The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters



B-Sides Rank | 12th (13th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Attis (10) @iheartpoptarts @CorgiCorgiCorgi @If You Go (9)

Villains | @imaduck (2.94) @Duppe (3) @JMRGBY (4)

Rank Change | +6

Score Change | +0.78

Most Solo Time | Una

Hazey Says | Rochelle+Vanessa’s “I just can’t help the way that I feel” leading towards the chorus is a decent moment. Otherwise, this is a pretty non-essential disco cover to me and sounds more like a B-Side usually does, unlike most of their back catalog. (5)

B-Side to Disco Love, cover of Evelyn King’s 1982 song, to compliment the disco sound of the A-Side.

In 2015, most people commented on the disco matching up with Disco Love and most were fan of that, some even said it was a better B-Side than On the Radio despite the overall ranking saying otherwise.


@Attis (10) - Wait this is the real Disco eleganza.

@Ezz (7) - This could sit on an 80s album and feel at home. Sinitta popped into my head!

@louciano (6.5) - Cute.

@Phonetics Girl (6) - I mean, it's fine but it's cheap.

@daninternational (6) - The original isn't one I hear often, so not sacrilegious, but also not needed.

@Hazey's Mom (6) - Even though they throw in all the bells and whistles, the score kept coming down.

@Sally_Harper (5) - It’s ok but quite repetitive.

This is the type of comments you expect for lower ranking B-Sides, certainly lower than some of the ones we have lost so far. I'm not really all that about either disco cover, but at least On the radio is more memorable.

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It was my comment about Rochelle+Vanessa here plus a few more about Rochelle in 2015, so Rochelle takes the title.

Now it's time for an actual tie score! Living for the Weekend keeps taking a beating!

57 (tie)



Living for the Weekend Rank | 7th (5th in 2015)

VIPs | @Phonetics Girl (10) @imaduck (9.8)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (0) @Mistress of All Evil @If You Go (3)

Rank Change | -14

Score Change | -0.20

Most Solo Time | Rochelle

Hazey Says | The entire song is rather boring to my ears and always has been. I guess I’ll also give props to Rochelle for really going for it on the vocal and the punchy beat during the chorus backing her up is a small moment of whatever. (5)

The best ranked album track on Living for the Weekend in 2015, not including the B-Side Wildfire.

Written and produced by Darkchild.

In the previous rate, it didn’t seem like this was that popular of a song, considered how far it got. A few people thought it didn’t really sound like something from The Saturdays and was left as a one-of in their discography. Others were not into the lyrical theme or the song’s metaphors or called out Rochelle for being a little extra with her vocals. However, those who stan for Lease My Love, argued Darkchild helped bring out the best in Rochelle and felt she came out of her comfort zone here, delivering quite possibly her most dominant performance yet.


@Phonetics Girl (10) - I'm weirdly hypnotized by the pounding beat and they're doing the most with those ad-libs huh. I need to re-adjust my bangs.

@daninternational (9) - Bit more intrigue in the title than most of their songs, they could have written a chorus worthy of the song though.

@Attis (9) - The whole song is pretty good except the chorus fff, if only it's not too repetitive.

@saviodxl (8.8) - Although the initial spoken "you can't lease my love"s are very annoying, the song builds up into a proper midtempo banger.

@Sally_Harper (8) - This is a bop and oh, RoboFrankie, how I love you. Rochelle is absolutely fantastic on this song– in fact, doing this rate has made me realize all over again how great Rochelle’s voice is, in general. It’s a shame she’s the least keen on a reunion.

@louciano (7.75) - The intro is tragic and often puts me off from listening to the song in full, but Una in the second verse sounds utterly gorgeous.

@Scaper (6.8) - Between this and his work on Nelly’s The Spirit Indestructible, Darkchild sure served up a whole lot of disappointment in the early 10s.

Well seeing two comments with a 9 stating the chorus is less than extraordinary really sums it up for me and why I never got excited about this.

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All of the girls having gotten some love in this rate or the last, but with 5 shoutouts, Rochelle has at least 2 more than anyone else. This really is her song anyways. Two in a row for her.

Hey, would you look at this, On Your Radar takes its second hit before Chasing Lights does. Wait until you see how far it has fallen, yikes!

