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The Saturdays - Feb 2011 Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SBK, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Oh no! I would have been really disappointed to miss out on all those things. Is Dublin a much smaller venue? Still, great that they can hold their own without all the theatrics.
  2. Yeah it is a fairly small venue. I wasn't sitting far from Una's family, it was funny how everyone started cheering when they came in. Una's sister Deirdre was mentioned during the Barbra Streisand intro as well haha.
  3. Oh fair enough I sometimes get confused vocally with Rochelle & Vanessa. Also Mollie sang her part for Karma and Turn Myself In.
  4. Oh I wanna hear that ! Videos, please ?
    I always think Mollie sounds better on Frankie's parts than Frankie.
  5. Me too, Turn Myself In:

  6. Ohh, lovely. ♥
  7. Mollie sounded pleasant sing Frankie's part on 'Turn Myself In'. Obviously doesn't have the power to fully belt it out tho but she made it work. She's improved so much since the first tour.
    Are they singing the chorus of Karma or does it have backing? Second part after the "Who the hell is she?!" sounds like the track.
  8. Rochelle does that bit.

    And as for Turn Myself In, Mollie sounds okay, but I still feel as if she's not as comfortable with big lines like what she was supposed to sing. I feel like Frankie just became comfortable singing them, and you can tell that. As for Karma, she sounds AMAZING.
  9. ... But, Frankie or Mollie don't have any big line in Turn Myself In...

    I do agree with you though. She should never do big lines like she has in Work... But it doesn't mean that they have to give her ONE line in the entire song.
    Puppet, for example, she sings the bridge more than one time. It's not a big line, but at least, it's repeated so we can hear her a bit more.
  10. I think he meant more that Frankie makes her part big the way she belts it out so loud & clear on "Turn Myself In'.
    They all grew on this tour and I could actually see them in Arena setting.
    Frankie gained confidence all the way thru, early performances she didn't really sing the chorus of 'Karma'-then she started belting it out, same for her verse on 'Turn Myself In' and on 'Ego'. That line in "Puppet".. "so bring me back...." she used to do it falsetto at the start then ending doing it in full voice.
    Another thing, I always thought Mollie's verse on 'Work' should've been done by Una and she would take the extra bit (like how it's divided between Vanessa/Frankie in the 2nd verse)..then she (Mollie) got ill and Una sang that verse... and it honestly sounds so much better coming from Mollie, ha.
    She definitely put her stamp on that verse.
  11. Haha, getting Frankie's line Mollie seems so predominant in this song (like she's the vocal leader, ha.)

    She has improved a lot, indeed.
  12. That's exactly what I meant.

    Mollie always seems shy and withdrawn from singing and dancing when I see videos on tour, and I think it's because she's always put in the back so she doesn't want to mess it up by really going for it, which is sad. She clearly has a good voice. It's not some Christina Aguilera voice, but has the potential to make her voice louder and sing more, it just doesn't happen.
  13. Another good review.
    That's really cool for them.
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