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The Saturdays - Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Utopia, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. I was talking about the singles because obviously they are pretty much bound to have one shitty albumtrack every album, but also since the original post said 'What Are You Waiting For?' was the best thing since 'Lose Control' which is basically saying 'Higher' and 'All Fired Up' (to name just a few) aren't as good as the latter. As if.

    It's not. It's filler at best.
  2. I never really cared for Lose Control. The lyrics are beyond corny and the last chorus is a shrieky mess.
  3. Poppycock

    Somebody Else's Life is on a serious level of awfulness and still one of my favourites and better than Lose Shite, but 2 AM and Died In Your Eyes are so much better especially on the production level. I feel like... really offended right now.
  4. Is this a good start?
  5. Preach it. I've got such good vibes about this song. I'm ready to lose my shit to this song at various points across the summer.
  6. Phenomenally late to the party - I'm on my first listen now. Fucking wow.
  7. It's not the "OH MY GOD, THIS IS GOING TO #1!" kind of good start but it's definitely up to a good start nonetheless. If Radio 1 A-list it and it gets played on other stations too, there are no reasons why it wouldn't be a top 10.
  8. I think we can assume that a Radio 1 premiere was declined so I wouldn't expect much support there unless it really blows up...
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I kind of had a feeling, but this really confirms that Disco Love was their last great single. What makes All Fired Up amazing is its multiple melodic hooks perfectly patched together, with great, swift changes in momentum to keep things interesting. This is one hook with no melody. A rare Xenomania misfire.
  10. A lot of hyperbole surrounds Xenomania, especially in the pop universe, but it is fully deserved when they continue to produce pop songs that are completely above and beyond anything that anyone else is trying to do.
  11. Two singles ago?
  12. My thoughts.
  13. I really can't imagine Girls Aloud singing this, it's so typically Sats. Which is a good thing, because sounding like a Girls Aloud knock off is always a worry with Xenomania.
  14. Everything after the big chants is verrrrryyyy Saturdays.
  15. I wouldn't mind someone telling me who exacly is singing what because it's still confusing even after more than 5 years listening to their tones. The transitions are way too smooth, it's so hard to know when exactly does Vanessa stop having the lead and when she gets it back exactly.

    Also I'm not crazy, it's both Vanessa and Una on the "lose control"s?

    And Rochelle is the one singing the "burning up" part? Frankie only jumps in in the middle, right?

    I can't wait for a really good quality version of the song, hopefully it will help.
  16. I can hear all of them apart from Frankie (go figure). Rochelle is really distinct 'take it to the max, we'll take your sanity and you won't get it back'.
  17. What? I thought it went like this :

    Vanessa : Tonight we’re pushing it to the max
    Rochelle : I’ll take away your sanity
    Mollie : And you won’t get it back
    I dunno : But can you handle that?
    Una : Get your body out on the floor
    Cos if you’re partying with me
    Mollie : Then you gotta give more

    It would make sense if it was Frankie, but I don't know...

    Don't mess with me MrJames!
  18. Let's just pray they each mime their own lines in the video. Although, Mollie will mime everything, so we'll have to watch for when no other girl is to find out which bits she actually sings.
  19. I've listened to it about 10 times, and I'm not really loving it, unfortunately.
  20. To be fair to Mimollie, she's not the only member in Saturdays history to leap at the chance to claim someone else's vocals as her own. Una took ownership of the Ina Wail™ on Notorious and Rochelle attempted to take ownership of Ina's Higher 'oh, oh, oh' but it sounded awful. Mollie, Una and Rochelle seem to have a 'if it ain't nailed down, it's up for grabs' outlook, and then there's Vanessa, who is happy to give away her solos to any takers.
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