57 (tie)



On Your Radar Rank | 13th (8th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @JMRGBY @Hazey's Mom (10) @Sprockrooster (9)

Villains | @phily693 @Ugly Beauty (3) @Shockbox @Mistress of All Evil @louciano (4)

Rank Change | -31

Score Change | -0.91

Most Solo Time | Vanessa and Una

Hazey Says | Definitely better than I remember. The chorus is beautiful and everyone sounds wonderful on it. “I could wait for you, I could wait all night”, especially the last rendition of it coming off Mollie’s cute little line is a heartfelt moment. (8)

Frankie said this heart-felt ballad is her favorite song on the album. Lucie Silvas co-wrote the song which had a few voters looking forward to it.

It was mostly a love-fest in 2015 with many voters describing how much this soft ballad touched them emotionally. Vanessa was given plenty of praise for her vocals despite a couple people saying she wasn’t at her peak during this period. Mollie was also given a few shoutouts. The minimalist approach was considered a welcomed break from the dance-pop for those fans, however this was exactly the kind of qualities that made others say “meh” and not become attached.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - A nice mellow moment.

@Sally_Harper (8) - I still find it a bit disappointing that they literally mean last call before going to sleep, rather than last call EVER. A lot of the lyrics really lend themselves to the darker interpretation and because I’m a miserable git I’m into that. In other news, I love Una’s “any more” adlibs, and I really wish Rochelle had led the song because Vanessa’s voice is…not in peak condition, shall we say. The harmonies on the last chorus are gorgeous and make me wish the album had been less focused on the “one member sings the chorus” formula.

@Phonetics Girl (8) - Hey, this is not as boring as I remembered! Actually, quite moving wtf

@saviodxl (7.6) - I had erased this one from my memory. And from my iTunes library.

@Ezz (7.5) - This and Wish I Didn't Know possibly don't need to be on the same album, but it's still cute.

@daninternational (7) - It's nice, but doesn't feel like a Sats song.

@Scaper (7) - A bit boring and long but they sound so good on it and there’s a nice build up throughout.

@Attis (6) - I enjoy a ballad, but this one is a bit too barren.

@louciano (4) - Yawn. Tired vocals make me tired. The absolute whiplash of this after the boppery that is White Lies on the track list is awful.

Interesting that I'm normally the very picky one with ballads and I came around to it this time, but the commentary reflects what happened to its placement in 2022. The utterly shocking drop of 31 spots was written on the back ballad-phobia it seems, based on what I'm reading above.

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The only band member who has never received 1 shoutout at all is poor Frankie. Unfortunately, her getting like one line if that really leaves it out of her hands. However, everyone else got either 3 or 4 compliments across the two Sats rates, so they're all getting recognized for the track.


On Monday, we're heading back to the early albums that have been let off the hook lately, for the most part.​
Some thoughts:

1- I like Love Come Down but I’m not too sad about it leaving as On the Radio is the superior Disco Love b-side in my opinion.
2-Lease My Love is a bop despite the shouty chorus fff I didn’t care about it or enjoyed it before but now I do, a loss for me I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3-Last Call is boring, they have much better ballads.
As a Disco stan, the original Love Come Down has never been a favourite, so I wasn't excited about the cover. There are plenty of other classic Disco tracks they could've chosen. 5.5.

When I started ranking, Lease My Love was one of my lowest scores, as some of the lyrics are a bit ridiculous. But the production as a whole is good, so it ended up at 7.4 (somewhere in the middle).

I feel bad that Last Call has dropped so much, but I only gave it 6 (the same score I gave You Don't Have
The Right) because ballad.
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@ Don't Let Me Dance Alone and Somebody Else's Life outlasting Lease My Love. Such a hilarious failure at taste.

Not the commentary helping me realise Last Call was like a cleanse to my ears after the onslaught of White Trash.

Oh well, guess the best case scenario is Lose Control and Why Me, Why Now going next but if I've learned anything from this rate, it's that I'll be losing 10s instead.
Some good eliminations here honestly, Love Come Down is a chore to get through, it feels like it lasts an eternity.

Lease My Love’s off putting intro makes me always want to skip it, the rest of the song is alright but the chorus isn’t anything special.

