The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
White Lies >>> Get Ready Get Set.
Most of the songs from here on out have at least one 11 and this is no exception. Moving up two spots to #18.




Headlines Rank | 2nd (2nd in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia (11) @Iggypig @JMRGBY @Elysium DJHazey @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @MilesAngel @Remorque @BubblegumBoy @Sprockrooster (10)

Villains | @iheartpoptarts @Aester (4) @Duppe (5)

Rank Change | +2

Score Change | +0.22

Most Solo Time | Vanessa and Frankie

Hazey Says | Never realized that this is an all-time favorite until I haven't heard it in some time, then it gets stuck in my head for weeks (like now) especially Frankie-bot at the beginning, giving the perfect melancholy setting. I love how the song keeps coming in waves of softer vocals and then 'belt it out' moments. Constantly keeping me on my toes. (10)

The song's music video was shot in Malaga, Spain at the end of May 2010. Vanessa told BBC News: "Every time we'd turned round, our dresses would get stuck to our legs! That was a nightmare. It was either that or slipping over."

Vanessa also told BBC news the song is about a troubled relationship: "It's about being in a relationship where the passion has gone - so you're missing that spark. It's quite deep, actually, for a pop song."

The girls were fond of a Cahill remix they performed on their Greatest Hits tour:

...and there was also an acoustic version of the song.

Missing You was #1 on the airplay chart and at midweek but was once again bested by a Flo Rida song ("Club Can’t Handle Me") as well as Eminem/Rihanna’s "Love the Way You Lie".

For a song that finished at #20 in in 2015, the commentary was far more negative than you'd expect. For one, everyone seemed to dunk on Frankie's autotuned "I miss missing you" that runs throughout the song, with only the biggest fans saying they loved it. They also wanted more dance elements, which contributed to them feeling cold by it or declaring how overrated it was. However, it was at least one of the absolute favorite songs by The Saturdays for a handful. In fact, it was able to get four 11s. Despite the autotune parts maybe taking away from it, the song packed enough emotional punch to knock over many fans on impact. The songwriting trick of having a different band member take the second-half of each chorus was especially appreciated as well.


@Sally_Harper (10) - Aaah. I didn’t like this much at first but it’s one of my favourites now. Obviously, I love that Frankie is the only one we hear for the first 40 seconds, and that her “I miss missing you” is repeated throughout the song, although I’m still annoyed by the autotune which wasn’t even needed as she sounds great in all the live performances. Regardless her delivery is lovely, especially on “it doesn’t kick like a pill any more”. I also really love Mollie’s part, the fact that I still have no idea whether they say “I just want you to BE” or “I just want you to BLEED” in the chorus, and the almost slow-motion dramatic dance routine in the video.

@saviodxl (9.9) - The Cahill remix is a 10! But just watching the original choreography again makes me wanna give it a very high score. I knooooow it's about a toxic relationship, but it's just a pop song. Let the ladies dance to it.

@Phonetics Girl (9.5) - That was the first time I had beef with their lead single. But then I had to listen to it so much when I wanted to watch the vid that I don't even know when I came around to it big time. Now I find the robo autotune vocals iconic! Still, there's not nearly enough Una for a 10.

@daninternational (9) - I like the concept behind these lyrics, and that Timbaland ballad (Timballad?) vibe, and a lot of the elements and adlibs to it, but it could kick in a bit harder.

@Hazey's Mom (8) - The background music is more powerful than the lyrics being sung; it's mis-matched.

@Ezz (7.75) - I'm a big fan of the auto-tune in the verses.

@Scaper (7.5) - I don’t mind the song but it was a bizarre choice for a single when their departure from upbeat pop during the last album didn’t work. I like that the post-chorus is sung by a different member each time but the way the middle eight has this great build up only to fizzle out with the same production on the chorus is still frustrating.

@Attis (6) - They truly don't have any faith on Frankie's vocals at that day, huh ?

