The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.7%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 39 35.8%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.8%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.8%

  • Total voters
I love the debut album, obssessed over it when it was released.

But how anyone can look you in the eye and tell you it's a 9.5 is beyond me.

Honestly when I think about Ego I don't get particularly excited, but when I listen I can't help but realize how
good it is, and bop and sing along. 9.

I adore the cascading synths and beefy production of Notorious. It really puts you in a dancing mood. In a song of great hooks, the 'Closer baby look in my eyes, Do you recognize me?' moment is my favourite. 10.
We get the Top 2 everyone envisioned, and the 2015 rate's namesake falls at #3 again.




Headlines Rank | 1st

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"Villains" | @AfternoonsInUtopia @slaybellz @Attis (7)

Rank Change | +/- 0

Score Change | +0.04

Most Solo Time | Everyone but Mollie

Hazey Says | I might say that this is among their most signature hits; it's certainly the one that gets in my head most often and most intensely. If I ever randomly think of The Sats, oftentimes I will just start singing "So when I speak, listen, this is my decision..." to myself. That in itself is enough for 10. Saying this though, I still wouldn't rank it above their other big hits that didn't have a featuring male artist. There’s some irrational agenda where I want them to be known for their solo hits without the help of a big male feature to help push it on the radio. Am I wrong for that? (10)


@saviodxl (11) - I wish this was the lead single of Headlines instead of Missing You. The sugar rush! The little walk in line with the spin in the video that me and a few friends tried to recreate and almost got hit by cars doing so! The middle 8 in the Flo Rida-less version (aka the best version) when Una screams "listeeeeeeeen yeaaaah"! This is gold!

@Shockbox (10) - This would have been a number 1 if they hadn't done that stupid staggered release.

@Sally_Harper (10) - I honestly play both versions interchangeably and both are a 10. What a song. WHAT A SONG. It lifts (sorry) my mood instantly when I hear the opening. I think Rochelle’s bit is probably my favourite, but obviously I love Frankie’s bit as well. The performance in Stevenage is iconic too, although it’s sort of ruined Una’s bit slightly as I just hear the drunken version in my head every time. Also iconic is the footage of them on one of their shows complaining about having to learn the “choreo” for the video… and they were talking about the pose-and-twirl on the zebra crossing. That was IT. Amazing.

@Hazey's Mom (10) - This is close to an 11, I love the positivity and the beat!

@daninternational (10) - Every album had one absolute bop that sounded unmistakably Saturdays. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

@Ezz (10) - An 11 contender, love how the chorus builds.

@louciano (10) - Honestly, I hope this doesn't win, but giving this anything less than a 10 is criminal - this song has grown on me a lot with recent listens. Also, Bailey J Mills' "performance" of this song is incredible.

@Scaper (9) - It loses a point because the live version popped in a way that the overly processed vocals on the studio version never quite allowed it to – it’s certainly missing Una’s iconic ad libs. A signature Saturdays song but in my old age, it mainly gives me a headache nowadays.

@Phonetics Girl (8) - I never really got all the fuss with this song? I mean it's cute but far from remarkable (aside from that banshee wail from ProcessedTohellUna, poor my ears!)

@Attis (7) - That synth in the verse is so annoying.

Shoutout Queen


That ad-libbing gets Una another easy victory with 5 shoutouts while everyone minus Vanessa got 1. She now has a two-crown lead over Mollie with two songs remaining.

Headlines Recap

#3 | 9.36 | Higher | +/- 0 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#18 | 8.20 | Missing You | +2 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#34 | 7.63 | Puppet | -3 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#37 | 7.48 | Karma | -3 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank
#44 | 7.25 | Died in Your Eyes | -6 Overall Rank | +/- 0 Album Rank

Biggest Glow Up | Missing You
Biggest Flop | Died in Your Eyes

11s Given | Higher (3), Missing You (1)
Most 10s Given | Higher (20)

Biggest Fans | @RUNAWAY (9.90), @Untouchable Ace (9.66), @soratami @DJHazey (9.60), @saviodxl (9.16)
Biggest Haters | @AfternoonsInUtopia (4.80), @If You Go (5.60), @imaduck (5.94), @Duppe (6.60), @Aester (6.70)

I rated the Sats Only version of Higher. The chorus is very very good, but the production in the verses is slightly irritating to my ears. 8.9.

There are quite a few other songs I would prefer in the Top 3 (even excluding Chasing Lights tracks).
I agree that some of the production on Higher sounds dated now and borders on being grating but it bops so much I overlook it. This feels like The Saturdays most singalong anthem, the chorus is infectious. I’ve actually come to prefer the Flo Rida feature better than the original, it’s completely hectic but what a rush.
Higher is cute but it's so overrated in their discography, i'm sorry! It just sounds too juvenile for me. This is to the Sats what Black Magic is to Little Mix.

I really hope the 2015's wrongs were corrected this time and All Fired Up ended up taking the crown.
I just remembered that Ina Wroldsen seems to actively despise Higher ddd. So random.
I’ve done so many songs I don’t think have aged well! One I always think of is Higher by The Saturdays. The opening lyric - “I’m doing nothing, ‘cause then at least I’m doing nothing wrong” - makes no sense and the song is just like, what? It’s fun to listen to the old stuff and see the progression. I miss some of the naivety I used to have.
Although "Impossible" originally comes from 2010, written for Shontelle, Wroldsen cites it as something of a game-changer in terms of how she approached writing. "That was almost like a stepping stone, because I hear a lot of the old Saturdays songs and I just cringe!" again, Wroldsen bursts into laughter. "What is this lyric?! ‘Higher’ has [sings in robotic girl band voice] ‘I’m doing nothing / cos at least then i’m doing nothing wrong’.....what does this mean?