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The Saturdays - Feb 2011 Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SBK, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. SBK


    Just been announced in todays mailer, they're booked in for Feb 2011...

    It'll be interesting to see what venues they're doing.
  2. W2K


    Definitely going to see them, The Work Tour was brilliant!
  3. -SG-

    -SG- Guest


    Maybe a few pubs too.
  4. SBK


    It has to be another Theatre tour again doesn't it?

    I liked the intimacy of the Work tour. I wish I could afford tickets... I just put all my wages down on a deposit for a flat....

  5. -SG-

    -SG- Guest

    Are you going to throw a party when you move in? Make sure we are all invited, I wouldn't want to miss it.
    Maybe you could book The Saturday for the party to, a few quids will do.
  6. SBK


    haha yeah its the opening date of the tour!
  7. It would probably be a theatre tour like The Work Tour if not they may do like clubs like O2 Academys and such. Imagine if they went for arena's? *laughs hysterically*
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    What if this is an arena tour? Maybe a theater tour just like their first one.
  9. It's not an arena tour...

    I'm kind of annoyed about this being set for February. I probably won't be able to make it over to the UK unless it's in the summer. Sad times.
  10. Ooh exciting I might go cos the Work tour was great.
  11. Oh god, why did they have to go and announce this when i'm trying to save my money! Damn it all...
  12. 'The Saturdays have booked a national tour' - That would mean UK only?

    I wonder is there ANY chance of them coming to the Republic of Ireland...
  13. SBK


    Hmmm I wouldn't take the wording too literally just yet.
  14. Aw I hope they play a Dublin date, but either way, I'll be going to see them again! Me and my mates went to see them in Leicester for the Work Tour, was AMAZING!
  15. They need to come to Dublin! They could do the Olympia. Either way, I've decided i'm going to go to one of them. I was at the last night of the Work tour and it was amazing.
  16. Yeah! That would be amazing.

    I don't think I would be alowed travel to the UK for it.. If they don't come to Dublin, I'll just catch it on YouTube.
  17. There is a good chance of this being an arena tour. The Sats are massive right now and will be even more so over the next few months with the release of Higher and all the media coverage they get.
  18. Where have you been lately? A cave?
    If no more than around 250,000 people can be assed turning on the TV to watch their programme FREE, how the hell are they going to cope with selling an arena tour?
  19. SBK


    They never went to Ireland on the Work tour..., so they may not go this time....

    Didn't girls aloud miss out dublin one year....? Or was that because they didn't have an arena that year....?
    I very much doubt it. Fair play to them... if they want to try and sell out arenas. But their album sales (Wordshaker and Headlines) suggest that a Theatre tour would be a safe bet for now.
  20. I think it'll probably be larger theatres rather than any arenas - I just don't think they'd risk trying to fill huge arenas when they could comfortably sell out a theatre tour.
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