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The Saturdays - Feb 2011 Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SBK, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. braden

    braden Guest

    i would of thought at this point 3rd album in to the band that they would be doing Arena tours? or even half hall arenas
  2. Doesnt look like they are goin to be doing a Dublin gig and they said they can't wait to tour again ''up and down the country''! Raging!!

    They could easily sell out big enough venues in Dublin!!
  3. I'll be ready at 9am on Friday with my credit card in hand. I definitely want to go to this as I loved the Work tour and was very impressed with the girls. I saw them at the Midlands Music Festival last month and after hearing Higher live I have to see them perform it live again - it was that good! I'd like to go to a couple of shows this time but I've got so many concerts booked in already I think I'll have to be a bit more conservative.
  4. I'm so happy it's in Feb :) that means I can get tickets for my birthday ;)
  5. THE SATURDAYS Philharmonic Hall Liverpool SAT 05/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Newcastle City Hall Newcastle MON 07/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Carlisle Sands Centre Carlisle WED 09/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Apollo Manchester THU 10/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS City Hall Sheffield FRI 11/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Royal Concert Hall Nottingham SAT 12/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS The Civic Hall Wolverhampton MON 14/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Brighton Centre Brighton TUE 15/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS HMV Apollo Hammersmith London THU 17/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS New Theatre – Oxford Oxford SAT 19/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Cliffs Pavilion Southend SUN 20/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS De Montfort Hall Leicester MON 21/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Colston Hall Bristol TUE 22/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Plymouth Pavilions Plymouth THU 24/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Cardiff International Arena Cardiff FRI 25/02/2011
    THE SATURDAYS Bournemouth Int’nl Centre Bournemouth SAT 26/02/2011

    Tickets on sale 2nd September... so whos going? I'll be at the Bristol date... it's already on the Colston hall website and is Standing on the bottom with a seated balcony.
  6. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    No Birmingham?!?! Argh.
  7. I'll probably be at the Cardiff date, I hope it's all seating though, it was last time.
  8. Pissed at there being no Irish date. Kind of expected it though to be honest.
  9. Those are just the ones that have appeared on ticket websites so far, i'd wait for the mailer for official dates.
  10. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    THE SATURDAYS HMV Apollo Hammersmith London THU 17/02/2011
  11. Crap, I was hoping to go to Manchester but I'd only be able to go on a weekend. Grr.
  12. Wheres the mailer?
  13. Hasn't been sent out yet. Those dates come from a concert website.
  14. I was expecting the mailer at about 10 or so...
  15. No Glasgow?!
  16. No Scottish date is a bit unfair, when they're going to Carlisle! I guess it's only an hour away from me on the train, but still...
  17. how do you get tickets for the fan pre sale? they said they'd be sending out a mailer today but I got nothing as of yet!
  18. I fucking KNEW the only Wales date would be in Cardiff. I can't go.
  19. THE SATURDAYS Clyde Auditorium @ SECC Glasgow SUN 06/02/2011 19:30
  20. Una has just said on Twitter that they are processing some irish dates :)
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