The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
When people were saying they have worse covers to get rid of first, they probably meant this one and I just don't see it. Glad it moved up eight slots.




B-Sides Rank | 14th (16th in 2015)

VIPs | @soratami @Hazey's Mom (10) DJHazey @Sally_Harper @Scaper (9)

Villains | @Angeleyes @Remorque (4) @imaduck (4.34)

Rank Change | +8

Score Change | +0.89

Most Solo Time | Vanessa and Una

Hazey Says | I love when the girls ‘pass the mic around’ in the build-up to the last chorus. This was my first introduction to any rendition of the song, so naturally this is my favorite form of it. I know this reads like blasphemy for most of you. The verses are so hypnotic, pulling me in, while the chorus is such a beautiful burst of pop-fireworks. (9)

Of course, the version of the song everyone else knows this for is the 2009 David Guetta and Kelly Rowland single. It was only a #76 Billboard charting song, so I guess the Europeans would have had a better chance to hear it everywhere because I sure as hell didn’t. The Saturdays have it as the B-Side to What Are You Waiting For? The dated-dance production is dialed up to an 11 for the cover, which likely dilutes it for many. I’ll admit it’s not exactly the reason I love it, instead bowing to the killer vocals these five ladies bring to the table.
Despite the low ranking in 2015, alot of voters commented that it was as good or better than the original. Some did call it merely a sad attempt at karaoke though...​


@Sally_Harper (9) - I like this more than the original. I’m sorry. The Frankie-Rochelle-Mollie triple punch in the second verse is the best bit, all of them sound fantastic.

@Scaper (9) - A very unnecessary cover and yet I come back to it a lot.

@Ezz (8.25) - This makes absolutely the most sense out of all their covers! A bop.

@louciano (7.75) - Nothing is really different from the original.

@Attis (7.5) - Faceless Ultra Music.

@Phonetics Girl (5.5) - Jeez, this production is a headache!

@daninternational (4.5) - Listening on shuffle and about to say how many pop songs there are with this title, not realizing it was a cover. Sorry Kelly nailed this, Lerika provided the definitive 'cover', and this is unneeded.

I never understood the "cover was unnecessary" approach a few you go with here and I see a lot of times when it comes to covers. To me, when one of my favs does a cover of a popular song, I view it as more of "legend honoring a legend" situation and as long as they don't complete blow it and destroy the original song...what's the harm? That's certainly not the case here, The Saturday do a fantastic job, to the point that you'd be able to enjoy whatever version of the song came into your life first for what it is. This still stands the test of time as the canon rendition of the song for me, because I enjoy their vocals the most.

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The Frankie-Rochelle-Mollie combo is mentioned by @Sally_Harper, so you could go with any of these three, but it was Mollie who was also mentioned a couple times in 2015, so she wins the battle.


#62 heads back to the early albums and I lose another 10.​
I scored the Travie version of The Way You Watch Me 6. Then I found the non-Travie version, which I kept on coming back to, and my score inched up to 8.2.

I adore the original When Love Takes Over; a Kelly Rowland led dance track, Yes Please! I like this cover but I gave it 7.5 because it does seem a little pointless. Other covers should've definitely left before.
I used to despise The Way You Watch Me but I've grown to like it over the years. Not single worthy, but a good album track that gives On Your Radar nods to their more traditional pop sound. I wouldn't rate it anything higher than a 7.5 but I can think of a handful of tracks that it easily outshines.

When Love Takes Over is a very good cover! I love how they made it more electronic, and there are so many other covers out there (by girlbands too) that are just dire so I think this one absolutely shines. The harmonies at the end are so lovely too.
We're better than this. The song deserves sooo much more than this! This result borders on 'cancel the rest of the rate' territory. Dropping 9 spots from an already horrifying #53 seven years ago! How could you?




Wordshaker Rank | 9th (9th in 2015)

VIPs | DJHazey @AfternoonsInUtopia @Phonetics Girl (10) @Untouchable Ace (9.7)

Villains | @If You Go (2) @louciano (3.5) @Aester (3.5) @phily693 @iheartpoptarts @Shockbox (4)

Rank Change | -9

Score Change | +0.24

Most Solo Time | Rochelle and Vanessa

Hazey Says | There's just so much melodrama throughout, but in all the best ways possible! Like the way Vanessa opens up each chorus in glorious fashion. In nine out of ten songs, the way they sing “Not good enough!” would never work for me, but inexplicably it’s magical here.

