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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I'm still astounded that this was a B side

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  2. It’s all about I Can’t Wait.
  3. Special mention for Bigger.
  4. It's all about
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  5. Bonfire? Forest fire? Camp Fire?
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  6. Even I got this and I barely listen to them or know their back catalogue.
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  7. I was being sarcastic. As that image was hardly a Wildfire.
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  8. nnñ sorry
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  9. Am I weird if my first tought was "All Fired Up"?
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  10. Unofficial for the win!
  11. Yes yes yes!
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  12. Not That Kinda Girl, though.
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  13. I do like Vanessa alot but I think she's going to be eliminated first on I'm A Celeb.

    She's barely been featured except last night and she seems too normal to make an impression. Unless she's involved in more trials and actually has some sort of storyline going on then I can't see anyone even remembering her never mind voting for her.

    I'm a little bit surprised as I always thought Vanessa would be perfect for the show and with her cackle, tattoos, swearing and fearless attitude the public would have loved her and she'd be kicking ass at the trials but she seems a bit useless so far. I mean, I'm glad she's not acting fake and putting on a persona and you can tell she's trying her best because she got emotional after she lost the trial, but at the end of the day it's reality TV and the public only care about funny moments, arguments and people either NAILING trials or being hilarious in them.

    Una would probably be a riot as I remember her being fearless when they did Ghosthunting and I imagine her rambling and Irish accent would have made alot of people laugh, and obviously Mollie has the personality to win anyone over so maybe they would have been better suited. If Rochelle did it she'd probably get the "commentary" spot in the telegraphy due to her ITV connections and anyway she is quite witty and quick with comebacks and making people laugh but I'm not sure how Frankie would have did.

    Anyway I do hope she does well and starts to feature more and shows more of her Chasing The Saturdays attitude as opposed to the 24/7 one.
  14. One thing I have not seen Vanessa do is smoke and I know she does/did
  15. Wow Rochelle is so naturally stunning same as Vanessa.


    I'm so proud of The Sats girls right now two are doing well on two of the biggest reality shows on TV and the others still get column inches in their own right in a positive light.

    I really hope they do something next July for the 10th anniversary not sure what but people know who they are a lot more now and that could benefit the group in more ways than one.
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  16. I'm not expecting them to full on reunite but I would like a one off reunion performance to mark the 10 years.
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  17. It seems the right time for them to reunite to mark ten years but they need to stop being so 'nice' they need to basically channel Little Mix abit more and put some personality on the table this time round because i think that's what was the problem in the end.
  18. Speaking of B-Sides etc, what about Turn Myself In though. Tune.
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