I like Last Call a lot but didn’t think it would do very well since it’s very much a ballad from a group people listen to for the bops. I think it’s quality is stronger than where it ended up in this rate ultimately.

Why Me, Why Now? has to be eliminated next, it is by far the weakest album track still in the rate and has been for some time. If we’re getting two early album eliminations next I’d say Open Up should also go.
Why Me, Why Now? has to be eliminated next, it is by far the weakest album track still in the rate

Hey, I've been known to fulfill a request from time to time.




Chasing Lights Rank | 11th (12th in 2015)

VIPs | @Shockbox @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom (10)

Villains | @imaduck (1.54) @daninternational @Duppe (2)

Rank Change | +12

Score Change | +0.88

Most Solo Time | Vanessa and Una

Hazey Says | It’s certainly a chill tune, but that works to its detriment this time because literally nothing stands out. I could listen to this five times in a row and not be able to really tell you any specific moment that screams for my attention or makes the song memorable. (5)
The demo of this was originally written by Spanish actress and recording artist Alex Cartana, but later picked up by the band.​
There is another Motown version that the band performed on The Work Tour. There’s also a demo that leaked that is a bit more boppy. I don’t know if I remember hearing it myself and cannot find it on Youtube right now.​

This was ranked last place on Chasing Lights in 2015 with voters saying it was their least favorite by far on the album, though they appreciated that it sounded a little different. Other people were huge fans of the leaked demo, calling it the biggest reason they almost gave it an 11 or in one case did hand their top score to it.​


@Shockbox (10) - Sounds like a song you'd hear on Mario Kart Rainbow Road.

@Sally_Harper (10) - I’m rating what I think was the original demo version that leaked with more twinkly bits and backing vocals and better production. Not the album version, anyway, because it’s nowhere near as good as this version. This version was my most played on iTunes for a solid year and a half. It’s one of my favourite songs, not just by the Sats but by anyone. All the added twinkly bits and backing vocals and harmonies just do it for me in a way I can’t really articulate. I just know I love every second.

@Ezz (9) - This sounds very 'Out of Control' to me.

@Phonetics Girl (6.5) - Sounds very much like it could have been on Out of Control but sadly not one of the good songs.

@Scaper (6.5) - The very definition of filler and yet the opening verse pops into my head randomly every now and then.

@louciano (5.75) - The intro is fascinating and sounds like something from a Kirby game, but the overall package is relatively underwhelming.

@daninternational (2) - I hate this '60s' style modernmusic, it's a no.

I don't know the demo, but maybe it would make the song more memorable to me. I do doubt that, however. Interesting that a couple people reference video games though.

Shoutout Queens



No shoutouts in this rate, but Vanessa and Una each got one in 2015, so they'll get this one. Makes sense since the have the most singing parts on the track.


#55 is going back to the B-Sides.​
I think this is the demo:

I remember whoever did the building playlist at the office I used to work at was a big fan of British pop, I once heard Why Me, Why Now in the lobby!

Whoever runs the music in my local mall (in Maine, USA mind you) somehow has enough knowledge of British pop deep cuts because I once heard Not That Kinda Girl one time and also some Girls Aloud album tracks. I think they've changed though because I haven't heard that kind of stuff in a while, sadly (though I'm only ever there to grab Panda Express really quick to bring home after work).



B-Sides Rank | 11th (7th in 2015)

VIPs | @WoW73 @Hazey's Mom (10) @Untouchable Ace (9.8)

Villains | @imaduck (0.56) @Guy (1) @Duppe (3.5)

Rank Change | -4

Score Change | +0.33

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | The B-Side to "Missing You", Vixen’s comment in 2015 was simply “whatever” and that’s basically my thoughts, there’s really nothing about this song that gives any kind of personality. Una at the end of the bridge with a softer take on her vocal probably gets my vote as the only thing to take any from this pile of blah. (5)

Most comments in the previous rate were about how great the production was and whether the chorus lived up to it or not. Since some people felt the chorus fell flat, it was probably what led to its demise.

One person mentioned Una’s dance routine to it and the following video was posted as proof.


@Attis (9) - Rochelle serving disco diva realness here (or is it Una ?)

