The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
It was a good run...





Wordshaker Rank | 2nd (2nd in 2015)

VIPs | @AfternoonsInUtopia @JMRGBY @WoW73 @Ugly Beauty DJHazey @soratami @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @Untouchable Ace @Aester @Remorque @Fuchsia @Duppe @phily693 @Robsolete @If You Go (10)

"Villains" | @daninternational (6.25) @CorgiCorgiCorgi (7)

Rank Change | +3

Score Change | +0.19

Most Solo Time | Rochelle

Hazey Says | I mean if you hear these angels go “ALL I AM IS CONSTANTLY!” and not immediately get goosebumps, you’re listening to the wrong genre of music. (10)

As an album track, it finished second to Ego on Wordshaker in the 2015 rate and behind Get ready Set as the best album track in their discography. This time it trades and takes the album track crown.

Was likely planned to be a single as it had remixes made, including the Starsmith mix on Headlines, which was assumed to be scrapped single.

Many people commented on how it should have been possibly single number three for the album, but some went a step further and thought it should have been the lead single in front of Ego. Rochelle and Vanessa took a lot of the praise vocally and the chorus was considered pretty much undeniable, with how much it pops off. Mollie fans loved her middle eight and for the most part people seemed to prefer the original over the beefed-up Starsmith mix.


@Sally_Harper (10) - Classic bop. Rochelle’s fantastic on the verses and obviously I love Frankie’s bit.

@Phonetics Girl (9.5) - Is this what people hear when they listen to On Your Radar? Cause if you must fill the top 10 with bops, One Shot deserves it.

@saviodxl (9) - The revamped version included on Headlines is slightly better, but alas, another Saturdays in autopilot bop!

@louciano (8.5) - Would benefit from some better verses, but the chorus is amongst their best.

@Ezz (8.5) - Very much of its time, superbly executed.

@JakobVision22 (8) - To this day, I'm surprised that this wasn't a single. I know they wanted to rush into Headlines! but the remix of One Shot could've easily been a late in the game single a la Britney's Radar.

@Scaper (7.5) - I remember Ina’s demo for this floating around shortly after they started performing it on the Work tour and being excited to hear the final version but the end product was a bit underwhelming. Not least of all because chorus vocals sound almost exactly the same as the demo. ddd

@Attis (7.5) - A better Ego methinks.

@daninternational (6.25) - As with many Saturdays songs, the tune doesn't live up to the production.

A couple of these opinions...all I can say is they need to repent for their sins! Where are all the 10's in the commentary? Line up in the thread and celebrate it being the highest rated album track, the hit single that should've been! I actually used to just consider it an okay bop buried in their discography, but now it's one of my favorite songs here. Yeah, it's a bit chorus-heavy, but it has those kinds of verses you end up loving more than they are objectively because they build towards the payoff nicely. The anticipation of the explosion makes the foreplay a highlight.

Shoutout Queen


In fact, the woman who dominates those verses takes the victory lap here with 5 shoutouts. Vanessa had 3.

We're not done though!

Decided to switch my 11 up this time (Forever Is Over in 2015), figuring it would help it make the Top 5...

But the "there's no chorus!" dorks won again.




On Your Radar Rank | 2nd (3rd in 2015)

VIPs | @Shockbox @Iggypig DJHazey @soratami @Aester (11) @Angeleyes @JMRGBY @WoW73 @slaybellz @Elysium @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @MilesAngel @Hazey's Mom @daninternational @m_dimitrov @imaduck @TwistedInnocence @Mvnl (10)

Villains | @Attis @Phonetics Girl @Robsolete (6)

Rank Change | +1

Score Change | +0.27

Most Solo Time | Everyone but Frankie

Hazey Says | Such a vibey song. Those who say it isn't catchy or doesn't have a real chorus are just wrong. The killer moment for me is always "my resume says I'm a bad girl…OHHHHHHHH…" and then Rochelle, demanding my attention with "closer baby, look in my eyes, do you recognize me?" (11)

On several occasions, Mollie has stated this is her favorite song by the band.

Mr. Popjustice at the time said about the song, "a bit Black Eyed Peas-esque, feels a tiny bit like Kelis and Rihanna, and has a strong, propulsive energy that builds throughout the tune."

