The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
I’m having a good result with the eliminations as of late as most of my lower scores are getting knocked out.

Turn Myself In I don’t have much to say other than the photo of them in the jail is an absolute scream - why do I feel like Mollie having a breakdown and banging on the wall would be her exact reaction in that situation?

Karma was a bop back in 2010 but has aged extremely poorly, it’s left at the correct time.
Just one today, but coming in at #36, the 14-spot rise for one of their biggest hits that only managed a #50 placement in the last rate.




Chasing Lights Rank | 8th (10th in 2015)

VIPs | @Ana Raquel @Attis @Hazey's Mom @BubblegumBoy (10) @WoW73 (9.5)

Villains | @imaduck (1.26) @Mistress of All Evil (2) @daninternational @Ezz (3)

Rank Change | +14

Score Change | +0.74

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | Love the way the production goes crazy right before each of the “I just can’t enough" barrage sessions in the song. Also, the way Rochelle does that little “oh” at the end of the chorus and especially the way Vanessa fires away with “Oh! Oh!” later on. Not quite the favorite it once was, but still a fun time every time I play it. (9)

Cover of the 1981 song by Depeche Mode. Released as the official 2009 Comic Relief single, 285,000 copies sold was ranked 10th for Comic Relief singles in 2015. Not sure what it would be ranked now.

What Mollie had to say about it: "It was the first song suggested and we all took to it straight away. We could instantly hear that we could make it sound like us and something that would be on our album. We didn't want to be doing a cover that didn't represent us at all. I think we've managed to keep it in our sound."

Blocked from being #1 on the UK Charts by Flo Rida’s “Right Round”.

It was once Popjustice Song of the Day back in 2009.

This was ranked pretty low at 50, considering it’s one of their bigger hits, but a lot of voters commented on not liking either the original nor this, or that they loved it at the time but have since grown tired of it. There were still many loud voices stating they’ll never get enough though. One comment in particular was pretty memorable, from @WhenTheSunGoesDown who gave this little tidbit: “Should I score the video edit or the album version? Eh, doesn't really matter. At the Greatest Hits tour in Brighton Mollie aimed her microphone at my face during this song and had me shout the chorus at her so it gets an automatic 10 from me either way.”


@Hazey's Mom (10) - There's nothing more to say than I just can't get enough of this!

@Attis (10) - I don't care, the straight white men can cry about it, this cover is camp, esp with the pin-up imagery.

@louciano (8.75) - This song sounds like it goes on forever and ever and ever. Just when you think it's about to end they keep going. That being said, I probably could listen to it forever - it's so fun and always puts a smile on my face.

@saviodxl (8.2) - I know this track will be very divisive. It's not a masterpiece of a cover but it's not a disaster either.

@Sally_Harper (8) - I prefer this to the original and I’m not sorry. Yeah, yeah, Depeche Mode are legends, but do they have Frankie? They do not. Also, I’m a useless lesbian, and they all looked hot in the video.

@Scaper (7.5) - As far as charity covers go, it was a fun one. I also appreciated that they used a more faithful production for the video.

@Phonetics Girl (7) - Naturally cheap but the whole cutesy pin-up girl shit lightens up my heart.

@daninternational (3) - 80s covers are rarely my thing.

@Ezz (3) - Sorry but I actually detest the original version of this and it cheapens what's quite a strong debut album.

Those last couple comments, or variations of it are what you'd hear across the board in the 2015 rate, which led to its demise. I guess we can look at this re-rate as kind of a course-correction for both this song and its parent album because Chasing Lights was unfairly dismantled a lot quicker than we're at now in this countdown. I usually think this and "Work" aren't going to be as good anymore before I hit play and I'm always proven wrong. There's also this 'festive' feeling I get when it plays, almost Christmassy in a weird way. Maybe that's just because it's that time of the year, but knowing they did this live a number of times I always picture them doing a Plastics-esque performance of it at a small venue around Christmas as a yearly tradition.

