The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
Villains | @iheartpoptarts (3) @TwistedInnocence @saviodxl @Sprockrooster (4) @Aester (4.5)

Rank Change | -14

Score Change | -0.46

As a midtempo muncher, Denial was the most painful elimination so far.

Especially after seeing my comment in the title and coming here for the Muppet exodus, only to find one of my 11-contenders' cold dead body in the thread.
The highest rated cover, 'Crashing Down'

Well yes, but also the biggest gainer in the entire rate and I'm here for it. (+22)




B-Sides Rank | 5th (9th in 2015)

VIPs | @slaybellz @Ugly Beauty DJHazey @Hazey's Mom @Untouchable Ace @Aester @Remorque (10)

Villains | @AfternoonsInUtopia (0) @If You Go (2) @Sprockrooster (3)

Rank Change | +22

Score Change | +1.15

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | I love Una’s opening verse and the second part of the chorus with “I come CRAAASHING down down down”. Both moments are enhanced by that pulsating beat. (10)

Cover of a 1982 song by Irish girl group the Nolans and is the B-Side to Up.

In the last rate, some pointed out how the A-Side and B-Side play the opposite game with their song titles. Most everybody agreed that Una’s deeper vocals in the opening part are what make them love this, along with the production.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - Sounds like the band should be in space because of the strong twinkly beat!

@saviodxl (9.3) - I'd easily remove Vulnerable from the debut album and replace it with Crashing Down.

@Phonetics Girl (9) - eeps keep talking about Golden Rules but where's the love for this camp 80s throwback? I forgot how much this bangs!

@Ezz (8.5) - Loving the 80s undertones…

@daninternational (7) - Sounds a bit like rock cosplay than the real thing.

@louciano (7) - This one sounds like a Saint Etienne song. Would not have been out of place on the main album.

@Sally_Harper (6) - I don’t play this often, so my main memory of it is my mum hearing it somehow and shrieking “NOT THE FUCKING NOLANS”. There you go.

I would be happy with taking "Why Me, Why Now" out and replace it with this on Chasing Lights instead of "Vulnerable". Interesting that my Mom points out the twinkly parts making her imagine the band in space. They kind of remind me of the twinkly stuff you get in a lot of Perfume songs, which probably helped @Ugly Beauty give it a 10 as well.

Shoutout Queen


The undisputed champ here with 6 shoutouts for her verse.


Let's be a bit more specific with my tease of #32. It's from Chasing Lights (which has If This Is Love, Up, Keep Her, Lies, Work, Chasing Lights, and Fall left.)
Why am I losing 10s left, right and center.

For fuck's sake.
This is my exact reaction too.

Let's be a bit more specific with my tease of #32. It's from Chasing Lights (which has If This Is Love, Up, Keep Her, Lies, Work, Chasing Lights, and Fall left.)
Damn, all of those got high scores (7+) from me but based on the lowest...Keep Her or Fall would be ideal at this point.
Woah oh, wanting you, loving you, leaving you, losing my babyyy
Cheated you, lied to youuuuuuuu
Now I'm crashing doooooooooooown


That part alone is an 11/10. Like what's not to love about this song?? At least it jumped 22 places this time around so that's some kind of justice.

Also I didn't know this was a cover either, what the hell?
Denial has a lovely melody, the vocals are good and listenable but the beat in the verses annoys me. 7.1.

I gave Puppet quite a low score after the first few listens, but I kept singing the catchy chorus out of nowhere, and after getting used to the verses it rose to 8.3.
If we're losing Fall before we hit the top 30, I'll riot.




Chasing Lights Rank | 7th (8th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Sally_Harper @MilesAngel @Remorque @Phonetics Girl @Robsolete (10)

Villains | @daninternational (1.5) @phily693 (3)

Rank Change | +16

Score Change | +0.88

Most Solo Time | Una and Vanessa

Hazey Says | The verses are great because Una then Vanessa trace every little piano key stroke with their voices like masters working their craft. I will say they definitely have stronger choruses, but this song is beautiful. (8)

This ballad was either considered too boring and even Vanessa’s and Una’s vocals couldn’t help turn it into a favorite, or people thought the song was amazing with extra praise for Una. The general idea was that it was one of the band’s best ballads and came down to whether you are usually here for a piano ballad like this or not.