Mollie and Una on the song: Mollie: "It's obviously still pop, but it's got more of a dance beat behind it. It's about when you step on to the dancefloor and transform into a completely different person - when you turn into a bad girl!"

Una: "Dance is massive at the moment so it's a dance track, but it also has something unique behind it. It's got this drop-out chorus where it's just the beat and you can only hear our voices - there aren't many tracks like that, so it's a bit different."

There was a live lounge version of the song:

In 2015’s rate people were quick scream form the highest mountain that this should’ve been a #1 smash and the change-up to their usual sound was a big risk but a big reward. There were many comments about how they hated the switch-up at first but how it would eventually grow into a full-on favorite. The age-old argument against the song is how it doesn’t really have that huge pop-chorus, which is of course what turns off those who don’t really like the song (that and the “chipmunk’ robotics on some of the vocals) however Vanessa’s uncanny vocals, Rochelle’s attitude, and Mollie the ‘outlawr’ were enough to help overlook any shortcomings for those with taste.

The ’So You Think You Can Dance’ premiere of the song also was complimented plenty of times.


@Shockbox (11) - This gets me 11 because it's the one single that has actually grown on and continues to grow on me as time passes.

@Sally_Harper (10) - The first time I heard this I was just like “…what the HELL?” but then I really got into it, chipmunk vocals and all, and it’s one of my favourite singles now. The dance routine is great fun too. Also I believe I was at the first live performance, or that’s what they told us. The Enjoy Festival in Parc y Scarlets, Llanelli, 2011, where other illustrious performers included…the guy from the Go Compare adverts. Still not really sure why the girls were there!

@Hazey's Mom (10) - (Hazey: I thought she was going to hate the "outlaw" parts because that kind of autotune style is often what she calls 'chipmunk vocal' but surprisingly she didn't mind them, when I asked her about it, after being shocked by the 10)

@daninternational (10) - One of the best girl band songs ever.

@louciano (9.75) - Cringe, dated lyrics aside, this is a stone cold bop. My only gripe is that I wish the final breakdown went harder than it does, because the song deserves one that pops off.

@Ezz (8.5) - The transition to a more edgy sound is so much fun! Especially that distorted final minute or so.

@saviodxl (8.2) - Just like Forever Is Over, a decent pop effort, but lacks that lead single energy.

@Scaper (8) - The way they gave Dame Mollie King the lines, ‘I’m an outlaw, I’m the big boss, I’m a gangster on the dancefloor”??? How they performed this song with a straight face I will never know.

@Phonetics Girl (6) - Another lead single I've had to wrestle with but it's no longer 2011 and unlike Missing You, Notorious is not doing much for me in the long run (apart from that battle cry hook, I guess sung by Ina as I wouldn't bet on any of The Sats' capability to do that vocal ddd).

@Attis (6) - All that buildup for such a non thingy breakdown.

Shoutout Queens



As it should be, the dynamic bad-b* energy from Rochelle combined with Mollie being the outlawr, with 5 shoutouts each, this should be theirs to share.



Tuesday | #6 (a non-Chasing Lights song)
Wednesday | #5
Thursday | #4
Friday | #3
Weekend | Finale
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I can't believe I've lost "One Shot" and "Notorious" back to back! I don't listen to the Saturdays very often these days, with the exception of those two songs and "All Fired Up," which are forever staples on my exercise playlist. They are exceptional bops. And I just love the weird structure and instrumental choices on "Notorious." I think it'll always be my Saturdays 11.
Notorious was the song that really made me a definite fan of The Saturdays, the Wordshaker album was a bit of a disappointment compared to Chasing Lights (though I enjoy it a lot more now) and my move to London corresponded with the release of Headlines, so it got a bit sidelined.

However, Notorious really made me sit up. It's just such a fantastic, bonkers song, I never ever get tired listening to it. Every group needs to have their Notorious moment.
Losing Ego, Higher, All Fired Up, OR Not Giving Up before the top 5 does not sit right with me.

It's gotta be Ego. I would take Higher or Not Giving Up too but I know that's not realistic.

I would take one song in particular to go now since I gave the actual #6 a 9 and the song got a lower score than that, but it's not happening. Instead...

To anybody that thought Chasing Lights would eventually lose all of its songs first, like it did in 2015...