Shoutout Queens





This is one of those songs that you really can't put a finger on the star member, so it's no surprise it's a four-way tie at 2 shoutouts a piece.


#35 and #34 on Monday are also from the early half of their discography. You may have noticed there's only been like a 0.01 or 0.02 difference between song averages lately, but the difference between #35 and #34 is 0.12, meaning it's kind of a jump in status of sorts, in their discography.

I'm also not a huge fan of the original Just Can't Get Enough (sorry Vince Clarke I love a lot of your work), and I don't actually own the version of Chasing Lights which includes the cover. I'd give both versions the same score, which was 7.



Chasing Lights Rank | 10th (5th in 2015)

VIPs | @RUNAWAY @Mistress of All Evil @Hazey's Mom @Scaper (10) @saviodxl (9.8)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia @louciano (0) @Shockbox @iheartpoptarts (4)

Rank Change | -15

Score Change | -0.29

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | The verses are infinitely better than the chorus, which is a big downer. Rochelle's verse especially, she sounds amazing on it. Overall, it's pleasant but not to the level of it being the fan favorite it is (or so I thought!). (6)

When this ballad was first released to radio programmers, the lyric, "I can't decide if I should slap you" was misheard as "I can't decide if I should stab you." A new radio edit was made, with the phrase amended to "leave you" as their record company feared the original lyric would decrease radio play and sales for promoting violence. Frankie commented to The Daily Mail: "We knew that we were singing 'slap,' so we didn't pay much attention to it at first. But we changed the lyrics to have a clean conscience."

After all this the amended single sat in the Top 10 for four weeks and helped Chasing Lights reach a new high of #9 on the album charts.

They’ve performed it on every headlining tour and it appeared on the TV show Myths.

As far as comments are concerned most people were either declaring it as one of their best ballads or one of their least favorite slow songs. Rochelle got some dragging for her attempt at Chinese. Vanessa especially was praised for sounding angelic throughout and a few people pointed how well they could relate to the song.


@Scaper (10) - As cheesy as the song and its production is, I have a huge soft spot for it. The ‘stab you’ / ‘slap you’ controversy was iconic.

@Hazey's Mom (10) - I find the lyric "I don't know if should slap you or kiss you" to be very funny.

@saviodxl (9.8) - A prime example of how beautifully girlbands can deliver ballads, in a way no boys can.

@Ezz (8.5) - Takes me back to my first year of living in London. The middle 8 is perfect.

@Phonetics Girl (8) - It does sound like "stab", just saying. It's also aged... not well. I guess I've always lived for autumn/winter music videos and I latched onto this one when I was trying very hard to get into them but it's not all that after all.

@Sally_Harper (6) - This has never been a favourite of mine but it’s grown on me a little bit. Rochelle’s verse is still one of my favourite vocals from her, ever, especially “for so LOONG.”

@Attis (6) - The chorus sounds so weird, the chord progression felt unfinished.

@daninternational (5.5) - The balladphobe in me used to hate this back then, but it's not their worst ballad.

@Shockbox (4) - Chasing Lights should have been the ballad release but guess you have to give Issues props for being a hit.

@louciano (0) - Really detest this song. It is a huge miss for me, not even the vocals can save this mess.

Well well well, is this a surprise? Getting a couple of 0's definitely had a huge negative effect on its standing in 2022. I'm not too bothered by it myself, as it just never really grew on me or clicked. I think it's funny that my Mom immediately heard it as "slap" though, considering the controversy over who heard what when the song was released.

Shoutout Queen


Despite Rochelle getting some love for her verse, this has always been Vanessa's song without a doubt (7 shoutouts), back when she truly shined as the lead vocalist for the band, more often than not.


