The Saturdays 2022 Re-Rate - Results - [FINALE]

Who is your favourite Saturdays band member?

  • Frankie

    Votes: 16 14.5%
  • Mollie

    Votes: 40 36.4%
  • Rochelle

    Votes: 15 13.6%
  • Una

    Votes: 24 21.8%
  • Vanessa

    Votes: 15 13.6%

  • Total voters
To be honest, when I host a rate, even though I'm happy to present whatever the results end up being, I'm always selfishly hoping I get a new song into the winner's rate. I mean, don't we all as rate hosts?

Over the years my love for this song has soured and I gave it the score I usually give big songs with a diminishing amount of enjoyment: a 7. Which happens to be one of the lowest scores you'll find here.

But it wasn't enough.




Living for the Weekend Rank | 1st

VIPs | @imaduck @Remorque @BubblegumBoy @JakobVision22 (11) @Angeleyes @AfternoonsInUtopia @Shockbox @Iggypig @Ana Raquel @Attis @Elysium @Guy @Ugly Beauty @soratami @Sally_Harper @RUNAWAY @Mistress of All Evil @daninternational @CorgiCorgiCorgi @m_dimitrov @Untouchable Ace @Fuchsia @Scaper @Phonetics Girl @phily693 @Robsolete @If You Go (10)

"Villains" | @Hazey's Mom (6.5) @DJHazey (7) @Sprockrooster (8)

Rank Change | +/- 0

Score Change | +0.07

Most Solo Time | Everyone

Hazey Says | It’s no secret I love my 'speed singing' pop choruses especially when you mash up a million words into one breath. So, when I first heard this, I needed CPR. This is also one of Mollie's best moments as her verse is low key one of her best in the discography. The Frankie-led bridge is all kinds of crazy too. My stanning for it has waned a bit over the years though. When I first got into the band, it was easily one of my favorites, but it has since slipped from being near the top tier, because I found I never seek it out as much as I did, and the impact of the chorus has definitely faded. That and I’d also like to not see it take the crown again, so the 7 feels right. This is usually about the score I give to songs I feel will be 'top tier' but I find to be overrated, like this or What About Us which also got a 7. (7)


@JakobVision22 (11) - I know this is a predictable/pedestrian choice, but as someone who got into the Saturdays during their last year together, this song more than any others made me stand up and take notice of them. The song doesn't do anything groundbreaking or brand new but the way the quick fire post-chorus of "If you tell me no I'm not giving up, no" just flows so fiercely and perfectly gives me life even 8 years later.

Yup, totally understandable, that part particularly is easy to succumb to.

@Shockbox (10) - I love that Rochelle would phone in to Marv's Capital show to request this.

@Sally_Harper (10) - I love this song. You love this song. We all love this song. The sky is blue, grass is green, and we all love this song. Is Mollie’s verse her best moment in the band? Probably, she sounds amazing. I mean honestly they all do, but Mollie in particular. And whenever I get hold of a tube, or something that could vaguely pass for a tube, I can’t resist flinging it about in the style of the video routine. What a song. Shame Vanessa hated it. Couldn’t be me!

@daninternational (10) - banger.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - Falling several flights of stairs and loving it!

@louciano (9.5) - The chorus is everything! This is like the sequel to All Fired Up, a bit more grown up yet still a full out banger.

The funny thing is, there was a time when I would've subscribed to this kind of comment. In fact, at one point I thought All Fired Up was an overrated 6 or 7, now it's reversed! For that reason, I think All Fired Up is the mature version of this song.

@Ezz (9.25) - I guess there are some trance-like elements with the pace and beat, so can see where Wikipedia is coming from…

@Hazey's Mom (6.5) - Great beat, just not as impactful as some others. I would not have chosen this to win the last rate as I was informed it did since I find it gets a little repetitive pretty quickly.

Shoutout Queens



Mollie got 10 shoutouts for this, one of her strongest showings yet and Frankie got 7 which is one her highest too, since nobody else really scrounged up any, I decided to give it to both. This puts Mollie within one victory of Una.

Since Not Giving Up defends its crown, that obviously means...



How about a tie?




On Your Radar Rank | 1st

VIPs | @Angeleyes @Ana Raquel @slaybellz @Elysium @m_dimitrov @Scaper @Sprockrooster (11) @AfternoonsInUtopia @Shockbox @Iggypig @JMRGBY @WoW73 @Attis @Guy @saviodxl @Ugly Beauty @DJHazey @soratami @MilesAngel @Ezz @Untouchable Ace @imaduck @Aester @Remorque @BubblegumBoy @Fuchsia @TwistedInnocence @JakobVision22 @Phonetics Girl @phily693 (10)

Villains | @If You Go (4) @Robsolete (6)

Rank Change | +1

Score Change | +0.25

Most Solo Time | Everyone but Frankie

Hazey Says | I gave this a 7.5 the first time around. I used to think it was an overrated 'wall of sound', but obviously it has shown its true colors to me since. On the surface, this is such a basic dance tune without a lot of variation lyrically. However, there are indeed intricate nuances to the sound that begin to grab ahold of you after you've heard it enough and you begin to understand how it is an anthem. I was already a huge fan of Una but what cemented that was her last part here with that otherworldly "keep me keep me keep me on your radar". Very reminiscent of why I love Sarah's "follow the leader" on Something New. (10)


@Sprockrooster (11) - This relentless nonstop bop this. The sweat that drips out of every pore, because you simply can't take 5 and breathe. This track sets out exactly what it intends to. Getting all fired up.