You gotta check your ego.




Wordshaker Rank | 1st

VIPs | @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Guy (11) @Angeleyes @Iggypig @JMRGBY @louciano @Elysium @Ugly Beauty @saviodxl @Mistress of All Evil @daninternational @m_dimitrov @Untouchable Ace @Remorque @BubblegumBoy @Fuchsia @TwistedInnocence @Scaper @Duppe @phily693 @Robsolete @If You Go

"Villains" | @Sprockrooster (6) @Ana Raquel (6.5)

Rank Change | -1

Score Change | +0.04

Most Solo Time | Everyone

Hazey Says | This used to be one of my absolute favorites, which has faded just a tick; I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it. Rochelle’s lead-in to the chorus is easily my favorite part (Mollie’s doesn’t quite match-up) and the chorus is still ultra catchy to this day. I’ll always bow to it as one of their most important hits and I’ll always remember how sexy Una is in the video. (9)


@CorgiCorgiCorgi (11) - When I think of The Saturdays, this is the song I think of. Iconic video, catchy song, and I can't think of another girl group that would have pulled it off like them. I predict it will be eliminated at #12.

I bet you're ecstatic about this result then! Though it finished at #5 last time, so I don't why you'd think that it'd be outside the Top 10 in the first place!

@saviodxl (10) - The Kelly Clarkson reject that made me company in my daily walk to school, in my last year of high school. Ah, the memories!

@daninternational (10) - It's easy to forget how many hits they had, especially as this was when I left the UK. Didn't get to dance to much Sats in Berlin sadly.

@Scaper (10) - One of their best videos and singles. Considering it was inspired by Gaga’s Pokerface, it has arguable stood the test of time slightly better than that song.

I can see the correlation between the two, personally I think Poker Face remains at a higher place in this era's ranking of iconic songs.

@louciano (10) - This chorus is absolutely stellar. The sass is everything! This is also one of their best bridges.

@Ezz (9.75) - Una on the first verse <3

@Phonetics Girl (8) - This would just get on my nerves but getting used to the clumsy chorus and demonic vocal effects was a process un-undoable by time.

@Sally_Harper (7) - This is good but will never be one of my favourites. I do really like the Live Lounge version though, and Frankie’s part.

@Attis (7) - Idk but I just dislike the chorus, especially the constant snare.

Shoutout Queens



Vanessa got tons of love in the 2015 commentary, but Una pulled up to a tie with her with 4 shoutouts of her own.
Wordshaker Recap

#6 | 9.16 | Ego | +1 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#8 | 8.94 | One Shot | +3 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#15 | 8.31 | Forever Is Over | +14 Overall Rank | +2 Album Rank
#21 | 8.10 | Wordshaker | -3 Overall Rank | -1 Album Rank
#22 | 7.98 | Lose Control | +14 Overall Rank | +1 Album Rank
#35 | 7.51 | Denial | -14 Overall Rank | -2 Album Rank
#41 | 7.32 | Open Up | -1 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#45 | 7.21 | Here Standing | -3 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#62 | 6.82 | Not Good Enough | -9 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#65 | 6.65 | 2am | +4 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#70 | 6.39 | Deeper | +2 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#76 | 5.65 | No One | +/- 0 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank

Biggest Glow Ups | Forever Is Over and Lose Control
Biggest Flop | Denial

11s Given | Forever Is Over (3), Ego (2)
Most 10s Given | Ego (20)

Biggest Fans | @RUNAWAY (9.29), @Hazey's Mom (9.04), @slaybellz (8.75), @Phonetics Girl (8.63), @Untouchable Ace (8.51)
Biggest Haters | @imaduck (5.62), @iheartpoptarts (6.00), @Elysium (6.17), @TwistedInnocence (6.25), @If You Go (6.64)

Yes, I realize I haven't done this for Finest Selection and B-Sides yet, but honestly it slipped my mind at the time, so I promise I will.
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Get Ready Get Set: Ultimate BANGER. 10.

One Shot has a brilliant chorus but the verses could be better. 8.6.

I didn't talk about What About Us when it was eliminated. It's The Sats Only version I rated. Chorus is great, even with the 'na-na's,' and I love the breakdown. The first part of the verses brought it down a bit. 8.8
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