@louciano (6) - The much more mature and much better version of Issues, even if it still isn't very good. I have soured a little bit on this one over time, it doesn't hold up to the much stronger material in their catalogue.

Furthering the point that @Attis makes, yeah it never seems like they did have any faith in her voice being on its own, which is a bit sad. Though for some reason it reminds me of an episode of one of their 'behind the scenes' shows I saw on YouTube recently when Mollie was sick at home (with a bug bite ddd) and Frankie was freaking because she had to do all of Mollie's parts for the up-coming show. Didn't seem like she had any trouble either.

Shoutout Queen


You may not like Frankie-bot's parts, but I didn't take points away for those comments, so she clears the field with her 5 compliments over the span of the two rates. Everyone else got at least 1 too, including Vanessa with 3. Either way you slice it, when you think of Missing You, you think of Frankie for better or worse and that makes it her song.


#17 tomorrow will be one of those six On Your Radar songs, so place your bets!​
The song's music video was shot in Malaga, Spain at the end of May 2010.
I've been to Malaga!

Missing You has some of the strangest lyrics I've heard for a mainstream pop song, epecially for a group as innocuous as The Sats; almost sado masochistic. And I love it! 10.
#17 tomorrow will be one of those six On Your Radar songs, so place your bets!​
Faster (preferably) or My Heart Takes Over.
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I don't know, there are a couple non singles that could have left before this. As for the next cut, as long as it's not All Fired Up, Notorious or Get Ready, Get Set i'm good.

Well get ready, get set...

get all fired up...

because someone is about to cement their notorious reputation...

which includes me with giving this one of my lowest scores remaining.




On Your Radar Rank | 6th (7th in 2015)

VIPs | @Fuchsia (11) @AfternoonsInUtopia @Iggypig @Ana Raquel @WoW73 @Attis @Elysium @Sally_Harper @Mistress of All Evil @iheartpoptarts @Hazey's Mom @JakobVision22 @Sprockrooster (10)

Villains | @Phonetics Girl (3) @JMRGBY (4) @TwistedInnocence (5) @slaybellz @Duppe (5.5)@saviodxl DJHazey (6)

Rank Change | -1

Score Change | -0.05

Most Solo Time | Frankie, Vanessa, and Rochelle

Hazey Says | I've never been the biggest fan of this one. If I had to choose the best part I would say it is Frankie's pre-chorus and the emotive "I almost lost it all" right before it. (6)

Small rumor was it would be On Your Radar’s 4th single. It was the only album track on their Album Chart Show special.

The heavy praise was always variations of ‘their best album track’ or ‘should have been a single’, or ‘best song on On Your Radar, period’. Frankie is a center stage on this song and she mostly got a lot of praise, but those who are never here for her vocals, were quick to state that’s why it’s nothing special to them. Rochelle would also get a ton of praise too.


@Sally_Harper (10) - This is a great song. I love Frankie’s chorus with all my heart and I will not take criticism at this time. Rochelle’s Big Note is also magnificent.

@Hazey's Mom (10) - The "faster-faster-faster" part is so catchy!

@JakobVision22 (10) - One of their absolute best songs, and one of my considerations for my 11. I love that it starts out booming and then slows down for the pre-chorus until the "faster faster faster" comes in and the music takes over once again. To me, amazing but melancholic EDM pop at its finest.

@Attis (10) - Yasss now this is the 00s banger that I love.

@louciano (9.5) - This is like a sister song to 30 Days for me, both are amazing.

@Scaper (9) - Frankie’s finest moment and one of their strongest album tracks. They did Alexis Jordan proud with this one.

@daninternational (7) - Using the elements of a dance song, then pairing it with that chorus is a bit of a disappointment.

@saviodxl (6) - The "just get a word and repeat it" kinda chorus that I know most fans enjoyed, but me, not so much.

@Phonetics Girl (3) - Alexis Jordan sweetie... Nah, something about the melody on Faster is really grating and whiny. While the production is sure polished and on-trend for the time, I simply do not use this song at all.

