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The Saturdays - Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Utopia, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Was I the only one who was obsessed with "What Are You Waiting For"? I get that it's a bit of a racket---but it had that classic Xenomania spirit in that sense, and it was a really euphoric, joyous dance track. I played it on repeat once while placing hundreds of chair cushion-covers on cushions for hours. It really got me through. Somehow the double monotony opened a portal and I was somewhere else entirely.
  2. I love "What Are You Waiting For?" just as much, but something could have and should have been done about that robotic tone in their voices when they are chanting. The line sounds so much better in the clips of them performing live during the tour.
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  3. GCZ


    I’m still gutted that 808 never saw a proper single release. I listen to the original and the Spin City remix with Angel Haze a good amount still
  4. I love the verses in What’s Are You Waiting For but the bridge has to be the most unimaginative, irritating hook that Xenomania ever created.
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  5. I did my own edit of What Are You Waiting For but yeah it always sounded a bit Icona Popish
  6. I would throw in "I Love It" after about every ten spins of "What Are You Waiting For".
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  7. The only one of the three new tracks I enjoyed was Walking Through The Desert.
    Am annoyed that there were no proper b-sides for WAYWF? and that they let the era die and didn’t release a 2nd single.
  8. Why waste the record company's time and money? There was no interest.
  9. TMI


    I was interested.
  10. 808 would've been such a funky single. I re listen to it a lot and it's huge on Spotify.
  11. 200 stans doesn't make a record company money.
  12. In fairness the Greatest Hits was dead on conception.
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  13. Actually, that would be the Christmas album, which actually died.
  14. It’s their best song, one of the best songs of that year, and among my most-played songs ever. It is true pop bliss.
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  15. AB10AEDB-3A28-42AC-B4BF-15D10447B8F9.png
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  17. What Are You Waiting For? Was that moment where I was like "Oh, Xenomania have really lost their magic touch."
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  18. You hate animals and stan one of the worst Saturdays songs? What’s wrong with you?
  19. What Are You Waiting For goes off.
  20. Apparently my great taste.
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