The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
Finally, we crack into the Finest Selection: Greatest Hits tracks. In 2015, Walking Through the Desert unceremoniously lost out to both 808 and What Are You Waiting For? by at least nine spots, but not this time...




Finest Selection Rank | 3rd (2nd in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Elysium @Untouchable Ace @Scaper @Phonetics Girl (10)

Villains | @If You Go (4) @imaduck (4.76) @Hazey's Mom (5)

Rank Change | -4

Score Change | -0.10

Most Solo Time | Rochelle and Vanessa

Hazey Says | Vanessa swooping in and belting out "SO TONIGHT…" What a fucking rush! If I was a little more into the rest of the song as I am for this post-chorus, it'd be an easy 10 and one of my favorites. (9)

Camille Purcell, who also co-wrote "What About Us", co-wrote this song too.

Rapper Angel Haze was featured on the official remixes, so the rumors were this would be the next single but that never came to fruition.

For a song that finished at #23 in 2015, the commentary was back and forth with someone saying they were so relieved it wasn’t single for every person they said it should’ve led the Greatest Hits album instead of WAYWF? Rochelle’s second verse got a few compliments as well as Mollie’s parts. A couple of voters pointed out how Rochelle’s lines of fighting or biting “like an animal” could be misheard as “fuck like an animal” or “bang like a cannibal”.


@Scaper (10) - Should have been a single. What a bop.

@saviodxl (9) - Maybe this would've served better as a single than WAYWF? We'll never know.

@Phonetics Girl (9) - Yas, gimme that 100% pure TrashBop!

@louciano (8.75) - I love how instantly the song begins. It doesn't hold up to the other two new songs on the collection, but is pretty solid on its own.

@Sally_Harper (8) - Rochelle is the star here, even if it does sound like she’s saying “Bang like a cannibal” in the chorus!

@daninternational (8) - Appreciate that it is different for the Sats, but not super strong in itself.

@Atttis (6) - Should've stayed in the draft.

@Hazey's Mom (5) - It's okay, but I would never sing along to a song about 808, even though my son has now told me what it means.

You see, this commentary would make you think this would be a much more debated song than the placement would indicate. It doesn't make it seem like a Top 27 song. Don't get me wrong @Scaper and @saviodxl are 100% correct. Even though it's not one of my 10's I fully recognize this has the chops to have been a huge single for them.

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Whether or not we believe Rochelle is talking about "fucking like a animal" which honestly just sounds really hot coming from her dd, that and her verses give her the undisputed victory with 6 shoutouts to the next person's 2.


Back Monday with #26, from the early part of the discography.
30 days was such an odd single release. I remember being completely indifferent to it when it was released but I’ve warmed to it in recent years, it’s aged better than some of their other material I think. And Rochelle/Una shine on it which isn’t the most frequent pairing for leads.

808 out before What Are You Waiting For? I have to laugh. Rochelle owns that song. At the time I thought this should have been the greatest hits lead but I’ve changed my mind to Walking In the Desert which is the superior new song on the greatest hits but 808 is still a major tune.

@both these eliminations

yes, they're my fave tracks of their respective sections and 30 Days is next in line for my 11, so I'm glad it did receive some <3
A couple of voters pointed out how Rochelle’s lines of fighting or biting “like an animal” could be misheard as “fuck like an animal” or “bang like a cannibal”.
These are two different lines that have caused confusion over the years: she sings 'fight like an animal, bang like a cannonball', which people have misheard as 'fuck like an animal, bang like a cannibal'.

Such a shame to see 808 go at this stage. It is a stronger song than What Are You Waiting For and has aged well, I feel.
Flashback has one of the best Saturdays choruses ever, and the transitions from the verses into that chorus are absolutely seamless. The lyrical theme about seeing an ex with someone else, and being transported back to when you were with them, but just for a moment before moving on, is so well communicated. 10.

The 'flashback' backing vocals in the middle eight were surely inspired by 'Flashback' by Imagination.
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I'm sorry @Phonetics Girl, but after the Christmas break, we continue with your 10s.




Chasing Lights Rank | 5th (7th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Ugly Beauty @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom @Phonetics Girl (10) @Untouchable Ace (9.7)

Villains | @Aester (4.5) @Mistress of All Evil @iheartpoptarts (5)

Rank Change | +17

Score Change | +0.67

Most Solo Time | Everyone

Hazey Says | In the last rate I mentioned the buildup to the chorus as a reason this became a re-discovery, but unfortunately time hasn’t been kind to it, I guess. Now the verses and pre-chorus leave alot to be desired, sounding flat and uninspired. However, the chorus still knocks enough for a decent score. (7)

After a few songs that spark passionate opinions in last rate's countdown, this one had a far quieter exit. Some deemed it to be the biggest case of filler on Chasing Lights, while others figured it would’ve made a better single than a couple of the actual singles. The only piece of dividing content was whether people love Frankie on it or not.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - I love the lilt, it sounds like a sea shanty!

@Phonetics Girl (10) - Catnip to my ears, the way it just builds and builds ahh

@daninternational (9.25) - Really like the chorus, though it takes its time to get there.

@Sally_Harper (9) - Still a great song too. Frankie’s verse is the best bit, she sounds gorgeous and I love the lyrics. Una’s verse doesn’t quite hit the same for me. The music reminds me of the old internet dial-up noises.

@Ezz (9) - Love this early sultry laid back stuff from them.

@louciano (7.25) - Frankie's opening verse is fantastic, but the song doesn't really go anywhere. I prefer my lies to be white when it's coming from The Saturdays.

A relatively small number of people consider this to be one of their favorites, since it only got five 10's, which is by far the fewest remaining for any song. It was probably a softer approach to the album overall with this edition of voters that helped carry it to a 17 rise in rank. Otherwise, I'm not really sure what led to glow up and consider this an outlier in the Top 30.