Ehhh, what's all this Alexis Jordan talk? "Happiness" it is not, not even close in fact to the point where I'm not hearing it. In fact, I swear I was singing "30 Days" in my head when I tried to sing this instead, because it makes me think of "30 Days" and I'd rather just listen to that, which says alot. @loucaino nailed it.

Shoutout Queen


Frankie's rally continues as she piles up 9 shoutouts in the Saturdays rates, though Rochelle gives her a run for her money with 5 of her own.


#16 will be from the from first half of the discography as On Your Radar keep its five for now. The song slid from its 2015 placement, so that means If This Is Love and Forever Is Over survive another day.​
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Faster has a pre-chorus that grates on me and the production around the middle 8 is a mess, it’s just noise. It’s never been a song that I’ve enjoyed, also I was skipped over in the villain section because I definitely gave this song a 5.5 haha.

I have my money on Chasing Lights leaving next.

I skipped both 5.5's.

Figured I'd eventually make at least one clerical error, not bad considering we're at #17.
I have my money on Chasing Lights leaving next.

I bet you're happy about it too. I don't mind either and I'm sure @iheartpoptarts is celebrating.




Chasing Lights Rank | 4th (3rd in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @Shockbox @JMRGBY @slaybellz @Ugly Beauty @RUNAWAY @MilesAngel @Remorque @Fuchsia @Phonetics Girl @Robsolete @If You Go (10)

Villains | @iheartpoptarts (1) @daninternational (4.5) @Mistress of All Evil (5) @Sprockrooster (5.5)

Rank Change | -2

Score Change | -0.10

Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | Never gave this the time of day, but this rate has shined a new light upon it. It's not a massive song, but the 90s singer songwriter chorus is a burst of sunshine I didn't remember it being. (8)
Bestselling album track for the band. A favorite song of the girls, who liked to perform it during acoustic sessions.​

The sappy and sweet ballad was almost universally heralded because of the acoustic live version. The reason being is that most people didn’t particularly care for the studio arrangement, especially the fact that Vanessa gets it as a solo effort there. In the live setting, all the girls show off vocally and are able to provide great harmonies.


@Shockbox (10) - This is probably the song I come back to most out of all the CL album.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - A moment for Vanessa to shine. I can't lie, her tone was a hurdle I had to overcome when first getting into this album but I'm mostly over it and this track is basically perfection.

@saviodxl (9.8) - The song/album title gives me life! This is beautiful: the synths, Vanessa at her voice performance peak, the spark of it all.

@Sally_Harper (9) - I really wish the studio version had the acoustic arrangement, but it’s still a lovely song as basically a Vanessa solo.

@Ezz (8.75) - The lyrics and the tempo suit the heartbreak perfectly.

@JakobVision22 (8.5) - Should've been the midtempo/ballad single instead of Issues, and I'm SO happy it got another moment to shine during their greatest hits tour.

@Attis (8.5) - Great ballad, come through Una with the guitar.

@Scaper (7.5) - The live version where the vocals were split more fairly was infinitely better.

@louciano (6.5) - It's boppy, but unfortunately really forgettable and I never remember how it sounds after I listen to it. Lyrically, it's pretty timeless though.

@daninternational (4.5) - Wow very weak song to name an album after.

Interestingly enough, most of the more positive comments this time around seem to be about the album version and there's only a couple nods to the acoustic live one. I only rated based on the album track myself as I never really get into much fuss about versions of songs I can't have on a playlist to listen to all the time.

Shoutout Queen


Of course, with 8 out of the 10 total shoutouts for the track, Vanessa was always taking this one home.


#15 will be a song that got the most 11's yet (three).

Not particularly happy to see Chasing Lights go out but I think there was an apparent gap in quality between two groups of songs as we hit the top 20 & this definitely fell into the lesser category. With this elimination I think that gap has closed up. Chasing Lights is perfectly listenable & I love the ‘I just want to lie back down’ bit but it’s incredibly dated sounding now. This is one I’d expect to see slide down in rankings over the years, just due to the 2008 production.