Tomorrow night will be a tie between two songs from later albums.​





On Your Radar Rank | 8th (9th in 2015)

VIPs | @Shockbox @Attis @Mistress of All Evil @imaduck @Guy @If You Go (10)

Villains | @phily693 (2) DJHazey @Duppe (4) @Elysium (4.5)

Rank Change | -2

Score Change | +0.11

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | Ugh, this song just does not flow at all for me, it ends up sounding like a mushed together mess. Ironically, the synths during the chorus make Vanessa sound like she’s singing about ‘doing what you want with her’ in a church. The best part is the one-line “middle eight” from Frollie because it’s like a ray of light that breaks up whatever the hell else is going on in the main song. (4)

This was produced by Jaz Rogers and Bryn Christopher who said they really wanted to push the limits of what The Saturdays could sound like, which ended up being a dubstep sound. Vanessa said at the time she wasn’t into the song at first and took a lot of work to make it right. They performed in the All Fired Up tour with a pregnant Una sitting it out because they were some racy elements to the routine.

Most of the voters who commented in 2015 recognized the fact that the band really took a risk with this one and made something that sets itself apart from the rest of their discography. This would translate to many people claiming they were caught off guard at first and hated it, but had since warmed up to it over time, with others stating they must be in the right mood for it. Maybe this means the song with have an upward trajectory in 2022.


@Attis (10) - ffff what is this song, the nerve I applaud it.

@louciano (9.5) - This song is really exciting. The tinny piano(?) instrumental really complements the whole minimalistic-esque vibe of the song to me.

@Ezz (9.25) - That opening is among their most epic. If only this was consistent across the album.

@JakobVision22 (8) - I know this album is polarizing and most "critics" seem to agree that it's their worst work but songs like Do What You Want With Me shows that the girls and the producers were at least trying out things that were new to them. Nothing else in their discography sounds like this song, which is dubstep meets mid tempo meets EDM meets ballad. The Saturdays weren't known for their innovation, but songs like this still stick out to me years and years later.

@Scaper (7.5) - The last minute or so of the song is great. It was good to hear them try something different and be somewhat experimental with sound.

@Phonetics Girl (7.5) - For some reason, this is how I imagine all PJ00s+ entries to sound from now on.

@daninternational (7) - Something about the structure/production makes it feel quite interesting.

@saviodxl (6.5) - They need to learn a thing or two about consent nn.

@Sally_Harper (5) - This isn’t one of my favourites, but the festive intro gets me every time. As do the memories of Frankie and Mollie’s autotunes malfunctioning. #poorFrankie #poorMollie

Yeah, somehow this is still getting applause for trying something new in 2022, when dubstep is involved in the process. Weird, some of my favorite bops from this era get attacked constantly for that element dd. Also, no way to the PJ00s+ comment. I have enough taste (barely) to enter stuff that is far better than this. At least @Phonetics Girl can know she's not alone in the On Your Radar detractor department, with @Ezz's comment.

Shoutout Queens



Frankie and Mollie each had 1 shoutout in 2015 and then I added mine with this rate, so it'll be another Frollie classic.


Not sure when or how many songs will go out tomorrow as there is our first winter storm forecasted which always throws a monkey wrench into everything. When #38 comes, it'll be a B-Side though.

The debut has two less eliminations than any other album, so here's another one.




Chasing Lights Rank | 9th (9th in 2015)

VIPs | @soratami @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom (10)

Villains | @imaduck (1.96) @Elysium (3) @phily693 (4)

Rank Change | +6

Score Change | +0.46

Most Solo Time | Rochelle and Vanessa

Hazey Says | Much better than I remember it being. Here’s something funny: My comment in 2015 said something about the most memorable part being Mollie chiming in during the verses, telling you how average I thought the song was. Well, here I am in 2022 with a revelation that Mollie’s cute little inserts are definitely the best part of the song and act as little bonus points for a total bop on the whole. growth.gif (8)

This was a free download at Woolworths before the album was released.

There wasn’t much to say about this back in 2015, as most found it to be unremarkable or very average and for them that meant near or at the bottom of the list for this album. A lot of people mentioned Una’s middle eight, which may have been why it was a slow burner for those who said they were fans of the song.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - This sounds like it would make a good Broadway dance number with the clapping beat.

@Sally_Harper (9) - What a song. I seem to remember it leaked before it was actually released, which was fun.

