The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
Something about Somebody Else's Life's melody does not work for me.
The first half feels like a chorus I heard (them do?) before, then the 'Don't know the way to go' part takes the melody in a direction that.. feels off?
What I find generic and lazy is the writing for the Living For The Weekend era.
Both 'Somebody Else's Life' and 'Anywhere With You' have a shout refrain "You know that" that makes me confuse the songs with each other and has always been so noticeable to me, in a bad way.
I know this is going to ruffle some feathers but I absolutely cannot @ On Your Radar tracks leaving before some of their bargan bin sounds from Wordshaker!

Love Come Down 6.5/10
I love that they did disco covers for the b-sides of Disco Love, they don't pop off like their most iconic b-sides but I appreciate them being thematic queens and giving a modern pop spin on some classics. I think the only gripe I have with them is that they could've utilized all the members a bit more. Rochelle's "you make my loveeeeee come down" ad-lib is absolutely amazing. And I love that it's something that's listenable, even though I don't seek it out to spin all the time.

Lease My Love 7/10
We all know they took whatever Darkchild track they could get, but it's honestly not that bad. I love RoboFrankie, love Una's verse, and I like the production of the song itself. It falls short when you get to the bridge but I think this track marks something very special with them being more active in the US for recording the album. And I'm happy they got to keep the Darkchild tag in the beginning. It made it more ~worth~ it.

Why Me, Why Now 6/10
Love the synths, love the vocals, but it isn't exactly carrying Chasing Lights and I think it would've been better suited as a b-side. Specifically the Motown version. But their harmonies are so gorgeous.

Ready To Rise 6.5/10
I hammered this when they first came out with it because I was wanting a banger as we got Missing You so it filled some empty shoes, but I wish they would've gone harder with the bass line!

Wish I Didn't Know 7.5/10
I think lyrically Wish I Didn't Know highlights their song writing capabilities- the actual lyrical content is giving Taylor Swift "realness." I think they all sound beautiful on it, and I love Una's high note in the bridge.

Had It With Today 5/10
It's a b-side for sure. It's not the most on brand for them, but credit given where credit's due- I love that they gave Una's old track a rework.

So Stupid 6.5-7/10
There's harmonies all over the track which I love, and I really like the use of Frankie's higher register in the song. The beat is fun. I will say though sometimes when I play this song it feels like it's louder than the other tracks in their discography? I think it marks a fun time where they were getting more experimental with effects, sounds and beats.

I Say OK 6.5/10
I used to wish nothing but a spot in hell for this track when it was first released, but I think it compliments On Your Radar by bringing the traditional pop influences while implementing the fun auto tune effects sprinkled throughout the album. The Simon Cowell line is cringe, as well as Vanessa's final note in the bridge (it's giving raspy, sore throat, I need to clock out and go home vibes.) Love the Una/Frankie chorus tho~

On The Radio 6.5/10
Again, love the disco covered theme they brought, but not one that is an instant click right off the bat. Frankie's harmonies are my favorite thing about the track, along with the twilight-y and sparkly production. The robotic "WOWWWW" on the chorus is also very fun. I think they did a good job at making it their own and I love that they made it more dance-y.

Issues 6/10
Issues will always get some slight contempt from me because we all know Chasing Lights is the superior ballad from their first era and should've taken that spot. However, I think it shows what superior vocals Vanessa brought to the table compared to other pop girls out there at the time, and the harmonies are tremendous. And it's one they can always perform live and acoustic so take the credit girlies. The lyrics are cringe, but it did it's job.

Promise Me 8.5/10
The verses are such stompers- every girl sounds so slick and sassy and that f*cking beat goes off. The backing vocals are on point- the rotation of members taking lines is on point- and even though I think they could've cut a lot of the "I'll be partyin'" vocals they insert from start to finish it's such a solid dance pop track. Frankie's verse is the high for me~ The "no's" are so much fun too. And they wrote it. Queens. They always looked like they were having so much fun performing it on tour as well.

Don't Let Me Dance Alone 8/10
"I didn't put this dress on for you to take it off, but since you're with me right now.." ICONIC. The beat is on point it's fun from start to finish, and I love the cheeky lyrics. The only thing I hate about the song is the male backing vocals (that I know are J*rdans) but this is probably the best output The J*m gave them. My all time favorite slut bop is Not That Kinda Girl but this does climb up there with her. Props to bringing the fun to what I consider to be a bit of a dud album from them (holistically.)

Sorry for all the unhinged word vomit, just had my first cup of coffee after a brutal work week and wanted to catch up.
The chorus of Promise Me is a bootleg version of Rihanna's 'Only Girl In The World,' and the only word they could think of to rhyme with 'Go' was 'Go.' 6.5.

Don't Let Me Dance Alone starts with a bang and never lets up. The lyrics about wanting to dance with somebody, but asking nothing more are quite unique, and I can relate. 'You're a teaser you turn them on,
leave them burning and then you're gone.' 10.
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I'm not too sad by the latest swing of cuts. However 'Wish I Didn't Know' deserves a much higher placement.

Wish I Didn't Know (9) - This really would have been a lovely single. I think this is one of the best slower songs they've done in their entire discography. I always link this so 'Here Standing', which is another brilliant song. Vanessa and Una are fabulous on this track and I love Rochelle's verse. She actually sounds convincing! Vanessa's adlibs in the final chorus and outro are just heavenly.

Had It With Today (2) - Forgettable.