This was originally written for Chasing Lights, but remixed and added to Wordshaker.

One of our last host's (@Daniel) least favorite Saturdays songs, which was not exactly a popular opinion.

It was rather polarizing, considering it got eight 10s and two 0s.
Those that hated it were coming after the grammar in the lyrics and thought the chorus was an annoying scream instead of the powerful moment the fans would call it. Many of the those who gave higher scores were completely aware of the potential downfalls but found them to be strengths or easily overlooked.​


@Phonetics Girl (10) - Oh, the demoitis! Basing the score on the leaked version. That's kinda the same thing that happened around that time with the Leona Lewis' Echo album too. Throw an entire kitchen sink on the over-the-top polished album version and fry my brain fff

@Sally_Harper (8) - I'm rating the version we got in 2008, it has less weird noises and autotune and is much better for it. The bad grammar remains intact, but it’s quite funny so I don’t care. There’s a lot of nostalgia here for me as I was obsessed with it when it leaked, and I still really like it.

@daninternational (8) - Solid good ballad.

@Scaper (8) - The fact they tacked this song onto the album a year after it leaked and just added some random whirring song to it will forever amuse me. I remember someone saying that sound makes them think someone’s running a hair clipper over their head? Let’s not forget the braying horse sound in the background of the chorus.

@saviodxl (5) - Self explanatory title.

@louciano (3.5) - Why does this sound pitched up? Title is apt; this song is not good enough.

Oh, you two think you're so clever! I never really knew the demos, I got into their music far after they were a thing and only know the album versions, but you'll see this as a regular thing for The Saturdays, with many fans preferring the unreleased preliminary tracks. Not really sure why it tumbled 9 spots, my guess is that since the B-Sides are doing much better so far, some songs are going to pay the price for it.
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Including my own comment here, Vanessa smokes the competition with her four compliments on the song.


#61 tomorrow is another B-Side and look...another 10 of mine. You guys suck!​
I love the song, but can confirm that the chorus of 'Not Good Enough' is too shouty for a shop playlist once you're working alone and are able to secretly play what you want.

Another instance of
Vanessa was the default vocal and was not always utilized in the best way.

But in this case I would have loved if half the chorus was shared with another girl.
I think all girl groups should do this for a lot of songs, especially when you can only hear one person on lead vocals on the chorus.
SO MANY CUTS SINCE I LAST CHECKED. The ones I've bolded are the only ones I'm disappointed by their culling.

'Gentleman' was such a ballsy decision for a single. I'm honestly so shocked they released it after the amazing success they got with 'What About Us'. It's a great album track and I do like the song, but it's not strong enough to be a single. The name dropping was and still is very cringe.

'Deeper' is basic as it is boring. I prefer almost everything else on Wordshaker over this.

'Unofficial' was one of my favourite songs in 2009. I remember being absolutely obsessed with it. It still holds up for me today, probably lending more to sentimentality. This song made me a Vanessa stan.

'What Am I Gonna Do?' is a good B-Side. It's just good.

'Leave A Light On' I'm sad to see this one gone so soon. I think Rochelle and Vanessa sound great on this song. It's very 2010 and I don't mind the Riley cut.

'2AM' is fantastic. I would have given it a 10. I know it's saccharine and inspired by 'Why Me, Why Now'. I've always merrily listened to this. It's a nice, sweet pop song. I get that it's not very experimental and sticks to a very regular formula, but its just sweet for me.

'The Way You Watch Me' is another great album track. I was worried they were going to capitalise on Travie McCoy's then buzz and release it as a single. I much prefer having an additional verse by Vanessa than his 'rap', however I still bop to both.

'When Love Takes Over'... Unnecessary. It should have been one of the first out.

'Not Good Enough' was a great demo. The remixed, pitched version is also good but such a bizarre choice to include on Wordshaker. Did they not have any other worthy songs? This could have been a good B-Side given it was leaked.
It is very telling how some inoffensive ballads/midtempos get far lower scores than the sound of hellgates opening that is When Love Takes Over's backing track. Meanwhile my sub-4 scores stay in tact, and most of them are down to production choices. Interesting!
It is very telling how some inoffensive ballads/midtempos get far lower scores than the sound of hellgates opening that is When Love Takes Over's backing track. Meanwhile my sub-4 scores stay in tact, and most of them are down to production choices. Interesting!

A couple of your sub-4 scores...well let's just say you probably knew it would be a long shot to think they'd be out anytime soon.