@daninternational (8) - Their first album seems to hang together quite well, until after this track.

@Phonetics Girl (8) - Now here's an offbeat track I can never figure out my thoughts about. Do I like/dislike it cause it reminds me of Xenomania? Could I hear Shaznay Lewis or Gabriella Cilmi killing this? Well, most of the time I just forget Set Me Off's existence. Maybe I'm missing out on this tough nut to crack.

@saviodxl (7.9) - Although this is a very decent pop effort, it doesn't fit its place on the album in my opinion. It has a very B-side vibe.

@louciano (7.5) - This is one of those songs that sounds really good whilst playing in the background but sounds a lot worse when you're truly listening to it.

@Shockbox (7) - This was a free song from Woolworths or something wasn't it? I can remember being like if this is what a free song sounds like, this album is gonna be amazing!

@Ezz (7) - The verses are very reminiscent of Up.

Interesting to see it described as a song that's great in the background but not so much when you actually listen to it with focus. That's actually my thoughts on many pop songs, but I think it was reverse here, since it only stood out to me when I really sat down and picked it apart. Also, I don't remember exactly why my Mom said it sounded like a Broadway dance number, but she'll use any excuse to make something sound like a musical or something with big sing-along elements to it dd. I think the sentiment about Set Me Off is that the album falls apart afterwards with "Fall", "Vulnerable", "Why Me, Why Now", and "Just Can't Get Enough". The first and last song on that list are still hanging on though. In 2015, it was "Just Can't Get Enough" at #50, this at #49, and "Fall" at #48, so we'll see what that means for the 2022 edition.

Shoutout Queen


Surprisingly, my comment about Mollie is her only shoutout for this song, which doesn't make sense since she's adorable on it. Una actually takes it with a couple shoutouts about her middle eight.


After the long break, the B-Sides get another cut at #42 and we'll be one song away from a Top 40.​





Headlines! Rank | 4th (4th in 2015)

VIPs | @louciano @soratami @iheartpoptarts @Untouchable Ace (10) @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY (9.5)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (0) @imaduck (2.52)

Rank Change | -3

Score Change | +0.10

Most Solo/Lead Time | Frankie and Una

Hazey Says | The massive pre-chorus especially the "WHO THE HELL IS SHE", also mis-hearing Rochelle's line as "I hope the girl's got a real bitch in the family". (9)

It was performed on the Headlines tour with a pretty ‘violent’ choreography to go along with the theme of the song:

The debate with this song in 2015 was whether the lyrics were too dated/Americanized/cheesy/Kidz Bop. The decision was whether you either overlooked the worst parts of the lyrics, enjoyed the zaniness, and just plain loved all of the sass. One lyric had people on one side of the fence or the other and that was the ‘hot coffee’ one. Also, there was a great comment came from Mollie-hater Deborux who claimed Mollie’s “oooh” sounded like a malfunctioning fax machine. *low key* yaaas.


@louciano (10) - Originally this was scored lower, but that addictive scratchy synth and the chanting chorus are unquestionably quintessential in songs I love. WHO THE HELL IS SHE!

@saviodxl (9.2) - They could use less auto tune here nn. Right Frankie? Nonetheless, brilliant.

@Hazey's Mom (9) - Almost another 10, but the song sounds kind of broken somewhere and messy.

@Sally_Harper (9) - This isn’t a favourite by any means but I like it when I’m in the right mood. The worst thing about it is how much you can hear Ina. The best thing is that Una has always sounded to me like she sings “BEN I hope you choke on some really hot coffee!” which is EXCELLENT given how much of a prick he turned out to be. I hope he does too!

@daninternational (8.5) - Sounds like an Irish Eurovision song, but better ddd

@Ezz (8.25) - The Saturdays do pop-rock?

@Phonetics Girl (8) - Umm, I'm not exactly sure what to do with this song. It used to be such a 10 (throwback to the summer of 2010 being defined by Headlines and Teenage Dream!) but in 2022 my perception of it is a shrill mess. Guess I'm too nostalgic to be harsh with my score, though!