So Stupid (4) - Also forgettable, but great production. The chorus feels so lazy and cheap!

Somebody Else's Life (1) - I loathe this song. It was cute as a TV series intro but a whole song? Awful.

I Say OK (4) - This song is just okay. I love Vanessa's vocal strain being prominent on this song (bless!).

On The Radio (7) - Their best cover they've done from that era. It stands up really well today!

Issues (7) - Surprised to see this out so soon. It's nice and Vanessa owns this song - but I guess she did with most Chasing Lights songs. I really didn't like the 'stab' to 'slap' edit. It was so unneeded.

Promise Me (5) - It's a decent song but not one I always go back to.

Don't Let Me Dance Alone (7) - I really like this song. I will forever mishear "these slutty heels are killing me; fuck they're the best!"
I always link this so 'Here Standing'

Since it was mentioned and also that has far over-stayed its welcome.




Wordshaker Rank | 8th (8th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @Phonetics Girl (10) @imaduck (9.24)

Villains | @iheartpoptarts (0) DJHazey @Aester (4)

Rank Change | -3

Score Change | +0.03

Most Solo Time | All the Girls

Hazey Says | Truly this song is a slog to get through, when normally I go for this kind of basic emosh power-ballad. The best part is Mollie and I’m not her #1 fan as it has been well-documented at this point. She sounds angelic here though. (4)

This was rumored to be a future single from Wordshaker, but it never materialized. It found its way onto Headlines! And was performed on the accompanying tour though.
Some voters in 2015 agreed it would have made a strong ballad single for the girls, thinking it was commercially viable. That may have been since it ripped off "No Air" by Jordin Sparks, or at least that’s how a few of you felt. One thing that almost every voter found common ground on was Mollie’s middle eight was game-changing. It very well may have been the most mentions she got, we’ll see if that trend stays the same in 2022.​

@Sally_Harper (10) - This is such a lovely song, and the lyrics get me every time.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - I forget whose song this was originally but good job at spinning off No Air - one of my late 00s obsessions.

@saviodxl (7.7) - Them to their record label at that point.

@daninternational (5) - Decent but goes off the rails a bit towards the end.

@Attis (5) - Terrible, all of the elements aren't working together.

Shoutout Queen


Mollie smashes the competition here as I mentioned above she got all the shoutouts in 2015 plus mine here. (7 total) Undisputed champion!


#44 comes from one of the greatest hits/compilation albums, their first elimination.​
Promise Me, Don’t Let Me Dance Alone & Here Standing are all B-tier Saturdays songs. They’re all perfectly serviceable with strengths & weaknesses across the board. They all scored a 7 from me.

It sounds like we’re getting the first elimination from Headlines! coming up, I’d be fine with Missing You or Karma going out, they’re among my lowest rated left.
It sounds like we’re getting the first elimination from Headlines! coming up, I’d be fine with Missing You or Karma going out, they’re among my lowest rated left.

No, instead it's the same song that was ranked lowest 7 years ago.




Headlines! Rank | 5th (5th in 2015)

VIPs | @RUNAWAY @Phonetics Girl (10) @daninternational (9.5)

Villains | @If You Go (3.5) @Angeleyes @iheartpoptarts @TwistedInnocence (5)

Rank Change | -6

Score Change | +/- 0.00

Most Solo Time | Equal, but not much solo time in general.

Hazey Says | I love Kristinia Debarge’s music but somehow this sounded like a familiar-sounding-but-new favorite when I first heard it. They really do a wonderful job with it, they’re both equally great versions in my mind. (9)

Here is the original:

Even though our host in the last rate made it clear they didn’t know who Kristinia was, many of the commenters did and a good percentage of those said they preferred Kristinia’s original. There were many rounds of applause for the biggest queen of middle-eights this side of Heidi Range: Mollie King of course. However, there were enough people who thought this was a vanilla/beige attempt at the girls doing a R&B ballad to make the final ranking any higher.


@Phonetics Girl (10) - I'm all for unnecessary remakes of pretty songs as long as they're just as good!

@daninternational (9.5) - One of those ballads that really works from a girl group, take No Air and make it better.

@Sally_Harper (9) - I love the last minute or so in particular, and Rochelle’s “When you wake up in the morning I’ll be gone” and “My hopes, my dreams” are SO GOOD.

@saviodxl (7.3) - Cute ballad, but that I'd skip probably. Not well placed in the album. I was shook when found out this was a cover btw.

@louciano (5.5) - Meh.

At least one person knew it was Kristinia song and one person discovered that fact. Interesting to see two songs in a row with "No Air" comparisons, Jordin really made an influential song, I guess. I gave both this and "Karma" a 9. Tough to say which I would rank higher, but "Karma" was a 10 for me in the past so it probably gets the nod there.

Shoutout Queens




It seemed like Mollie might have another runway prize when I mentioned how her middle eight got a lot of praise in 2015, but the stats say all three women here have received 3 shoutouts each. They'll share the crown then.


#43 will take us back to the early albums.
Died In Your Eyes is a Kristinia Debarge cover? How random dd. Also speaking of No Air, I always thought The Sats No One sounded similar to it as well. I think a lot of their R&B leaning ballads did.

Also Here Standing is way better than Died In Your Eyes...
Here Standing is just a very run of the mill ballad, but Mollie sounds absolutely angelic on it.

I stanned Kristinia DeBarge’s album when it came out, and I have to say I prefer her version of Died In Her Eyes. Although if they were going to cover any song from that album it should’ve been Sabotage.