That's why I eventually fell to its charms, the relentlessness just kind becomes its own special aura.

@Ana Raquel (11) - This song pretty much represents the best of 2011, which is one of my favorite years of pop music (perhaps my favorite, even? it's no 90s-early 00s eurodance/trance but it is a close second).

For me, the peak period of music will always be 1998-2013. The 2008-2013 period of electro-charged pop will always hold a special place in my heart and this song definitely represents it perfectly.

@Scaper (11) - A stone cold bop that has stood the test of time. It should have been #1 for several weeks.

Now it will be in a Popjustice Winner's Rate. A nice consolation prize.

@Shockbox (10) - Criminally underrated by the general public, especially after you see some of the shite they get to number 1.

Yup, we've been seeing it in @saviodxl's rates.

@saviodxl (10) - It's that perfect song for the fans, the radios and the dancefloors so we can party super naughty dancing on the bar.

@Phonetics Girl (10) - Wouldn't mind All Fired Up winning for a change!

@Attis (10) - Trashy electrobop is abundant, yet only small amount of them is actually good. All Fired Up is on the upper echelon of electro boppery tier, effortlessly cool, chic and sleek.

Yes, part of that era I was describing with @Ana Raquel's comment was my love for 'trashy electro pop' and All Fired Up is like the champagne version of that line of drinks.

@louciano (9.75) - What's not to like? I might have oversaturated myself on this one a tad because I do tend to sometimes skip it, unlike my 10s.

@Ezz (9.5) - Feels fresh even today. Love the "animals" refrain.

@Sally_Harper (9) - Undeniably a banger. My favourite part is the swoopy synth bit right after the “We’re so close to the edge of desire” section, at about 1.44. The video’s great too.

@Hazey's Mom (8.5) - Repetitive and noisy! (Hazey: So this was her initial reaction with a 5! A lot like "Up" I told her to re-think this. As the voting period closed and I saw how close the ranking was between our Top 2, I asked her watch the music video a couple times and see if that would wake her up to the song's magic. In the Women of the 90s rate I did this for some songs and Madonna's Frozen entranced her into taking a song that originally had no points, to one that got 10 from her. Videos always enhance her listening experience for a pop song. After that she texted me and said while she couldn't go any higher, she'd settled on an 8.5. I screamed when I saw the final scoreline at the end. So in a way, All Fired Up fans have my Mom to thank for seeing the light with the music video's help.)

Shoutout Queen


Not a ton of specific shoutouts in either rate, surprisingly. However, Una wins the entire championship by two over Mollie by taking a 4-to-2or1 over all the other girls.


Thank you to everyone who voted and followed along! I appreciate the consistent participation throughout all the results and had an amazing time cataloging this edition of another Popjustice girl group extravaganza. I hope I honored them adequately.

I will post the final two album recaps at a later time.
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Final Leaderboard with queen(s) that 'owns the song' next to them. This is on the first page too.