@Attis (7.5) - Oh this one kinda bops, despite all of the cheap synths fuckery the producers did

@Scaper (6.5) - Another one that is now mainly headache-inducing but I have always appreciated the bitterness of the lyrics. “I hope that girl only sees the things she wants to see, not your personality” in particular.

I mean, we all compare Karma and Puppet because they're the two 'fun ones' from Headlines! - I've always thought about both immediately whenever one or the other comes up. To me though, Puppet has aged much better. My 9 is probably more of an 8, but nostalgia makes you do questionable things. It's funny how @daninternational says it sounds like an Irish Eurovision song because Una leads, but I would actually say "Had It with Today" is the definitive Saturdays Ireland entry.

Shoutout Queens



Frankie is officially on a roll now. Whether you like her 'auto tune' on this song or you're @saviodxl, it's undeniable she plays a big part, along with Una as Fruna unsurprisingly have the most positive comments in both rates - 3 each.


The next song is from the first half of the main discography as well. I'm a bit surprised that its glow up in this rate hasn't been discussed.​

These eliminations are fucking cursed! (Issues/Set Me Off/Do What You Want With Me/Karma)
Well, I guess that didn't get much discussion over the weekend, so maybe this 14-spot drop-off will.




Wordshaker Rank | 6th (4th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Shockbox @JMRGBY @slaybellz @Ugly Beauty @RUNAWAY @Guy @Fuchsia @Phonetics Girl (10)

Villains | @iheartpoptarts (3) @TwistedInnocence @saviodxl @Sprockrooster (4) @Aester (4.5)

Rank Change | -14

Score Change | -0.46

Most Solo Time | Everyone

Hazey Says | The chorus is such a rush - “all that you did, and that you didn’t…” and so on just rolls off the tongue effortlessly to that beat... I don’t think it’s their best ballad, so maybe a tad overrated. Playing it now, I recognize that it’s not like I’m exactly getting the same excitement I get from other favorites. I’d also like to point out that Mollie is adorable at the end of the verses. (8)

This was a rather surprising song to have at #21 last time around, at least that’s how our host saw it at the time. We’ll see if it can hold onto such lofty heights in 2022! Most people declared this is the band’s best ballad, while it grabbed thirteen 10’s and an 11. Just about anyone commenting on the singing parts were in awe of Vanessa’s ad-libbing talents, with Mollie and Frankie getting shoutouts for what was estimated to be some of the finest work.


@Shockbox (10) - I've really gotten into this one after the last few years, they all sound great.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - Wheezing cause this punchy midtempo just knocked a hole in my lung. It seems that this hasn't lost any of its shine after all these years.

@Sally_Harper (9) - I would have scored this lower a few years ago but I really like it now, especially at this time of year, for some reason. I really like Mollie’s background bits on the verses and I love Frankie’s part, obviously. Yes, even the Big Note. And how blunt “I don’t want you, you can go” is. My only complaint is that Vanessa’s adlibs are…a lot.

@daninternational (7) - Post-chorus is stronger than the chorus.

@loucaino (6) - There are probably a million comments saying that Sugababes did it better… but they did and it should be said!

@saviodxl (4) - Lazy, just lazy balllad.
Hmm lazy, Sugagbabes did it better, I don't know if either of these are true. What is true though is the song that got claims of best ballad get beaten this time by a better ballad (Forever is Over) and that's pop justice. (Yes, I count it as a ballad, leave me be)
Shoutout Queens



This probably got the most shoutouts we've seen so far, with 26 total, but 8 each went to Mollie and Vanessa which makes perfect sense considering what they contribute to the song.​


Staff member
I'm also not a huge fan of the original Just Can't Get Enough (sorry Vince Clarke I love a lot of your work), and I don't actually own the version of Chasing Lights which includes the cover. I'd give both versions the same score, which was 7.

