions between the two rates.


With #63 tomorrow we'll head back to the B-Sides, which is probably relieve for some voters who seem to think there are many of those that still need to go before album tracks.



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A preorder track for a single? Was that a thing?
The Way You Watch Me is a bop, though I guess production wise it leans more towards Gentleman than their dancepop songs people actually like
2 AM is shite so I’m glad to see that leave so early, it sounds like a rejected S Club 8 song mixed with a Christmas song. Too over the top cheesy for me.

The Way You Watch Me is ok but sounds very dated with bad producing sprinkled in. It might have been received better if it wasn’t on On Your Radar?
I gave it a 7 but okay this makes it sound amazing.
For part 2 of the rate can we all score the pre-The Saturdays S Club 8 songs and have a winner? I still haven't gotten around to listening to all of the peak Frankie and Rochelle moments.

@Phonetics Girl (5.5) - Solo version all the way but it doesn't scrub it off the wretched post-chorus, so...
I have a version that is the best of the song with all of The Saturdays bits.
For part 2 of the rate can we all score the pre-The Saturdays S Club 8 songs and have a winner? I still haven't gotten around to listening to all of the peak Frankie and Rochelle moments.

Fool No More has some great moments from both.

I think one of my favourite album tracks Day You Came has some as well (but someone would have to listen and work out who's singing what)