78. Christmas Wrapping - 4.78
77. Please Mr. Postman - 5.35 - Unessa
76. No One - 5.65 Frolluna
75. Beggin' - 5.82 Vanessa
74. Bigger - 6.04 Mochelle
73. Vulnerable - 6.15 Mollie
72. You Don't Have the Right - 6.21 Una
71. Gentleman - 6.25 Mollie
70. Deeper - 6.39 Monessa
69. Unofficial - 6.40 Vanessa
68. Problem with Love - 6.47 Mollie
67. What Am I Gonna Do - 6.59 Una
66. Leave a Light On - 6.63 Unelle
65. 2am - 6.65 Frankie
64. The Way You Watch Me - 6.67 Frankie
63. When Love Takes Over - 6.80 Mollie
62. Not Good Enough - 6.82 Vanessa
61. Golden Rules - 6.85 Frochelle
60. Anywhere with You - 6.91 Mollie
59. Love Come Down - 6.92 Rochelle
57. Lease My Love - 6.93 Rochelle
57. Last Call - 6.93 Mochellunessa
56. Why Me, Why Now - 6.97 Unessa
55. Ready to Rise - 6.98 Una
54. Wish I Didn't Know - 6.99 Mollie
53. Had it with Today - 7.01 Una
52. So Stupid - 7.02 Unessa
51. Somebody Else's Life - 7.04 Una
50. I Say OK - 7.11 Unelle
49. On the Radio - 7.13
48. Issues - 7.14 Vanessa
46. Promise Me - 7.16 Frollie
46. Don't Let Me Dance Alone - 7.16 Una
45. Here Standing - 7.21 Mollie
44. Died In Your Eyes - 7.25 Romona
43. Set Me Off - 7.27 Una
42. I Can't Wait - 7.30 Frankie
41. Open Up - 7.32 Mochelle
40. For Myself - 7.35 Unelle
39. Do What You Want with Me - 7.40 Frollie
38. Turn Myself In - 7.46 Frankie
37. Karma - 7.48 Fruna
36. Just Can't Get Enough - 7.50 Frochelleunessa
35. Denial - 7.51 Monessa
34. Puppet - 7.63 Mollie
33. Crashing Down - 7.69 Una
32. Fall - 7.71 Una
30. Keep Her - 7.73 Frankie
30. Flashback 7.73 Una
29. Ladykiller - 7.77 Monessa
28. 30 Days - 7.79 Mona
27. 808 - 7.83 Rochelle
26. Lies - 7.84 Frankie
25. Move on U - 7.93 Mollie
24. Not That Kinda Girl - 7.94 Frollie
23. Walking Through the Desert - 7.97 Fruna
22. Lose Control - 7.98 Unessa
21. Wordshaker - 8.10 Vanessa
20. Wildfire - 8.11 Frankie
19. What Are You Waiting For? - 8.12 Mochelle
18. Missing You - 8.20 Frankie
17. Faster - 8.21 Frankie
16. Chasing Lights - 8.24 Vanessa
15. Forever Is Over - 8.31 Vanessa
14. My Heart Takes Over - 8.33 Vanessa
13. If This Is Love - 8.39 Franessa
12. What About Us - 8.47 Unelle
11. White Lies - 8.75 Frollie
10. Disco Love - 8.80 Mollie
9. Get Ready, Get Set 8.87 Mona
8. One Shot 8.94 Rochelle
7. Notorious 9.13 Mochelle
6. Ego - 9.16 Unessa
5. Work - 9.20 Mollie
4. Up - 9.32 Unessa
3. Higher - 9.36 Una
1. Not Giving Up - 9.63 Frollie
1. All Fired Up - 9.63 Una

Final Shoutout Queen Leaderboard








Awwwwwww, I'm so fucking happy. Even if my 11 didn't make it to the top alone, All Fired Up also is a deserving winner. All of the girls fucking loved that song and it shows in their performance. It was a fucking MOMENT in my pop loving herstory and I will never forget the way they came out with something so out of their what I myself assumed was their comfort zone.

The video was fantastic, as they were all serving hairography and armography galore. I loved it. Still love it.

I enjoyed myself during this countdown even if y'all displayed harrowing taste at times, after having put them on a bit of a backburner when I was enjoying other girl groups. An underrated group, with a vast discography of pop moments.

Thank you, @DJHazey and everyone who provided the kiis. xoxo

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Blimey. Has there ever been a joint winner before?

Thank you so much @DJHazey , it's been brilliant and you've been a fantastic host!

edit: not me just noticing the artwork says Not Good Enough.

*face palm* the codes are right next to each other on my list of alphabetical songs in the rate. My bad!

But yes, Not Good Enough deserved so much better so seethe at its little moment of glory!
I didn't think we'd have two winners but what two incredible winners! Not Giving Up still gives me the rush after all these years...ditto for All Fired Up.

Thanks @DJHazey for running this, with the shout-out queens and comparing the current scores with the previous ones and even getting your mom to vote, a lot of effort has been put to this rate and I had a lot of fun <33
I'm going to begin writing up the finale now, like this post if you want Not Giving Up to win.
1 like on this one
Like this post if you'd rather All Fired Up win.
And 11 likes on this one....Something's not adding up here dd. But whatever i'll take the tie, it's better than 2nd place. All Fired Up really deserved to win by a mile though, what a song.
At one point I gave Not Giving Up 10, which would've made it the winner, but when I listened to all my 10's before sending in my scores, it didn't have the same singalong quality, so it became a 9. Thank goodness.

I'm very happy that one of my 10's, All Fired Up, will be represented in the Winner's Rate.

Thanks @DJHazey for giving me an opportunity to visit all the Sats music I hadn't heard. I've discovered some absolute gems.
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Well, the only thing better than a brand new winner is a tie at #1. Both songs are 10s for me and All Fired Up was even my second choice for 11, so I'm very pleased with how this turned out. Thank you for hosting @DJHazey, it's been a lot of fun! I'm glad this rate got me to listen to their b-sides too, because there are a bunch of gems there I don't think I'd have ever discovered otherwise.