The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
Beautiful song. Sorry to those who don't have the range to enjoy ballads.

I always found Chasing Lights came to life when they performed it at their tours, it made me really appriciate the song more and more as the years went by. I found myself tearing up a little when they performed it at their last Wembley show. Its a great wee song! But i can absolutely understand why it falls flat for some.
This one hurts...

My 11 in 2015, but I'm so proud of its rise up the rankings!

And yes, this definitely applies.

Beautiful song. Sorry to those who don't have the range to enjoy ballads.





Wordshaker Rank | 3rd (5th in 2015)

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Most Solo Time | Vanessa

Hazey Says | My 11 last time and honestly still one of my favorite all-time songs. I love how the girls trade punches in the verses and how that help builds towards the skyscraper heights that are oncoming. (The Franessa second verse gets special props) God I am so weak for this exact type of HUUUUGE chorus to sing along to and they never get old for me, like they may for so many others. This is still 100% of what it was on day one. I’ll admit I love many other Una moments more than the way she sounds on this middle eight but I don’t care, it’s all part of the moment for me now. This song is when I realized Vanessa was one of the best girl group singers I’ve ever heard. Her belting is off the charts, but “cuz If I don’t get out now, I may never escape, your power is fading away” always struck me down more than anything else -- it’s pop lightning! (10+)

Former Busted band member James Bourne wrote the song. Bourne originally penned the song for Kelly Clarkson. However, when The Saturdays heard the track they decided they wanted it for themselves. Mollie told The Daily Star: "We heard the song playing while at our record company and went into the office where James was talking to the head of the label. We said: 'We have to have that song.' Then we found out that Kelly Clarkson was fighting for it, but he gave it to us. James is lovely." The fact that it was originally meant for Kelly probably explains why it has a rockier edge to it, which is a nice switchup for the band.

The song charted at #2 on the UK Charts. It was the lead single for Wordshaker.

The music video was shot in London, United Kingdom, the video was shot in July 2009. The music video was directed by Trudy Bellinger, who has previously worked with label mates and rival girl group, Girls Aloud. The video consists of the band going through a heart break, and they are trying to get over it. The video features different scenes, from being in a house to, being in a club and cinemas.

Many of the nay-sayers for this one weren’t sure this was the direction the fans wanted the band going. While they did recognize that it’s objectively a good song, they had trouble finding parts they enjoy more than the average song. Those people would also tell you other songs like Ego should’ve led the campaign instead of such a jarring change in sound. There were also a few jabs at Vanessa for her “screeching” and a few more insults thrown at the live performance of it. Most could agree on Una bringing it with her husky register on the middle eight. While those of us who love this power ballad, can’t get enough of the huge chorus.


@louciano (11) - What can I say about this song? This has always been the song I consistently come back to. The alternating vocals are absolutely gorgeous and the vulnerability delivered by Vanessa is really noteworthy too. Overall, this is a really stellar song and the only song truly laudable and deserving of my 11.

@phily693 (11) - Do I think this song is their best? No. Is this song representative of their sound? Not at all. Do I think it should win the rate? Probably not. The reason this gets my 11 is because I’ve just always loved it. I remember being so excited when it premiered and just fell in love with it immediately. I liked that it was slightly less straightforward pop than the last album and signaled something maybe edgier to come but still pop. It’s a song that probably any B-list or C-list pop star could sing and it would probably sound pretty similar, and it probably wouldn’t have even troubled the Top 10, the fact that it did so well is because of the girls themselves. This song feels like the music Una should’ve been making, Vanessa has never sounded more at home than on a track that goes “harder” like this rather than on dancier sounding songs, and Rochelle’s 2nd verse is one of my favourite things she’s done. The last bridge into the final chorus is by far my favourite part. I’m going to be laughed out of this forum for saying this but the production on this is like that on Ace Reject, or if someone tried to copy the sound of that song (and on a budget) and sped it up and made it slightly more angsty for a pop rock teen star. It’s the beat, the guitars, the electro-almost-dance feel to it while maintaining the guitars prominently. It’s the scratchy guitar riff throughout that’s paired with the looped foot-tapping beat. I’m not the most articulate but hopefully somebody will understand what I’m getting at.

@Shockbox (10) - Was this the wrong lead single? Yes. Is it still an absolute bop? YES.

@daninternational (10) - All of their songs should have 'over' in the title, it clearly works.

@Hazey's Mom (9) - This is my first-time hearing this (Hazey: it wasn't, since it's one of my favorites dd) and I found the lyrics to not be very understandable with the way they sing them. It's still a pretty powerful song though.

@Ezz (9) - What a brilliant debut and love the call-response like structure to the pre-chorus.

@Scaper (9) - Not the song they should have launched the new era with but it is a well-produced bop. Still remember the hilarious PR spin from when they were promoting it: Kelly Clarkson and Pink were desperate to have this song, don’t you know!

@saviodxl (8.8) - Never clicked with me like their other singles, although the rockier vibe fits them here.

@Sally_Harper (7) - I hated this initially, but it’s grown on me. I love all their “angsty breakup” acting in the video.

I must say @phily693's assertion, that it reminds them of Ace Reject, does click for me. The fact that they are both two of favorite songs of the decade clinches why I love both, by applying this connection you point out. Also, you want "laughed off the forum" well the fact that Kelly Clarkson fought for the song truly makes sense because Forever Is Over reminds me of the same kind of belter that got Kelly famous like "Behind These Hazel Eyes" or "Since U Been Gone" and while those have died off for me years ago, this remains incredible.

Shoutout Queen


Duh. Well Una put up a fight (11-to-6) but still, duh.


#14 on Monday will be from On Yoru Radar.

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If I was a popstar I would want to hang around the record company offices just so I could fight for all the best bops. Iconic.

Also, you'd do this in the recording studio part of the offices. (For some reason I thought of this oldie but goodie, remember when I said this about your Fleur East - "Sax" comment?) qadsisndndkh

iheartpoptarts (1) walks into the studio, grabs the saxophone, and tosses it out the window, finds the saxophone section on the mix board, and pours coffee all over it, as the producers watch with stunned faces. Then calmly walks out the door with A*Teens playing so loudly you can hear every word through the headphones on her way to breakfast:

"Noooooooooooo. No more sax. Ever. We couldn’t just vote for ‘Breakfast’ instead?"
I'm going to get kicked out of the record company aren't I?

No this was back in the days when we were on talking about making our own record label, Bops Inc. or something. If you came to us with some kind of slow indie stuff, we'd politely walk you to the front door and try to give you directions to the competing headquarters because you had clearly gotten lost.
No this was back in the days when we were on talking about making our own record label, Bops Inc. or something. If you came to us with some kind of slow indie stuff, we'd politely walk you to the front door and try to give you directions to the competing headquarters because you had clearly gotten lost.

It's our company and I get to kick other people out? Even better!