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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Strictly unfortunately highlights how lacking Mollie is in technique.
  2. Getting a record deal with a major label and releasing two singles & just being on Strictly and making the Top 8 and Blackpool show is a hell of a lot better than doing practically nothing like Vanessa has done. At the end of the day, her stint on Strictly will bring her a world of new opportunities just like it has done for all the past contestants. It is very good PR and publicity even being part of the cast on that show.
    Rochelle has done amazingly presenting with Marvin and on her own. Una released the album she always wanted to make and Frankie did great in Strictly and done a number of other small things.
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  3. Vanessa is hardly doing "practically nothing", though. She's released two very strong EPs. Even if they weren't very successful, I'd say she was releasing the music she always wanted to make, too, much like Una.
  4. Getting a record deal and releasing two singles don’t account for much if you haven’t secured a hit or a song that charts in the top 40. You can’t compare a major label support to that of an independent artist. Sure, she’s made it to blackpool and lasted longer than a handful of contenstants but you can’t let your bias ignore the fact that she’s been bottom two twice and she hasn’t been a great Strictly contestant. She’s very middle of the road and isn’t a standout contestant. Her publicity will be very short lived because she hasn’t left an impression aside from being very nice. Her dancing isn’t great.
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  5. Mollie has done absolutely fine for herself by maintaining a decent celebrity status. That is a success.
  6. Dude. Did you expect great things from a solo Saturday? I think you need not let your bias clout your judgement on what level of success is to be expected from the girls.
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  8. Do they not have gays working at the Sun?
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  9. No they hate us
  10. What About Us?? Oh Oh Oh
  11. That story is over a year old. I think she got given the grant before Chapter Two came out.
  12. How many Nicola Roberts demos did she buy with that 5K?
  13. I think they're referring to the band's business being closed.
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  14. Vanessa was listed as a former member on their Wikipedia up until a couple of weeks ago. Her comments saying that she couldn't see herself going back was reported as "Vanessa quits" in a couple of places. As if you can quit something that doesn't exist.
  15. My friend heard What About Us at Target. Get those sly plays in the USA.
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  16. I met Peter Loraine at Bananarama and when we were talking I was like 'you're a legend, Bananarama, Girls Aloud, Steps!' and then added 'AND THE SATURDAYS' to which he replied 'you're funny!'.
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