I do own that album version (only got it recently, for collections sake) and had no idea the versions where any different??
I'd say the two versions of Just Can't Get Enough are day and night: the video mix tries to emulate the original version with a focus on synths. The radio version is far poppier - the guitar and thumping drums do most of the heavy lifting on the verses rather than synths.

The Wideboys 'club mix' is surely a scam though as they barely did anything to the song.
You'd think a song that dropped 14 spots from last rate and got nine 10's, wouldn't facilitate a score-jump between two songs, that hasn't been matched since the early stages of this countdown, yet here we are. Truly getting into territory where every song is heralded as one of their best, by at least someone.




Headlines! Rank | 3rd (3rd in 2015)

VIPs | @Ugly Beauty DJHazey @soratami @RUNAWAY @Sally_Harper @Hazey's Mom @Untouchable Ace (10)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (0) @If You Go (1) @imaduck (4.06)

Rank Change | -3

Score Change | +0.08

Most Solo Time | Everyone but Vanessa

Hazey Says | Such an amazing ‘female power play’ anthem with guys left bowing to the queens they are. This song’s commentary got me a lot of brownie points with the Pro-Mollie camp in 2015 so let me show you what I said on that day: “Mollie wins me over in this song, because I wish I could listen to her go "la la la la la la la" all freakin' just puts me under her spell. I can't describe the feeling here properly, because after I've had every sweet-craving fulfilled by that chorus I find it hard not to feel tingly all over when Mollie finishes me off like that.” (10)

It’s no secret that the songwriters may have been inspired by the Fallen Angelz song of the same name, a band Mollie was a part of pre-Saturdays. In that song, the chorus runs with the line “I’m your puppet on a string, make me dance and make me sing”. I don’t believe in coincidences.
While some people were either on-board or saying no thanks to this song’s crazy personality, one thing was certainly clear: we are all here for Mollie’s amazing “lalalala” in the post-chorus. It might be one of the most universally loved parts in their entire discography. Frankie’s verse also got its fair share of love too.​

@Sally_Harper (10) - What an amazing song. Mollie’s “La la la la…” is hypnotic, they all sound great, and the tour dance routine with the strings was amazing. My favourite part is, right near the end, when you can hear Frankie on the chorus sort of underneath everything else. I love that for me.

@Hazey's Mom (10) - I love the visualization of the lyrics.

@Ezz (8.75) - Interesting song from a manufactured band, self-referential.

@louciano (8) - Yet another amazing chorus. It isn’t amongst their best, but I understand why others would rate it so highly.

@daninternational (7) - The chorus saves it.

@Phonetics Girl (5) - All Saints have them beaten on this one. Such a nothingy forgettable track.

I'd say the All Saints song is definitely one their best too and I need to listen to it sometime soon. The self-referential comment makes sense, but I'd choose to claim it's an empowerment anthem for women instead. I think that's what my Mom meant by loving the visualization of the lyrics too. In the last rate after Puppet's departure at #31, it wasn't until #20 that we saw off "Missing You", so we'll see how long it takes this time until we lose either that or "Higher."

Shoutout Queen


Mollie easily "la-la-la'd" her way to 10 shoutouts, smoking Frankie's 3 for one of the least-contested crowns we'll hand out.


The song at #33 gets a superlative in one key category.​

Me every time I see what's been eliminated next...except Puppet.

I Can't Wait - I found the juxtaposition between the verses and chorus to be lovely and give the song a very bittersweet quality. I felt it gave the song a lot of depth, and I'm definitely one of those people who thought the song was single-material. It should have at the very least been on the album. I was hoping with the B-sides seeming to be doing better this time around that I Can't Wait would improve it's previous position so for it to do worse was disappointing!

Do What You Want With Me - I didn't realize this song was so divisive, I've always thought it was really cool! Also liked seeing my frequent fellow villains in the VIP section, I guess it's a villain's song.

Turn Myself In - I don't really remember paid much attention to this song before, and I don't think I'd ever bothered to listen to the live version. It was a nice discovery.

Denial - I should have given this a 10, not that it would have probably helped much!
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