Shoutout Queen


This is an easy choice, since she got 7 shoutouts to Una and Vanessa's 3 each.

So, considering the long break we're doing a double-elimination today from home (we get the 26th off work) and we'll offer poor @Phonetics Girl an olive branch, by eliminating one of her least favorite songs of the rate. A song that drops straight out of the Top 20 entirely to #25.




On Your Radar Rank | 7th (6th in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Elysium @Ugly Beauty @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom @Untouchable Ace @Fuchsia (10)

Villains | @JMRGBY @TwistedInnocence (5) @Phonetics Girl (5.5)

Rank Change | -10

Score Change | -0.35

Most Solo Time | Everybody but Vanessa

Hazey Says | I love the pre-chorus with the clubby instrumentals raining down on the chorus. This would be at home on a late 00s Euro Mixes compilation CD. I'm also hypnotized by that “whooooooa” of course. (9)

This sexy and flirty bonus track for On Your Radar made it all the way to #15 in the last rate! Most of the fans talked up how wrong the song was done by being relegated to bonus track and album closer status. Some people were presented with what they figured was a generic dance-pop song at first but that one day everything switched and it became a favorite.


@Hazey's Mom (10) - Reminds me of the dancey songs my son plays all the time, like Cascada. (I've yet to play a Cascada song she doesn't love.)

@saviodxl (9.4) - Finishing their most dance album on a high.

@loucinao (9) - Very good song. I’d like to like it more, but after hearing a lot of the songs on the album do this sound better, it isn’t as much of a star.

@daninternational (7.5) - Bop, but Taio Cruz would have done it better.

@Sally_Harper (7) - Basic bop, but “I’m working up a sweat, d-dripping down my neck” is so iconic.

@Ezz (6) - A fairly nondescript album closer.

@Phonetics Girl (5.5) - Fun Romanian-esque bop is all it's going to get from me.

Yeah you could see it in the vein of Inna/Alexandra Stan as @Phonetics Girl pointed out, or Taio Cruz dance-pop, or straight-up Eurodance. Maybe a lot of people have left their passion for this kind of pop I the past because the commentary was very muted, considering this was #15 in the last rate. It kind of shows how not enough people were willing to go to bat for it.

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One of the few lately that wasn't influenced at all by this rate. In fact, in 2015 there weren't many specific compliments except for a couple for Mollie, so she gets a cheap victory here to close her gap with Una.

#24 will be one of my favorite songs left in the rate.​
I'm late but, 30 Days is a bop, and should still be in!

This is also a bop and should still be in! One of my favorite Sats songs, not just B-Sides, songs. You and @imaduck especially should be ashamed of yourselves!




B-Sides Rank | 2nd (5th in 2015)

VIPs | @saviodxl @Ugly Beauty DJHazey @RUNAWAY @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom @Untouchable Ace @phily693 (10)

Villains | @imaduck (2.1) @slaybellz (4.5) @Shockbox (5)

Rank Change | +4

Score Change | +0.19

Most Solo Time | Everyone but Rochelle

Hazey Says | Basically the best song ever recorded, and I say this knowing full well it’s like #3 for The Saturdays to me. Just goes to show you how amazing they are! “Don’t even think of taking me to momma’s house!” -- freakin’ slay me girls! Then come in with “No one-man woman, I’m free to roam. Won’t blow you kisses down the telephone!” – some of the best girl group songwriting ever. Seriously if this had been a single in the Tiktok era, my God, the number of memes can’t be calculated! (10+)

Tabbed as one of the better B-Sides the last time around. Being paired with "Notorious" means that’s probably the best dual-sided single ever made, if you ask me. Though a few people had the nerve to say it’s one of their middle of the road B-Sides, a few rightfully wished it had been on the album, like the band wanted to happen. Most people pointed out how fun the song is, with lyrics like “no one-man woman” whether that’s actually the lyric or not (that’s how I’ve always heard it).


@saviodxl (10) - When the B-side is catchier than the single itself.

@Hazey's Mom (10) - (Hazey: I hyped up how popular this was for the B-Sides and she pointed at the "blow you kisses down the telephone" as her favorite line)

@louciano (9.75) - Love at first listen for this one. Sounds like a sonic sister to Karma, even if it isn't quite as good as it. Should have been on the album instead of For Myself or Last Call.

@Sally_Harper (9) - This is such a great song. Better than a lot of album tracks.

@daninternational (9) - This is just a B Side? Robbed.

@Ezz (7.5) - Singing Poker Face over the chorus!

@Phonetics Girl (7) - Ah, the basic showing its teeth again. Probably better than half of On Your Radar is the best I can say.

@Phonetics Girl and @saviodxl aren't right for those subtle or not-so-subtle drags of On Your Radar. I swear when I first re-read @loucaino's comment there, I was thinking of a different Karma for some reason. It does remind me of the Swedish girl group Stockholm Syndrome's song "Karma" because of the attitude in both songs.

Shoutout Queens



All specific comments are from 2015 this time, and even though Frankie has one more shoutout than Mollie, since they're the only two who have any (3-to-2) I'm giving them both the crown. We all know when these two are driving a Saturdays song, the fun is on its way.


#23 will be from the latter half of their discography.
Pleased to see Lies be one of the highest risers, as it was done very dirty in the first rate, but I do slightly prefer Keep Her. Lies is a very well-written song in melody and lyric so deserves a 10.

Love that in the lyrics of Move On U, the Sats are the ones initiating the situation. Of the bangers on the album it's one of the most melodic. 10.

Not That Kinda Girl is far too good to be just a B-Side and should've been on the album. Happy to see it rise but would've been even happier to see it as the highest rated B-Side. 10.
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