@Ezz (9) - Love this moodier dance sound! I kept adding quarter marks as the song progressed.

@Phonetics Girl (7.5) - Although technically fine, it doesn't do that much for me. The formula is too tired.

@louciano (7.25) - The start sounds like Pure Intuition by Shakira, a song which I would much rather listen to than this one.

@daninternational (7) - A tad more generic compared to their biggest bops.

@saviodxl (6.9) - Eurodance basic beat + The Sats on autopilot. The result is ok.

@Sally_Harper (6) - This is basic but it’s fun. Who remembers Una’s iconic dance? I love the “let the music, let the music play” part after the second chorus.

Yes, as I was going through the last rate I saw this and posted it above. That reminds me that I did watch some of the behind-the-scenes TV show episodes from their first era and came away understanding why everyone seems to love Frankie and Mollie's personalities. I think my Una crush was challenged the most by how adorable I found Frankie to be.

Shoutout Queen


Even if I give both Rochelle and Una 1 shoutout each for @Attis's above comment, Una takes this song 3-to-1.


#54 will be from a later album.
Some good eliminations today! Why Me, Why Now? is bottom tier on the debut alongside Vulnerable. And I think Ready To Rise is the lowest score i've lost since my one 0 at the start. I'd like to see some more of my low score extras leave next like:

Had It With Today
Not That Kinda Girl
On the Radio
We're better than this. The song deserves sooo much more than this! This result borders on 'cancel the rest of the rate' territory. Dropping 9 spots from an already horrifying #53 seven years ago! How could you?




Wordshaker Rank | 9th (9th in 2015)

VIPs | DJHazey @AfternoonsInUtopia @Phonetics Girl (10) @Untouchable Ace (9.7)

Villains | @If You Go (2) @louciano (3.5) @Aester (3.5) @phily693 @iheartpoptarts @Shockbox (4)

Rank Change | -9

Score Change | +0.24

Most Solo Time | Rochelle and Vanessa

Hazey Says | There's just so much melodrama throughout, but in all the best ways possible! Like the way Vanessa opens up each chorus in glorious fashion. In nine out of ten songs, the way they sing “Not good enough!” would never work for me, but inexplicably it’s magical here.

This was originally written for Chasing Lights, but remixed and added to Wordshaker.

One of our last host's (@Daniel) least favorite Saturdays songs, which was not exactly a popular opinion.

It was rather polarizing, considering it got eight 10s and two 0s.

Those that hated it were coming after the grammar in the lyrics and thought the chorus was an annoying scream instead of the powerful moment the fans would call it. Many of the those who gave higher scores were completely aware of the potential downfalls but found them to be strengths or easily overlooked.


@Phonetics Girl (10) - Oh, the demoitis! Basing the score on the leaked version. That's kinda the same thing that happened around that time with the Leona Lewis' Echo album too. Throw an entire kitchen sink on the over-the-top polished album version and fry my brain fff

@Sally_Harper (8) - I'm rating the version we got in 2008, it has less weird noises and autotune and is much better for it. The bad grammar remains intact, but it’s quite funny so I don’t care. There’s a lot of nostalgia here for me as I was obsessed with it when it leaked, and I still really like it.

@daninternational (8) - Solid good ballad.

@Scaper (8) - The fact they tacked this song onto the album a year after it leaked and just added some random whirring song to it will forever amuse me. I remember someone saying that sound makes them think someone’s running a hair clipper over their head? Let’s not forget the braying horse sound in the background of the chorus.

@saviodxl (5) - Self explanatory title.

@louciano (3.5) - Why does this sound pitched up? Title is apt; this song is not good enough.

Oh, you two think you're so clever! I never really knew the demos, I got into their music far after they were a thing and only know the album versions, but you'll see this as a regular thing for The Saturdays, with many fans preferring the unreleased preliminary tracks. Not really sure why it tumbled 9 spots, my guess is that since the B-Sides are doing much better so far, some songs are going to pay the price for it.

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Including my own comment here, Vanessa smokes the competition with her four compliments on the song.


#61 tomorrow is another B-Side and look...another 10 of mine. You guys suck!​

This rate really suffered by not having my scores. Not Good Enough is amazing (despite some weird lyrics in the chorus).