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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Vanessa in I'm A Celeb? Did her deal to appear via ITV1 prevent her from going to support Mollie on BBC Strictly? She's the only one who didn't turn up.
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  2. Mollie would force her to record pop music which she is against.
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  3. I wish I was there to greet her!
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  4. [​IMG]

    Una looks a little pale here. Man it's been a while!!!
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  5. Guy


    I didn’t see this mentioned, but Higher was certified gold earlier this month! About time.

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  6. As it should.
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  7. So is Higher their second biggest seller then? Criminal that they only have two Gold singles but great news anyway.

    Here's Vanessa's promo pic for I'm A Celeb -


    She's 11/1 to win so one of the least favourites before the first episode.
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  8. She's gorgeous.
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  9. I'm only watching for her.

    The rest of the rumoured line up is dire.
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  10. Agreed. I'm so so interested to actually get to know Vanessa as I always found her the quieter one in The Saturdays.

    What I always wanted was a solo album from Rochelle which I know we would have never of gotten but IMAGINE.
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  11. I hope she's as expressive in the show as she used to be during the performances with The Saturdays.
    Queen of facial expressions!
  12. Yay for Higher!
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  13. Ddddd what does this actually look like a decent girlgroup.

    Ready for their future #1 hit "High Intensity".
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  14. Glad Vanessa is doing something. The rest have all succeeded during their break and she's being laying low!
  15. TMI


    I think it's the first time a "celebrity" gives me an answer on Twitter. I feel honored !
  16. She's had more music out than all of them combined...?
  17. I forgot how incredible Not Giving Up is... It could only be bettered with Vanessa's forgotten ad-lib..
  18. I wouldn’t really say Mollie has succeeded... her second single tanked and she’s doing horribly in Strictly. Especially when you consider how well Frankie did. Mollie’s highest score so far is still Frankie’s lowest score.
  19. Mollie has made it to Blackpool, let's no over exaggerate and say she's done horribly. Frankie was always going to outscore her as she's a better dancer.
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  20. Saying Mollie has done “horribly” is a reach. Going out first week is doing horribly.
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