@Sally_Harper (10) - Still their best ballad. I love the piano, Una especially sounds lovely, and the angelic “Faaaaaaall, faaaaaaaaaall” sections are beautiful. And I’m not going to lie, there have been a few occasions in my life where I’ve related to the lyrics a LITTLE too much.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - An Una moment and she crushes it! Handclap city! A mood! A ballad! All the parts to hook me tf in are here.

@saviodxl (9) -- Unessa (VanUna?) own this emotional track. Shontelle's Impossible rip off? Maybe. But I don't care.

@Hazey's Mom (9) - I would've have given a 10, but the clapping effect does not work as well with this song.

@louciano (9) - Una sounds a bit too quiet, but it is truly a gorgeous song and one of their better ballads. While it's basically a Vanessa and Una duet, that's not necessarily a bad thing for this point in their career.

@Ezz (8.75) - Ooooh, another one that takes me back to London, I must have been going through a ballad phase before I found my group for nights out.

@Attis (6) - Throwaway 00s ballad.

@daninternational (1.5) - Messy and boring? An achievement.

I could see someone thinking this is boring, even if they'd be wrong. But messy? wherearethey.gif Look at all the compliments for our shoutout queen leader Una, it's a beautiful thing. I hadn't thought about a song like "Impossible" but that's a great call. I need to re-visit that old favorite sometime. Even though I only gave it an 8 myself, seeing it and the album proper rise in this rate is a true showcase of Shontelligence.

Shoutout Queen


Well you'd want to make this an Unessa shared title, but the final tally is a whopping 14-to-7 in favor of Una, including a 5-to-3 lead in this rate alone. I'm sorry Vanessa, but this song belongs to Una.


Tomorrow's is another tie at #30, between another Chasing Lights song and a B-Side (the B-Sides remaining are Wildfire, Flashback, Not That Kinda Girl, and Ladykiller)
The Saturdays Top 30

Chasing Lights (6/12)
If This Is Love
Keep Her
Chasing Lights

Wordshaker (5/12)
Forever Is Over
One Shot
Lose Control

Headlines! (2/5)
Missing You

On Your Radar (7/14)
All Fired Up
My Heart Takes Over
Get Ready, Get Set
White Lies
Move On U

Living For the Weekend (4/12)
What About Us
Disco Love
Not Giving Up
30 Days

Finest Selection (3/3)
What Are You Waiting For?
Walking Through the Desert

B-Sides/Extras (4/20)
Not That Kinda Girl

Top 30 Newcomers
Keep Her

Lose Control
Walking Through the Desert

Top 30 Dropouts
Last Call
Turn Myself In

Shoutout Queen Leaderboard

Una | 20
Mollie | 17
Rochelle & Vanessa | 11
Frankie | 10

At least, unlike my other faves, Fall wasn't low-balled in comparison to 2015. I'll take it.

The way Lose Control is already guaranteed to live another day and I know for a fact I'm losing at least one 8.5-10 score next, though...
Happy to see Just Can’t Get Enough jumped up so many positions, #50 in 2015 is far too low for what is such a fun song.

Denial has left too early & should have been top 30 at the least. A very good mid tempo/ballady moment from them. Mollie 100% deserves to be the shoutout for her vocals in that one.

Speaking of leaving too early - Puppet! What a peak Saturdays tune, the production makes the chorus sound massive & of course Mollie’s post chorus is among one of their catchiest hooks. I scored it an 8.5 but it’s become the song I’ve returned to the most after rating, an infectious bop that’s among their very best for me, I’d rate it a 10 now for sure.

Crashing Down is one of their better b-sides but I’m not particularly fussed about it leaving at this stage where it feels like things are getting a lot more competitive.

Fall is gorgeous and probably is their second best full on ballad (behind My Heart Takes Over). At least it jumped up a lot of positions in comparison to last time.